Why Call It An Awards Show?

I caught a few moments of last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards. Not that I had planned to watch it as I didn't even really know it was on. I just happened to see it after the missus and I finished watching an episode of The Crown on Netflix.

Coincidentally, the portion of the awards show I caught had just announced the winner for Best Male Actor in a series, that being John Lithgow for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in The Crown. It's why I hadn't immediately switched channels when I realized what it was.

After watching his brief acceptance speech which included a dig at Donald Trump, I kept watching for a few more moments only to see follow-on award recipients spouting their bit of political rhetoric as well. That's when I realized that it was nothing more than a Hollywood political hatefest masquerading as an awards show. Can these folks really be so clueless as to not understand that darned near no one gives a rat's ass what they think, particularly about politics? Most of America does not agree with their Progressive bleeding heart Everyone-Not-Them-Is-An-Evil-Fascist political beliefs.

But they will, of course, continue on believing that the rest of us hang on every word that comes pouring out of their mouths simply because they make their livings making make-believe in front of a camera. Most of them only sound intelligent because that's how the screenwriters wrote their characters. In real life they ain't so bright.

It's also quite evident that I'm not the only one who noticed this.

I don't believe the Hollywood elite understand that the only thing they are convincing anyone about is their irrational hatred of anyone who isn't them or has the audacity to disagree with them. That's how they drive fans away and make Hollywood appear to be nothing but a land of irrational political hacks who make their living playing other people.

Could it be that's why increasing amounts of movie and TV production has been leaving California for friendlier climes? Maybe Glenn Reynolds is right - It's time to repeal the Hollywood tax breaks.