Thoughts On A Sunday

There still some adjustment to being temporarily semi-invalided, primarily things that are usually easy to do when able to use both legs. But when one of them is immobilized, simple things become difficult, take more time, and sometimes require the assistance of another person.

Frankly, it's a pain in the butt.

At least I am still able to work, though I am relegate to doing so from home as I have not yet been cleared to return to my place of employment. Being able to work from home is keeping me semi-sane as I think I would be climbing the walls if I didn't have work to keep me busy.

Attending meetings is more difficult, but not impossible. Between teleconference bridges and Skype, I have been able to attend what few meetings I've been required to attend.

But I still would rather be able to be at work. Working from home is okay on an occasional basis, but as an every day things it isn't what it's cracked up to be.


If The Left Didn't Have Double Standards They'd Have No Standards At All.

The brouhaha over Trump's use of an executive order to put a 3 month moratorium on immigration from seven Muslim countries has the Left's knickers in a twist. But we didn't hear a damn thing from them when Obama did exactly the same thing for six months for immigration from Iraq. What's ironic is that Trump used the list created by the Obama Administration to generate his Executive Order.

Let's face it, the vetting process for refugees from those seven countries has been poor at best. Better processes need to be in place. That Trump's EO affected people who were already resident aliens of long standing was one heck of an oversight on his and his staff's part, but it has since been corrected.


Is there a method to Trump's madness?

Why, yes. Yes there is.

Driving the MSM and their elite masters insane.

Sounds good to me.


My friend Skip Murphy has the right of it, showing us the results of believing in multiculturalism.

Then again I've always believed multiculturalism was merely a means of Balkanizing a nation and recreating the very ethnic and cultural problems many of the people fled their old countries to get away from to begin with.

All 'forced' multiculturalism has ever done is divide people, create hate and distrust, and eventually violence.


Yet another useless solution to a non-existent problem.

And to think that both tuition dollars and federal funds go to pay for this friggin' nonsense. What's worse is that there are actually people out there who think this crap is important.

To paraphrase Jack Nicholson as The Joker, “What this college campus needs is an enema.”


Nolan Finley, a columnist at The Detroit News asks a most appropriate question of the elites: “What have the so-called elites, particularly those in the media, learned since Nov. 8?”

From what I can tell, absolutely nothing. They still don't understand why Donald Trump won on election day. They don't understand why Middle America finally said “Enough!” They cannot conceive that anyone would not elect their anointed champion and would instead choose someone from outside their circle.

They are incapable of even thinking that, with all of their collective knowledge of what is good for the rest of us, they just might be wrong.

As much as Mister Finley tries to explain why they lost, I doubt anyone among the elite will understand as it is outside their ken.

That's their problem. I am not about to enlighten them.


I remember watching the WGBH/PBS series The Machine That Changed The World that documented the creation and evolution of computers up until what was then present day (1992). One of the things mentioned briefly during that series and in articles in magazines such as Scientific American was the concept of ubiquitous computing, meaning computers becoming so numerous and so small that they became almost invisible. If we haven't reached that point, we have certainly come close.

But it appears that one of the forces driving us to that point may have come close to reaching immutable physical limits, that being reaching the end of Moore's Law which has seen the power and speed of computer CPUs doubling approximately every two years.

Of course there's a caveat in that assumption that we will soon 'run out of road', that being that traditional electronics presently used for CPUs. But what if CPUs stop employing electrons? What happens when photons or quantum states are used to perform the functions previously done by the switching of electron flows?

All bets are off, that's what happens. Moore's Law may reassert itself.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where winter is still trying to assert itself, the woodpile is shrinking slower than expected, but where we're still seeing average snowfall.