CNN Suggests Assassination Of Trump

It figures.

The even lamer CNN has posited a means of keeping the Obama Administration in power: assassinate Donald Trump and Mike Pence during the inauguration, opening the door for one of Obama’s cabinet members to become President.

If CNN wasn’t already persona non grata with Trump, they certainly would be now. To think that a major news media outlet would promote the assassination of a president-elect in order to keep a morally bankrupt, corrupt, opaque, Constitution-hating, job-killing socialist administration in power shows us just how far the once responsible and respected news network has fallen. They now sound more like the propaganda ministry for a totalitarian government rather than a member of the Fourth Estate.

Should an attempt be made on Trump’s and Pence’s lives, CNN should be seen as co-conspirators and tried as such for fomenting such an action. As the saying goes, actions have consequences. Media should not be immune from their actions.