Thoughts On A Sunday

It was a quiet and sedate New Year’s celebration here at The Manse. It was just Deb, me, BeezleBub, and Red Head Girl, along with the feline contingent present as we watched the ball drop at Times Square. I, for one, was glad to bid adieu to 2016.

Between the contentious campaigns for the White House, media misconduct and malfeasance, rogue government agencies, presidential overreach, and the insufferable bleating of the SJWs and coastal elites, 2016 was a year that I am glad that to see in the rear view mirror.


This is something I’ve been saying to the perpetually offended Social Justice Warriors ever since they made their appearance:

You don’t get to determine whether or not I care if you’re offended.



Skip Murphy offers the GOP some sage advice about how to repeal ObamaCare.

In my opinion it is brilliant in its simplicity.


The People’s Cube offers a list of 13 things that didn’t happen in 2016.

Of all the things on the list that I would have liked to see, I think Putin should have renamed Mother Russia.

(H/T Maggie’s Farm)


Then there’s Adrienne’s list of things she’d like to see disappear in 2017.

I agree with all of them.


Is there nothing fracking can’t do? According to anti-frackers, it causes cancer, contaminates drinking water, causes methane leaks, and triggers earthquakes.

Now there’s another issue to add to the list – it will make you deaf.

I’m just waiting for them to make the claim that it will make Deplorables vote for Trump. Oh, wait…


Is it time to sweep away LBJ’s Great Society programs seeing as they have had disastrous consequences? A lot of Democrats would fight that tooth and nail, knowing it helped create a captive voter demographic. Seeing that guaranteed voting bloc dissolved would be devastating to tax-and-spend Dems.

One of the biggest effects of LBJ’s programs was the destruction of the nuclear family in African American communities, with the further consequence of trapping generation after generation in poverty and perpetual dependence on government.

It’s time for the Great Society programs to go away and be replaced with something that works.


The New England Patriots play their final regular season game against the Miami Dolphins in Miami today. The Patriots have already locked in a first week playoff bye and are now playing to gain home field advantage for the playoffs.

It should be an interesting game.


And that’s the abbreviated New Year’s Day news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where cleanup from our foot of snow has come to an end, the sun has come out to help melt the last of the snow and ice from the roads, and where we’re planning for more inclement winter weather later in the week.