Spoiled Crybullies Effing It Up For Everyone

Listening to the growing list of artists and celebrities who are being cyberbullied out of attending or performing at the inauguration of Donald Trump, one has to wonder if we’ve lost an entire generation to the growing Progressive PC tyranny that is now well out in the open.

If the same tactics were ever used against any of these bullies, we would never hear the end of it. They would be accusing anyone employing their tactics against them of trying to deny them their right of free speech, or stifling ideas that disagree with theirs. Such is the double standard these spoiled children employ in their lives. It’s only OK if they do it, and not OK if anyone they don’t agree with does it. Some examples:

Speech they disagree with is ‘hate’ speech and shouldn’t be protected by the First Amendment. However when they use exactly the same language the same way it is protected by the First Amendment and they will scream it from the rooftops if they feel their rights are being violated.

Enabling voting by fraud, allowing non-residents and non-citizens to vote, people to vote multiple times while working hard to makes sure citizens who belong to the opposition parties are dissuaded from voting by intimidation, ballot or identity fraud, and crippling transportation used to get voters to the polls. But asking for proof that one is eligible to vote and proving they are who they say they are is something that should be unconstitutional because it in some way prevents the poor and minorities from voting. (It doesn’t, and a large majority of those same “poor and minorities” support voter ID.)

Political groups on campus that agree with the Progressive party line are sacrosanct, but political groups that oppose any of the Progressive ideology are labeled as “hate groups” and any activities are protested and the college administration is bullied into severely limiting or outright banning activities and speech that are protected by the US Constitution. Much of the Progressive ideology is based entirely upon ‘feelz’ and not upon any recognized moral, ethical or legal code. It seems they believe that if it feels good it’s right, and if it doesn’t it’s evil. In other words, their belief in good and evil is fluid, flexible, and changeable at whim or at a shift in the political wind.

They decry and condemn Western Civilization, seeing all others as equally viable, if not superior to it. Even cultures that are so inherently evil, that treat half their population like chattel with no rights, have no problems executing members of the LGBTQ community in horrific and savage manners are seen as better. Yet it is Western Civilization that created much of what they see, including the laws that protect them, the technologies that they find so necessary to spread their corrupt ideas and beliefs, and the science that feeds them, clothes them, and succors them when they are ill or injured.

They demonize businesses and business owners as greedy exploiters while at the same time having no understanding about how businesses run. They see them as something to exploit whose only purpose is to provide them with jobs that pay them well above what they’re really worth. Then, when they lay heavier regulations and costs on them, they wonder why the either move or lay off workers, sometimes replacing them with machines, blaming the owners for being heartless capitalists for doing what was necessary to their businesses survive.

I think the biggest problem they have is that they really don’t understand is that for all of the wonderful things they fervently believe government should do for everyone they haven’t figured out that someone has to pay for it. If they have an inkling that someone has to pay for it, they always say “We’ll just tax the sh*t out of the rich” as if that will solve all the problems. But they don’t understand that if they take away all that money from the rich this year, there won’t be any money to take away next year. Then who pays for all the free sh*t the Progressives have been promising their drones?

The examples are only a few of the type of ludicrously stupid things I have witnessed the crybullies doing, saying, and believing. The level of willful ignorance in these poor deluded fools never ceases to amaze me.

If reality even asserts itself among these poor folks, I expect a sudden increase in suicides and admittances to mental health institutions.