Thoughts On A Sunday

I don’t know about you, but I am still recovering from Christmas Day, between the travel and food. I did run some errands on Saturday morning and found I needed to take a brief nap once I was finished, something I’ve never needed to do before.

Not many people seemed to travel on Christmas Day, at least not from what traffic I saw on the highways on my way to and from the WP Sister’s. While traffic was heavier on my way home, it was still lighter than I expected.

It was a subdued Christmas celebration considering how many useless restrictions have been imposed upon the populace.


Just when I thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder comes this story about exploding packets of Chick-fil-A’s Polynesian sauce.

The popping Polynesian packet problem has been around for a while but came to renewed attention when additional eyewitness claims erupted on a Reddit thread.

I have to concede people have a real nonchalant attitude about it.

"They just explode."

Okay then!

"I guess that's just how it is," spoken like a 27-year veteran of the bomb squad after losing a partner.

Of course, even the greatest condiment catastrophe is only ever going to be so dire. It's less "losing a finger," than, "having to lick a finger."

The risks we must take in search of good fast food!


If the social media giants in the US do not voluntarily stop censoring content their Progressive censors disagree with, is it likely the US government could step in to solve that problem by following the lead of Poland?

Poland is considering a new law that would create a court whose purpose would be to protect social media content from censorship. Such a court would prevent politically motivated censorship from being employed by social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and others. In the US we have Section 230 that covers these social media companies.

In the US Section, 230 defines them as platforms, not publishers, but we know better. They use force to publish their opinions alongside or in place of yours. They may limit your access to the platform or restrict who sees your ideas based entirely on their ideological preference.


If they just wanted to join the conversation, that’s one thing. Hey, you wrote this, I wrote this, let the community work it out amongst themselves. Equal distribution, and let’s have a discussion. But that is not what they do, as you well know. They not only promote their idea at the expense of yours, but they also punish you (Facebook Jail), lock you out, or delete your account.

Read. The. Whole. Thing.


It seems that certain of The Powers That Be in California still believe wealth is a zero-sum game. What else could explain their apparent viewpoint that wealth is being ‘extracted’ from the Bay Area rather than being created through hard work? Could it be delusions about how economies work...or greed?

…[A] moral argument for tech’s responsibility to California, and specifically the Bay Area, has recently been produced. It goes something like this: young ambitious people moved to the state, and struck gold. But rather than “give back” to the land, they’re leaving with resources they “took” from the region…

I take extreme issue with the notion that industry leaders have taken something from the “community,” defined here as the “talent,” the “incubators,” and the “mentors.” This is precisely the opposite of reality. The men and women leaving are the talent, they have started the incubators, they have built the companies, they have funded the startup ecosystem, and they have mentored countless young people. This is the “network.” They are the network. Technology workers do not “extract” value from the region, they are what makes the region valuable.

The Left pushes the idea that wealth is a fixed sum and the only way one person or group of people can become wealthy is to extract it, i.e. steal it from someone else. Their solution: steal it back. Not that their solution includes returning the ‘stolen’ wealth to those from whom it had supposedly been stolen. Instead, it will be confiscated by The State to be used by The State for purposes chosen by The State.

Yeah, that always works out.


And that is the somewhat abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee on this Christmas Holiday, where the snow has been greatly diminished, the after-Christmas sales are in full force, and where 2020 is winding to a close.


Snow Versus Rain - Rain Wins

Well, we had a white Christmas...sort of.

We had almost 39 inches of snow in our town from the storm that hit us a little over a week ago. There was a lot of snow to move, snow to pull off of roofs to prevent ice dams, to move away from vents, to clear from doorways and stairs, and so on.

When the Weather GuysTM forecast over 2 inches of rainfall that would start during the evening Christmas Eve, the warning also went out to clear snow from roofs because the rain added to 30+ inches of snow would make the snow very heavy and possibly cause collapses. With that warning in mind, I removed as much snow as I could from the roof of my mother’s home as well as two adjoining vacation homes owned by friends of mine.

The rain started as forecast, along with much warmer temperatures (in the 50’s).

Imagine my surprise when upon waking on Christmas morning I found every trace of snow to be gone from the roofs of every home in the neighborhood. By the time the rain ended a good portion of the snow was gone from the ground as well, with only the highly compacted snowbanks remaining. Over 30 inches of snow melted away in a little over 8 hours. Between the 2 inches of rain and 30+ inches of snow melting away, the equivalent of over 5 inches of rain fell over a period of ~20 hours.

It took about 12 hours for 30+ inches of snow to fall, and a week later it took about 8 hours longer than that to make most of it melt away.



Merry Christmas

The Weekend Pundit Family wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!


Points To Ponder - Voting

When I saw this my first thought was “Why?” However, my second thought was “Why not?”

I saw another related suggestion made in Disqus comments about only those citizens with a Concealed Carry Permit should be allowed to vote. There is some logic to it: American citizens need to have background checks in order to exercise their Second Amendment Rights, so why not do likewise for American citizens exercising their Right to Vote? Both are equally important.


Thoughts On A Sunday

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, it was a busy day yesterday.

It started with banking – transferring some money to be used for Christmas shopping from one bank to another, followed by a stop at a local bakery to order some pies for Christmas. Then it was off to the barbershop to get a haircut, then the local gun shop to pick up a couple of Christmas gifts. (Christmas shopping at a gun shop? Of course! Doesn’t everyone do some Christmas shopping at their local gun shop? I know folks around here do.)

From there it was a stop at one of the WP Mom’s favorite local eateries to pick up a gift certificate ordered by one of the WP Sisters for the WP Mom. Then the real work began.

There was snow to remove from not one, not two, but three roofs. The 30+ inches of snow piled on the roofs of many homes during the Nor’easter we experienced this past Thursday and some needed to be removed in order to prevent ice dams from forming as the snow started to melt. (Those of us in northern climes understand the problems of ice dams, so we use roof rakes to pull down some of the snow as a means of lessening the severity of, if not eliminating, ice dams.

I had noticed some incipient ice dams forming on the roofs of two immediate neighbors here and contacted them about me removing the piled snow from their homes. (They are seasonal neighbors so they aren’t around very much during the winter). I got the OK (and thanks since they hadn’t thought about that particular problem) and after finishing working on the roof of our house here at The Gulch, started on the roofs of the two neighbors’ vacation homes.

In the midst of that work I received a call from one neighbor asking me to check the heating system in their home because his remote system was telling him the temperature inside was only 43ºF despite the thermostat being set for 60ºF. A quick investigation proved that to indeed be the case. After a number of phone calls and texts we figured out that the furnace, while it would run, had an issue with the circulation pump. Fortunately the house also had one of those fancy heat-pump systems that could either heat or cool, so I enabled it and after a few hours the temperature inside the house was in the upper 50’s, so frozen pipes weren’t going to be an issue. (I had the foresight to shut off the water at the main valve just in case the worst occurred.)

A repairman has already been contacted and will be (hopefully) be correcting the pump failure some time today.


So now Andrew Yang is suggesting yet another really stupid idea? What a surprise.

First, it was his proposal to give every American aged 18 and above $1000 a month, something that would cost $3 trillion a year to fund and which he never explained how he was going to pay for it.

Now he wants everyone to “have something like a bar code” to prove they’ve been vaccinated. That is certainly an over the top suggestion for something that has been so overblown, oversold, and mishandled by The Powers That Be in places like New York, California, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington. There are certainly historical and religious precedents that would suggest it is a Very Bad IdeaTM. As such, we know it is highly likely the Progressives will love the idea.


There have been some headlines about severe allergic reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine, implying there have never been severe allergic reactions to vaccines in the past. That is untrue, of course. There is always some small percentage of the population that will have bad reactions to vaccines, no matter what kind of vaccine.

With the Covid-19 vaccine having seen six severe allergic reactions out of over 272,000 doses given so far, that works out to approximately 0.002% of all patients receiving the vaccine so far.

What percentage of severe allergic reactions do we see with other vaccines, particularly vaccines that have been in use for decades?

Between 1 in 1000 (0.1%) and 1 in 1,000,000 (0.0001%) for childhood vaccines, depending upon the vaccine received.

The severe allergic reaction is even smaller among adults, and even then they need to be broken down between reactions to the vaccines themselves and those related to the non-vaccine elements within the vaccine solutions.

Since those receiving the Covid-19 are primarily adults, are the severe allergic reactions seen above average? Yes.

Has anyone died from those severe allergic reactions? No. Whether talking about the Covid-19 vaccine or other vaccines, it is very rare for anyone with severe allergic reactions from a vaccination to die from it.

If Covid-19 is as deadly as everyone claiming that it is such, then the risk from the Covid-19 vaccine is even smaller.


I really can’t anything to this.

China Joe’s Climate Crisis (scam) Plan Comes Into Focus Or Something.

I’m truly looking forward to these climate activists caterwauling that all the rules and regs are supposed to apply to Someone Else, to That Guy, not themselves, because they have a family to scoot around, and the cheapest Tesla just doesn’t work, plus, seriously, for not much more they got a big ol’ Odyssey, Pilot, Highlander, or Sienna with DVD and stuff. All while Biden, Granholm, McCarthy, etc, run around in fossil fueled limos and private jets.

It always ‘someone else’ who will have to make major changes in their lives, perhaps even losing their livelihoods, homes, and maybe even families in order to let those climate scammers ‘prove’ they are doing something to ‘fix’ a climate they have absolutely no control over, do not understand, and have such a poor record of predicting what will happen with their seriously flawed and useless climate ‘models’. Yet all of their actions are based upon those bogus models and unproven (and unfalsifiable) hypotheses.


I figured I’d close out on a high note, so I present something only regular tool users will get right away. The rest of you may take a little longer to figure it out.

(H/T Powerline)


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where we’re still digging out from Thursday’s Nor’easter, trying to finish up our Christmas shopping, and getting psyched up for Christmas Day.


Real Twilight Zone Stuff

It was very busy day today, but I won’t cover today’s activities in this post. They will wait until tomorrow.

Instead, I am going to embed this interesting video I came across that proves Rod Serling was ahead of his time.

I still catch Twilight Zone episodes when I can. It’s hard to believe the original series aired for only 5 seasons.


New York And California Versus Florida - A Covid-19 Comparison

The present situation in Covid-19 America brings to mind this quote from the original Star Wars:

“The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.” - Princess Leia

And so it is with California and New York in comparison to Florida.

It seems that the tighter Gavin Newsom in California, Andrew Cuomo in New York, and Bill DeBlasio in New York City tighten their grip on their states/city in their efforts to ‘contain’ Covid-19 using methods – lockdowns and business restrictions/shutdowns - that have been proven not to stop the spread while spreading misery, physical, emotional, and economic, among their constituents, the more people, businesses, and municipalities are defying the edicts, refusing to bow down to their destructive mandates. These groups are “slipping through their fingers”. The more these tacit dictators throw at their constituents, the more those constituents proclaim “Oh hell no!”

Now look at Florida, a state where Ron DeSantis has done just the opposite, loosening the state’s grip and refusing to lock down his state or slap heavy limitations on businesses.

Some might think that as a result that Florida would be seeing Covid-19 cases and deaths in much higher numbers than New York (Florida has a bigger population than New York and a much higher percentage of Florida’s population are in the most vulnerable demographic – the elderly). But just the opposite is true. Then if you compare Florida to California the differences are even more striking, with Florida still showing much lower Covid-19 numbers than California, even on a per capita basis.

Another striking difference between New York, California, and Florida?

Both New York’s and California’s economies in trouble, businesses are closing or relocating, and so are the people living there. Florida’s economy, on the other hand, has recovered and seen a growth in both population and economic activity.

So which approach seems to be working on both a epidemiological and economic basis?

Hint: It isn’t the draconian lockdowns and heavy economic restrictions.


First Big Snow Of The Season

Four to six inches of snow in our area, they said.

A quick hitting storm that will be in and out in about 10 hours, they said.

After almost 15 hours of heavy snow we had about 30 inches of snowfall.

Thirty. Inches.

At around 11AM there was over two feet of snow here in The Gulch, as you can see from this picture of the trusty RAM 1500 4x4:

By 2PM the snow tapered off and we had 30 inches on the ground.

It was so bad that Debpool (the new blog moniker for Deb because she keeps coming back from adversity again and again, just like Deadpool, but without the loss of appendages or other body parts), couldn’t even make it out of her garage, let alone to work. Her driveway wasn’t plowed, her road wasn’t plowed, nor was the road leading to her road.

She called me a little past 2PM asking for a ride to work since there was no way she was going to be able to make it to work under the circumstances, so I logged off from work and started digging out the trusty RAM 1500 just enough so I could get it out of the driveway. An hour later (yes, an hour) and I was on my way to pick her up. About an hour-and-a-half later and I was dropping her off at work, a trip that usually takes about 25 minutes.

I got back to The Gulch around 5:30PM and started digging out the rest of the driveway so I could pull back in to the driveway...and of course one of the plow crews showed up and completed the last 10% of the driveway I hadn’t cleared yet. But at least it was cleared.

Tomorrow I get to break out the roof rake and pull almost 3 feet of snow from the roof...and shovel some more.

Welcome to winter in New Hampshire.

At least we're going to have a White Christmas this year!


Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s yet another Sunday here in Coronavirus America.

The decrees are flying off of governors’ desks to shut down normal activities, cause more damage to the economy, isolate families, and generate fear, panic, and doubt...amongst the media, and disdain and mistrust for government by in increasing amount of the American people.

We’ve seen study after study showing that lockdowns don’t work, yet our state and local government figures insist on decreeing lockdowns again. It is literally insane as defined by Einstein: Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results this time. Lockdowns didn’t work the previous “x” times, so why would they work this time? If the answer is “Because”, then we can safely ignore those decrees.


Something has been bothering me about some of the legal actions being taken by states, particularly my home state, regarding violations of state Covid-19 guidelines by businesses and individuals.

As such, I have to ask this question: How is it that guidelines can possibly be defined as having the power of laws or regulations? In every place I have looked, both online and offline, guidelines in law are defined as:

A guideline is a statement or plan by which to determine a course of action. A guideline aims to streamline particular processes according to a set routine or sound practice. By definition, following a guideline is never mandatory.

Guidelines are neither laws or regulations. As such, how can anyone be fined or otherwise penalized for violating a state Covid-19 guideline? So far I haven’t been able to find out what enables our state to do that.

I think someone in our state capitol needs to dig out a legal dictionary and look up the meaning of “guideline”.


Now that YouTube has been deleting videos that do not meet their increasingly Progressive restrictions, or demonetizing or suspending accounts of content providers with whom their censors disagree, more people are abandoning it for Bit Chute.

Will it replace YouTube? For some folks it is the only place they can post video content that doesn’t meet YouTube’s ever changing and broadening content restrictions. I figure it’s only a matter of time before YouTube will only allow Progressive socialist and communist content which means the amount of ‘acceptable’ videos will dwindle.

Could it be YouTube will censor itself right out of existence? It wouldn’t surprise me if that happened. They would only have themselves to blame.


Now that the DNC-MSM doesn’t have to cover for the Bidens, stories about Hunter Biden’s shady business deals and corrupt business practices, unreported income, unpaid income taxes, ties to Chinese Communist Party members and agents, and an ever growing list of unethical, immoral, and illegal actions involving him, his dad Joe, and even Kamala Harris have been coming to light. When even nominally Democrat Party organs like the New York Times and the Washington Post are pretending to be just now noticing these indiscretions, you know it’s bad.

Is it possible these ‘indiscretions’ will be used as leverage to remove Joe Biden from office and make Kamala Harris the first Communist President of the United States? Or if she is also tied into these ‘indiscretions’ so she too will be booted from office, is this a setup by Nancy Pelosi to move from Speaker of the House to the White House?

If nothing else, the next year is going to be ‘interesting’ in the old Chinese Curse definition of ‘interesting’.


I am dismayed that Joe Biden will be tying America’s economic hands by bringing is back into the Paris Accords fold. I am not sure he can force us to do so considering President Obama’s signing the accords was never ratified by the US Senate, something that is required for any treaty or international agreement of such scope. Then again, Obama really didn’t care because of his “I won” attitude that led him to believe he could ignore the Constitutional constraints upon his office with impunity.

It seems Joe Biden believes he too can ignore the lack of Senate ratification and use the unfair and biased Paris Accords to destroy the American economy while giving China and India a pass. This despite the US having done more than any other nation in the world in reducing CO2 emissions, and air pollution in general.

Why would we agree to institute draconian environmental regulations and measures that will do little to “save the Earth” but will profoundly and negatively affect the US economy when our foreign competitors can continue to pour gigatons of CO2 and not be required to clean up their emissions? Oh, and then there’s the trillions of dollars in climate ‘reparations’ we’ll be obligated to pay to any nation that thinks that they need bribes...er...financial incentives to think about reducing their CO2 emissions.

The Paris Accords are a con game, a so-called long con to make the US pay for our economic competitors sins while making it impossible for our economy to survive.


This could be the literal “End Of The World As We Know It”!

What is ‘this’?

Pepperidge Farm has announced that there is a strong possibility “that a cookie shortage could arrive this holiday season.”

This could be the end of everythingRUN AWAY!


And that’s the slightly abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where thoughts are increasingly turning to Christmas, holiday shopping is nowhere near peak, and where we might have some plowable amounts of snow later this week.


Saving The Republic

This came by way of Chris Muir in the comments at Day By Day, and it gave me pause as I pondered the points it brought up regarding saving the Republic from those who have worked so hard to destroyit and replace it with a non-fictional Panem.

America is now gauging who needs to stay and who must go. We know that a large portion of our population has conspired to steal an election, lie about it, and to set in motion the political forces that will disenfranchise and subjugate us, meaning those who want the preservation of traditional America.

Donald Trump came about when America was long dead, having committed suicide in the 1860s then turned on itself again in the 1930s and 1960s, finally finishing the job in the 1990s, creating such a mess that a Bush interlude nearly saved it, then deciding instead to race back into the void.

Normal people have for decades been accustomed to the situation getting worse year after year, but being unable to do anything about it, since we now have a permanent swing vote of diversity that favors socialist-style policies and rejects Republicans.

In addition, that coalition adds the pop culture people, who are generally lost youth from broken families seeking revenge on the culture that birthed them, since they fully hate it. These people have only a will to destroy, dominate, and humiliate others. They are out for revenge.

We are learning in this cycle of history that our enemy is not government per se, but that government is one of many forms that collective will to compromise in order to achieve unity takes, and that this causes the same cycle that Communism, Fascism, and National Socialism did.

That cycle leads to a death spiral as more bureaucracy leads to fewer options and higher costs, at which point wealth cannot concentrate, precedent restricts decision, regulations make everything more slowly, and bloat consumes the system while driving out the productive.

We saw that malaise destroy the Soviet Union which had a totalitarian government that was so hide-bound in bureaucratic and ideological inertia that its economy finally collapsed, and with it, the Soviet Union itself.

We see that same malaise increasingly affecting the EU, not yet a totalitarian state though it is headed that way with an unelected and unaccountable Parliament and rapidly expanding bureaucracy. It’s one reason the UK broke away via Brexit. The UK became increasingly disenchanted with increasing tax levies, increasingly draconian bureaucratic red tape, and always increasing government interference in economic activity and local laws.

We have seen the same thing happening here at the state level and increasingly, the federal level. Some of the federal creep was staunched by President Trump, issuing a EO that for every new regulation, two regulations were to be repealed. I expect that will cease once President Harris...er...Biden takes office.

At the state level we have seen more economically stifling laws, regulations, and taxes being levied, and continuous attacks on free speech, free association, religion, education, political activities, property rights, gun rights, parental rights, and a whole host of other things that are part and parcel of American culture and history. To see the effects of those crushing actions one only needs to look at states like Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and - surprise surprise - California to see the economic and societal decline that has been taking place at the behest of our self-anointed ‘betters’, all for “our own good”. If it was truly for our own good, then can anyone explain why so many people and businesses are fleeing those nascent socialist ‘utopias’? Could it possibly be because the folks who see what is going decided to get out before it was too late?

Even in conservative Red states we’re seeing some of the same damaging activities taking place as our supposed betters work to undermine them, too.

If we who see what is happening do nothing and capitulate to the Progressives, the America we know may be irreparably damaged and will fade away to a shadow of its former self, those rights we hold so dear will be wiped away one by one until they are gone. The American people will become the New Serfs to the Progressive Political Elite, or to use more colloquial and politically correct language, the American proletariat will need to bow to the will of the Politburo, intelligentsia, and nomenklatura or end up as nothing but a zek in one of the gulags.

Some of you out there may think I have fallen into a state of paranoia, but what I am doing is looking back through history to see how things like this have happened in the past and see many of the same factors appearing this time, too. The fall of the American Republic will be just like people or businesses falling into bankruptcy: First, a little at a time. Then all at once.

It has happened before. It will happen again if we let it. Let’s not.


Points To Ponder

Received via e-mail from a friend:

“The only mystery in life is why the kamikaze pilots wore helmets.” – Al McGuire

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

“War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.” – Ambrose Bierce

“It would be nice to spend billions on schools and roads, but right now that money is desperately needed for political ads.” – Andy Borowitz

“At every party there are two kinds of people – those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other.” – Ann Landers

“My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I’m right.” – Ashleigh Brilliant

“Have you noticed that all the people in favor of birth control are already born?” – Benny Hill

“The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.” – Bill Watterson

“As a child my family’s menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it.” – Buddy Hackett

“My favorite machine at the gym is the vending machine.” – Caroline Rhea

“All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height.” – Casey Stengel

“Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.” – Dave Barry

“The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Edward Abbey

“How many people here have telekinetic powers? Raise my hand.” – Emo Philips

“If you live to be one hundred, you’ve got it made. Very few people die past that age.” – George Burns

“Trouble knocked at the door, but, hearing laughter, hurried away.” – Benjamin Franklin

My favorite must be Einstein’s observation about stupidity and genius. We see that every single day. Our political elite certainly show an overabundance of the former and nary a bit of the latter.


Thoughts On A Sunday

It looks like we have survived the first Snowmageddon. No glaciers moving from out of the north. No mammoths trampling down people in the streets. There was some digging out to do, but nothing more than was expected. (Actually, it was less than expected, at least here in The Gulch. We saw all of 2 inches when 8 inches was forecast. Elsewhere in town saw up to 9 inches.) All in all, it was a typical snowstorm. The snow was heavier than we would have liked, but it isn’t uncommon for a late-fall snowstorm. The ‘fluffier’ snow is seen usually later in December on through early March because the temperatures are colder.

While some folks don’t care for the snow, I am not one of them. I love the snow, even if at times it can be inconvenient. If nothing else it helps me to appreciate summer all the more. It can also give us some bragging rights now and then. (See Blizzard of 78.)

It is particularly nice to watch the storm while sitting in the living room with a good fire going in the woodstove. I spent more than a few storms at The Manse doing just that, something I hope I’ll be able at the new Weekend Pundit digs...once I get it built.


We are seeing more lower level government and law enforcement officials refusing to enforce “stay at home” or lockdown orders, with the latest to do so being the L.A. County Sheriff.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villaneuva has taken a stand against California Governor Gavin Newsom in defiance of Newsom's coronavirus lockdown orders.

Villaneuva has stated that he will not enforce the governor’s new statewide stay-at-home order that prohibits people from going outside for “unnecessary” activities.

In a conversation with KTTV’s Bill Melugin, Sheriff Villaneuva reportedly “tells me he found out about the new stay at home orders from Governor Newsom’s press conference, and there was no coordination with law enforcement beforehand, which he says is concerning when the Governor is expecting enforcement of his orders.”

“I want to stay away from business[es] that are trying to comply, they bent over backwards to modify their operations to conform to these orders and then they have the rug yanked out from under them, that’s a disservice. I don’t want to make them more miserable,” said Villaneuva.

Many other jurisdictions have seen resistance to lockdowns as well, with local government and local law enforcement unwilling to enforce such lockdowns, particularly in light of more than a few studies showing lockdowns don’t work, with the only effect being damage to, or destruction of businesses and/or jobs. Those effects are worse than the threat of Covid-19. So in this case #Resist has taken on a different meaning, with more people refusing to capitulate to heavy-handed government mandated shutdowns. The number of municipalities refusing to enforce shutdown mandates grows with each subsequent shutdown, and rightfully so.


Speaking of resistance to lockdowns, CNBC’s Rick Santelli, whose 2009 rant about mortgage bailouts while reporting from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange sparked creation of the TEA Party, has a new rant, this time about the asymmetrical and unfair application of lockdowns and how they destroy small businesses yet give the big-box stores a pass.

On a panel on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” a flash of anger erupted between Santelli and co-host Andrew Ross Sorkin. Santelli questioned how people can’t get COVID at a Lowes or Home Depot, but are miraculously put in more danger by going to smaller stores or restaurants while taking the same precautions.


Two world views. One, Santelli, pragmatic and deferential to the intelligence of the American people, and Sorkin, who apparently believes people aren’t smart enough to control their own lives without government diktats – even irrational ones like opening Best Buy but keeping the local electronics store or restaurant closed. Sorkin couldn’t win the argument and appealed to emotion about how much more he cared about viewers than … who? Santelli. It was insulting and beside the point.

It’s easy for those who are not directly affected by lockdowns to sneer and be condescending to those who deal with the effects of the lockdowns up close and personal, seeing everything they’ve worked for being wiped out due to ill-conceived and ineffective government decrees.


By way of Zero Hedge comes this message: Positive Covid Test? Ask this question!

There are a bunch of links pointing to a number of articles and posts questioning the validity of the PCR test used to test for Covid-19. A number of them point to the problems with using the PCR test, implying the large percentage of ‘positive’ tests are wrong due to the improper application of the test.

Read The Whole Thing.


From the “Just When I Thought They Couldn’t Get Any Stupider” Department comes this:

More Defunding Police – Crimes Soar in Major Cities: Libs Call It “Safety For All”.

Minneapolis is proposing a “Safety for All” plan that severely reduces the number of sworn officers. Los Angeles, California, is also proposing budget cuts, which will reduce the police force by 951 officers. Seattle cut their police budget by 18% for 2021, and that was a pittance of what the radical left wanted. Portland’s 18% cut failed, and protesters vandalized the Mayor’s home over it. All of these plans come in the midst of spiking crime rates in the big cities. And not one of them will bring “safety for all.”

They have come to believe the “All our problems are caused by the police” meme being sold by those who do not really give a fig about the real problems and are working hard to make things worse. It all started with the Michael Brown “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” lie used to justify rioting, looting, and arson in Ferguson, Missouri. It and other incidents that were not what they first appeared to be were used as an excuse for all kinds of “mostly peaceful” protests that included the aforementioned rioting, looting, and arson. Now it appears those cities buying into it are working to make things even less safe.

I expect if things get worse we’ll see vigilantes and ‘regulators’ replacing law enforcement officers, and that won’t make things better or safer, specifically for criminals and “mostly peaceful” rioters, looters, and arsonists. It won’t be safe for anyone.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the snow has ended, the cleanup is in progress, and Monday has moved us one day closer to Christmas.


It's Snowmageddon All Over Again

It’s Saturday and people (or should I say the local media) are losing their collective minds.

What big crisis has been driving this losing of minds?

A snowstorm.

In this case a coastal storm, and more specifically, a Nor’easter.

It isn’t like we’ve never experienced Nor’easters before. This is New England, after all, and Nor’easters are part and parcel of winter in New England. While it is the first Nor’easter of the coming winter season, it isn’t the first we’ve ever experienced. We know how to handle them. But to hear the media you’d think it was The Apocalypse, the long prophesied Snowmageddon. The TV media has broken out their ominous Storm Center music and graphics. The news anchors talk about the the coming snowstorm “with a gleam in [their] eye”, telling us how we’re all gonna DIE!!!

What gets me is that some people are acting as if we’ve never experienced a snowstorm before. The typical Saturday morning supermarket ‘rush’ saw a lot of cars filling the parking lots at the two supermarkets in town, but the number of cars was much higher than what we usually see, probably folks buying up three weeks’ worth of bread and milk for something that was going to last less then 12 hours once it started snowing.

The town and state highway departments certainly aren’t alarmed by what’s coming. They’ve been making preparations for a couple of days now, mounting plows and salt spreaders on their trucks and making sure everything works. Beyond that, they don’t seem to be concerned knowing they’ll be able to handle what the forecasters have been saying is coming our way. For them, it will be just another typical winter storm.

I know I’ve made preparations, but they are what I do prior to every Nor’easter – Make sure the Trusty RAM 1500’s gas tank is full, the 14-gallon gas caddy and 100-lb propane bottle are full (fuel for the generator), my cell phone, tablet, laptops and two-way handie-talkie were all charged, my winter gear – boots, jacket, gloves, hat – were ready to go, and spare batteries for flashlights/storm lanterns/portable radio were on hand. Snow shovels, sand, and ice melt are in the garage and ready to go. Many of the folks I know make similar preparations for storms like this. It’s what we do up here.

As I write this – just a little past noon – it has started snowing. Nothing heavy at this point. It’s still just above freezing, so that snow is still mixed with some rain, but that won’t be true for long. Now all we have to do is let the snow fall and wait for the end of it so we can clean it up and go on with our lives. No Snowmageddon, at least not this time.

UPDATE: By way of Powerline