Saving The Republic

This came by way of Chris Muir in the comments at Day By Day, and it gave me pause as I pondered the points it brought up regarding saving the Republic from those who have worked so hard to destroyit and replace it with a non-fictional Panem.

America is now gauging who needs to stay and who must go. We know that a large portion of our population has conspired to steal an election, lie about it, and to set in motion the political forces that will disenfranchise and subjugate us, meaning those who want the preservation of traditional America.

Donald Trump came about when America was long dead, having committed suicide in the 1860s then turned on itself again in the 1930s and 1960s, finally finishing the job in the 1990s, creating such a mess that a Bush interlude nearly saved it, then deciding instead to race back into the void.

Normal people have for decades been accustomed to the situation getting worse year after year, but being unable to do anything about it, since we now have a permanent swing vote of diversity that favors socialist-style policies and rejects Republicans.

In addition, that coalition adds the pop culture people, who are generally lost youth from broken families seeking revenge on the culture that birthed them, since they fully hate it. These people have only a will to destroy, dominate, and humiliate others. They are out for revenge.

We are learning in this cycle of history that our enemy is not government per se, but that government is one of many forms that collective will to compromise in order to achieve unity takes, and that this causes the same cycle that Communism, Fascism, and National Socialism did.

That cycle leads to a death spiral as more bureaucracy leads to fewer options and higher costs, at which point wealth cannot concentrate, precedent restricts decision, regulations make everything more slowly, and bloat consumes the system while driving out the productive.

We saw that malaise destroy the Soviet Union which had a totalitarian government that was so hide-bound in bureaucratic and ideological inertia that its economy finally collapsed, and with it, the Soviet Union itself.

We see that same malaise increasingly affecting the EU, not yet a totalitarian state though it is headed that way with an unelected and unaccountable Parliament and rapidly expanding bureaucracy. It’s one reason the UK broke away via Brexit. The UK became increasingly disenchanted with increasing tax levies, increasingly draconian bureaucratic red tape, and always increasing government interference in economic activity and local laws.

We have seen the same thing happening here at the state level and increasingly, the federal level. Some of the federal creep was staunched by President Trump, issuing a EO that for every new regulation, two regulations were to be repealed. I expect that will cease once President Harris...er...Biden takes office.

At the state level we have seen more economically stifling laws, regulations, and taxes being levied, and continuous attacks on free speech, free association, religion, education, political activities, property rights, gun rights, parental rights, and a whole host of other things that are part and parcel of American culture and history. To see the effects of those crushing actions one only needs to look at states like Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and - surprise surprise - California to see the economic and societal decline that has been taking place at the behest of our self-anointed ‘betters’, all for “our own good”. If it was truly for our own good, then can anyone explain why so many people and businesses are fleeing those nascent socialist ‘utopias’? Could it possibly be because the folks who see what is going decided to get out before it was too late?

Even in conservative Red states we’re seeing some of the same damaging activities taking place as our supposed betters work to undermine them, too.

If we who see what is happening do nothing and capitulate to the Progressives, the America we know may be irreparably damaged and will fade away to a shadow of its former self, those rights we hold so dear will be wiped away one by one until they are gone. The American people will become the New Serfs to the Progressive Political Elite, or to use more colloquial and politically correct language, the American proletariat will need to bow to the will of the Politburo, intelligentsia, and nomenklatura or end up as nothing but a zek in one of the gulags.

Some of you out there may think I have fallen into a state of paranoia, but what I am doing is looking back through history to see how things like this have happened in the past and see many of the same factors appearing this time, too. The fall of the American Republic will be just like people or businesses falling into bankruptcy: First, a little at a time. Then all at once.

It has happened before. It will happen again if we let it. Let’s not.