Message To Snowflakes: We Are NOT The Intolerant Ones

Skip Murphy over at GraniteGrok quoted a part of my Sunday post, illustrating my increasing intolerance of those who have absolutely no tolerance for those who disagree with their delusional visions of “how things are”. Today I came across a post on Instapundit that covered a related subject, something that struck a chord with me. Even better was a comment to that post that got right to the heart of the issue and reflects my viewpoint on the matter.

I try to operate by a code. One can pretend to be whatever one wants. I don't care. I start to care when that individual decides that I must curb my own rights, opinions and behavior to accommodate him/her and keeps shoving it in my face demanding that I must do more than just tolerate their choices and co-opts the power of government to force me. This person, Blair White, doesn’t seem to be doing any of that. My response in this case is, you do your thing and we’re good as long as you leave me and mine out of it.

As one other commenter put it, rather succinctly: “Conservatives will be fine with you as long as you mind your own damn business instead of their business.” Yup, you mind your own business and I'll mind mine. Once you start minding mine you’re going to get a proverbial Gibbs slap to the back of your head for your trouble, and it will only get worse from there. This 'woke insanity' must be pointed out and ridiculed for the nonsense it is.

And as a little extra (as Skip suggested), there’s this from Tom MacDonald:


Update: The woman in the video is the Blair White in the linked Instapundit post and comment above.


Thoughts On A Sunday

It was Old Home Day in our little town yesterday, a celebration of our town by present and past residents. It started with a parade to open the festivities, and once finished, everyone moved to the Village Fields where the celebration(s) take place. There were food stalls, crafts vendors, games, amusements, and musical entertainment. The nearby church had their annual fair which is really a fundraiser which consists of a “White Elephant Sale” for folks trying to get rid of all kinds of items they no longer need. Think of it as a centralized yard sale and you won’t be far off the mark.

The weather cooperated, with temps in the low 70’s/mid 60’s throughout the day. It was mostly partly cloudy most of the day which helped make for a comfortable day, something that was a big contrast to days earlier in the week when we had day after day with temps in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s with very high humidity.

There were fireworks in the evening and I have to say I agree with some of my fellow townsfolk to say they were better than the Fourth of July fireworks many of us saw around the lake this summer.

All in all it was a great day.


I have to admit to becoming burned out regarding Biden’s Afghanistan Bug-Out Debacle.

The endless comparisons between Saigon an Kabul have become no less true. But with each bit of news about what’s happening and the actions (or inactions) by the * Administration come to light, the situation looks increasingly dire. It’s like this whole debacle was planned to cause as much death and destruction as possible, despite Jen Psaki’s claims to the contrary.

That the * Administration handed over a list of Americans in Afghanistan and Afghans working for the US shows the moral depravity of WRBA. It is, to all intents and purposes, a hit list. What WRBA thinks they are accomplishing by helping the Taliban collect hostages and kill Afghans who don’t like the Taliban escapes me. Perhaps they want to somehow use it to blame Trump for everything that happened s part of the 2022 Midterm election campaign. (If that is indeed the case, they may find it will backfire upon them.)

That field commanders have lost confidence in command staff is increasingly evident. They certainly have no confidence in their increasingly senile Commander-in-Chief. Then again, nobody does. Even the DNC-MSM has abandoned him.

As bad as things are in Afghanistan, I (and many others) expect things to get worse...before they get even worse.


To show you just how insane wokeness on college campuses have become, a “colorblind study” is now racist.

I guess when your entire raison d’etre is to combat racism, then every problem and every action is defined as racist.

This is what happens when most of society’s problems have been solved: take something that is minor, even non-existent, blow it all out of proportion so that it is now a ‘crisis’ and make it your cause. Anyone questioning your cause is labeled as a fascist/racist/whateverist. Is it delusion? Is it a form of malignant narcissism? Is it a form of schizophrenia?

Whatever it is, it is time to point out these ‘woke’ causes for what they are - absolute delusional nonsense – and end them. They serve no useful purpose and solve nothing. All many of them do is create division, hatred, and in the end, violence.


Speaking of nonsense, it seems a number of doctors are ‘sick and tired’ of treating patients who aren’t vaccinated against Covid. That raises another disturbing question:

“I cannot and will not force anyone to take the vaccine,” Dr. Jason Valentine of Mobile, Alabama, wrote. “I also cannot continue to watch my patients suffer and die from an eminently preventable disease.”

In other words, only healthy people deserve medical treatment, which exists to cure people who aren’t healthy.

Will Valentine treat people who are obese? What about those suffering complications from drug addiction? Smokers? STDs? HIV? Diabetes 2? Liver disease? Mouth cancer? Lung cancer? Hepatitis? An aggressively healthy lifestyle can prevent all of the above. When reached for comment, Valentine’s office simply hung up.



What, if any, lessons were learned from Katrina 16 years ago? If only one needed to be learned, it was this: the governor shouldn’t wait to ask for federal assistance.

What lessons have actually been learned?

Only time will tell.


How many times have we seen or read that what our Progressive political elites are really trying to build is not some kind of socialist utopia, but a society with them cast as the new nobles and the rest of us as the serfs whose only reason to exist is to meet their every need, fulfill every whim, and follow every order without question...or be beaten or killed for failing to do so.

They want to create a modern medieval society.

The Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan is just one illustration of a seventh-century ideology overcoming the power of the neo-liberal world. Autocracies have arisen in countries which once seemed candidates for liberal democracy from Russia and Turkey to Iran. Arguably the most powerful person in the world is now China's all-but Emperor, Xi Jinping, who has presided over the mass detention and forced sterilization of a Muslim minority, the silencing of Hong Kong's free press and the arrest and prosecution of protestors (sic) and dissidents.

But the West, too, has fallen prey to encroaching illiberalism. America's intellectual, political, and corporate establishment may not share the ideology of ill-educated Central Asian religious fanatics, but they echo the Taliban by embracing an increasingly medieval dogmatism and—crucial—an ideology that similarly scorns reason and debate. As historian J. B. Bury put it in 1913, the Middle Ages were a time when "a large field was covered by beliefs which authority claimed to impose as true, and reason was warned off the ground."

Where does our own medieval lurch come from? Developments akin to what followed the fall of classical civilization: growing concentrations of political and economic power, a shrinking middle class, increasing intellectual dogmatism and a global pattern of pessimism about humanity's prospects. We are also living through a relentless effort to supplant any remaining reverence for the ideals that historically have held our civilization together, and this, too, parallels the experience of the Middle Ages, a period in which, as Belgian historian Henri Pirenne noted, "the very mind of man was going through degeneration."

This is what our elites are pining for. They want control over the lives of their serfs, law by fiat, i.e. droit du seigneur, knowledge held tightly by those in power and kept from the serfs, who must be kept ignorant of that knowledge because they might become ‘uppity’ were they to learn that secret knowledge. They have no problem deceiving their adherents, no problem selling them on ‘woke’ ideas that have no basis in reality, but do help dismantle and weaken modern society and make it easier to bring about their desired result – modern medievalism.

I keep thinking the time is soon coming where we will need to make a decision about whether we let this descent into a new Dark Ages continue, fight it and stamp it out, or find a means to get off-planet as a means of maintaining a modern liberal society off-world (the Moon, Mars, the asteroids, perhaps one or more of the Jovian moons).


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather has cooled off...for now, hot and humid weather is on the way, and where Labor Day is eight days away.


Truer Words Were Never Spoken

I saw the following picture over at Knuckledraggin and it struck a chord with me, so I knew I had to share the meme as it is timely.

This picture also brought to mind this great rant by the late Peter Finch playing newscaster Howard Beale in the movie Network. Finch won a posthumous Academy Award for his portrayal of “The Mad Prophet of the Airwaves”. It is amazing that this movie from 1976 was prescient, portraying the TV media of the present day for what it is – a propaganda machine.

We should shut off our TVs just as Howard Beale said we should.


Why Masks Don't Work - A Proof - Part 2

Last week I offered some proof the masks the various government officials insist that we wear in order to ‘protect’ ourselves from Covid-19 don’t work.

Dr. Byram Bridle offered both illustrations, some simple math, and a practical demonstration why the cloth masks and disposable ‘procedure’ masks provide little, if any protection from the Coronavirus. The only protection they provide is psychological, yet The Powers That Be keep insisting masks are the only thing that will prevent the spread of Covid despite the vaccines. (If they vaccines don’t work, then why have we taken them? We could have saved our time and the government could have saved billions of dollars if we’d just worn masks, right?)

Since the good doctor seems to be going against the narrative, I figured I could offer yet another example that comes from a non-medical source. It aptly demonstrates just how useless non-N95 masks are regarding preventing Covid.

Considering the ‘vape’ droplets are quite large, larger than the Coronavirus, you can see the mask used in this demonstration was useless...just like most cloth masks.


Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s ‘Hurricane Sunday’ with Hurricane Henri paying a visit to New England. It’s the first hurricane to make landfall in New England in 30 years. While we’ll be seeing mostly rain with some wind (30mph) up here in New Hampshire, we won’t have it nearly as bad as the folks in southern New England.

Katy is one of those folks in the path of Henri and she spent time getting ready, getting things from her yard and around her home put away or lashed down to keep them from being blown away. She also made preparations to bug out if things got bad. (I told her that if the need arose, I would pull the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout out of the water and trailer it down to Connecticut to get her from her house if the flooding got bad enough.)

Of course I have heard more than a few of the ‘usual suspects’ claiming this storm is all the fault of climate change, as if hurricanes have never made landfall in New England before. There’s a long list of hurricanes hitting New England over the years, with the last one being Hurricane Bob in 1991. (Sandy was not a hurricane when it hit New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut back in 2012, but a tropical storm.) Considering Henri was barely a Category 1 hurricane when it made landfall, it doesn’t seem it can be blamed on climate change. Many of the previous hurricanes were much stronger when they made landfall, yet they haven’t been blamed on climate change.


I made some preparations for the storm as well, but mostly making sure I had a full tank of gas in the trusty RAM 1500, making my bi-weekly run to BJ’s on Saturday rather than today, and filling one of my gas caddies in case I need it for the pickup, the boat, or the generator. Cell phones and laptops were charged as were batteries for a couple of my two-way radios. I also made sure the propane tank for the gas grill was also filled. I did check the boat yesterday to make sure it was properly secured, though there was little chance for problems this far inland. Beyond that, I really didn’t do all that much. I certainly haven’t done nearly as much as Katy did down at her home in Connecticut.


Compare and contrast:

Biden screws up the withdrawal of American citizens, their Afghan allies, and the military from Afghanistan so badly that our allies have been condemning him – officially – and the DNC-MSM have turned on him.

Trump addresses a rally in Alabama and delivers a scathing rebuke of how things have been handled by President *’s administration and hangers on.

“‘Do you think that General Patton was woke? I don’t think so. He was the exact opposite,’ Trump said. He pivoted to lambast notorious woke figure General Mark A. Milley who has defended the divisive teaching of critical race theory to military members. ‘You know what woke means? It means you’re a loser,’ Trump jabbed, adding: ‘Everything woke turns to sh*t.’ ”

While President Trump is not known for his eloquent speech, he does have the unique ability to get to the point and state it in terms everyone, including the self-anointed elite, can understand. Sometimes that’s the only way to get to the point across.

I wonder how many of those who actually voted for SloJo are now regretting casting that vote?


Skip Murphy reminds us that it is not just Afghanistan from where we may need to consider withdrawing.

Writes Skip:

“In the worst year in Afghanistan, 2010, the U.S. suffered 440 troops killed in action. So far this year in Chicago, 480 people have been shot to death. When will the U.S. begin its withdrawal from Chicago?”

Indeed. Every weekend, the toll is displayed all over the nation and much of it is concentrated in “gangbanger” neighborhoods. Just like Biden and his staff, however, that are sounding like my 5-year-old Grandson in “WHAT cookie in my hand???” and denying he’s not to blame, so are the Chicago leadership doing the same in their jurisdictions.

Most often, they lay the blame on surrounding States that have more Constitutionally oriented gun laws even as they’ve created a Merry-Go-Round environment: arrest thugs, book’em, bring’em to Court, and then a gentle wrist slap, and they’re turned out onto the street.

It is a war in the Chicago environs but why should WE be concerned with it if Chicago’s leaders refuse to Follow The Law and handle these miscreants the way the Law demands they should be.

You brought it onto yourselves by coddling them this long.

It’s your problem and we probably should “withdraw” from them. Given that Democrats control the Federal Government, however, that’s not likely.

The Detroitification of Chicago continues apace. It will be interesting to see how long it will take for the depopulation of Chicago to reach the level of that of Detroit.


Can a rock be racist?

It’s 2021 in Woke America. Of course it can.


I have to agree with this: The Biden White House Is Betting That America Is Finished.

It is the dream of the Progressive totalitarians that they will soon be able to declare the rise of the New Soviet Union. No more Constitution. No need to gain political consensus. The new Nobles will dictate and the new Serfs will bow to their will...or die.

Here’s something these same Progressive totalitarians should remember: Sic Semper Tyrannus.

Here’s something else they should always remember:


And that’s the (soggy) news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the rains have arrived, the weekenders have already left, and where Monday is lurking just around the corner.


Why Masks Don't Work - A Proof

We keep hearing the arguments for and against the efficacy of masks for protecting against being infected with Covid-19. Most of us of an engineering, mathematical, or science bent understand that 90%+ of the masks do not provide protection...except psychologically. I’ve had people call me an outright liar about it, most of those people being math deficient.

In my defense, I present this YouTube video by Dr. Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist, who shows with simple illustrations, math, and a practical demonstration that masks of the types a large majority of the people have been using are worthless for preventing the transmission of Covid.

As I have explained to a number of people, including the WP Mom (who is a retired health professional), I have no desire or need to wear a mask, particularly in light of the fact that I am vaccinated and the only reason people would require me to wear a mask is to give them a false sense of security.


It's Deja Vu All Over Again

Seeing the totally preventable tragedy in Afghanistan reminds me the original reason we went in to begin with: Taliban support for Osama bin Laden and their efforts to protect him.

President * and WRBA decided to chuck all of the plans to deal with our troop drawdown and eventual departure and instead effed things up, all while trying to blame Trump for their FUBAR’d evacuation of US citizens and Afghan allies, something that “fills me with an urge to defecate”. (With apologies to Roger Waters and David Gilmour.)

This pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about the whole debacle, something I’m sure I am not alone in feeling:


Aw, Nuts!

At first I thought it was just me, but after talking to some friends and co-workers I realized I wasn’t the only one to notice this: Acorns.

It seems we have a bumper crop of acorns this year. I have been hearing them hitting the roof, the ground, and occasionally my neighbors’ cars and trucks. I’ve been hearing a lot of them and finding far more on the ground than I remember seeing this time of year. Far more.

I don’t know if this signals a harsh winter coming, or is a by-product of the more than abundant rainfall last month and/or the warmer than normal temperatures in June. All I know is there are more acorns than I remember seeing this early. Sometimes so many are falling from the oaks during the night they keep waking me up.

On top of that, it seems we’re in for some tropical rain for Thursday as we will see the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred. The Weather GuysTM are saying we’ll see a couple of inches of rain here at the lake and even more in the southern tier of the state.


Thoughts On A Sunday

This weekend saw a break in the hot, humid, and hazy weather this past week, with a series of showers coming through yesterday that signaled the break in the weather. Not that the hot and humid weather really bothered me. It is summer, after all. It happens every summer.

The funny thing is that it feels like summer has barely started considering how cool and wet it was in July. We had more than 10 inches of rain in July, not exactly a record here in New Hampshire, but it was in the top five wettest July’s on record. As I mentioned in an earlier post, that 10 inches of rain certainly helped end the drought we’ve been dealing with the past year and a half. (Not a severe drought by any means, just a rainfall/snowfall deficit that was taxing some wells and other ground water resources.)

We’re hoping an extended warm fall will help make up for the cool/wet July we experienced. That has been the pattern over the last few times we’ve had a cool and wet summer – September and October (and sometimes early November) are warmer than average – allowing us to experience the extended summer without dealing with the summerfolk. We have the lake to ourselves, and if the temps stay war enough, the lake temperature stays warm enough to keep swimming until mid-October. However, the seasonal restaurants we patronize usually close their doors after Labor Day weekend, so many of the summer treats of which we would also partake aren’t available. But we still have our grills so burgers, hot dogs, and steaks are still on our menus.


One has to wonder just how stupid (or lazy) some political campaigns can be. The latest example is incumbent Democrat Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s campaign ad promoting building Virginia’s economy, generating more jobs, uses pictures of workers...in Florida.

Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe released a new ad promoting his goal of “growing Virginia’s economy”—but the workers pictured in the ad are in Florida.

The new ad from McAuliffe, who is running for his second term as governor, includes stock footage sold by Getty Images of a diverse pair of workers in Florida, a Washington Free Beacon investigation found. The “workers walking through metal fabrication shop stock video” was shot in Florida in February 2019 and can be purchased for $170.

So McAuliffe’s plan for building up Virginia’s economy is to give workers in Florida more work posing for photos used in his campaign ads in Virginia?

Yeah. That’ll work...


You know the Electric Vehicle hype is just that when even dedicated Warmists don’t want to use them. It comes to down to range and recharge times.

For “around town” travel EV range anxiety may not be such a big deal. But if you are traveling great distances, then range and recharge time becomes a huge factor.

People keep talking about how as electric cars become cheaper, more people will use them. But what they keep ignoring is that they are totally useless for long trips.


...here in Nowherica, 250 miles is considered an easy morning’s commute … a map of Texas versus Europe shows why.

So I got to thinking … just how long a charging stop would that be to go another 250 miles? Me, I drive a 2016 Ram Ecodiesel pickup truck with about a 500 mile range, although the new ones have about a 1,000 mile range. And I can “recharge” it for another 500 miles in about five minutes at the pump.


I can see why the UK Climate Spokesbabe doesn’t want to drive an EV. If you’re stopping to recharge your Audi e-tron for another 250 miles, instead of the five minutes it takes me to recharge my diesel pickup, it will take you twelve and a half hours to recharge.

That is such a non-starter. Half a day to recharge in order to complete a 500 mile trip that will now take two days make? Yet using a Gaia-killing vehicle that would take all of 5 minutes to refuel, assuming they couldn’t travel the entire 500 mile trip on a single tank of fuel. (The trusty RAM 1500 could certainly make it on a single tank as long as I kept my speed between 50 and 55mph, leaving a small reserve range. At 65 to 70mph I would have to stop about 50 miles from my destination to fill up.)

Until EVs can be recharged in a similar time as it takes to refill the tank on a regular vehicle, I doubt they will be seen as usable as fossil-fueled vehicles. As I have mentioned in previous posts, one technology that might meet that criteria is flow batteries which use a liquid ‘electrolyte’ that flows through the battery as it used. When it is refueled the depleted fluid is pumped out of the tank as fresh fluid is pumped in. It might take a little longer refill the flow battery tanks as it does to fill a gas tank, but you’re still talking minutes rather than hours. It doesn’t have quite the energy density of batteries, but since it can be quickly ‘recharged’ as compared to batteries, the energy density may not be as important as it might otherwise be.


By way of GraniteGrok comes this quote from Thomas Sowell:

The endlessly repeated argument that most Americans are the descendants of immigrants ignores the fact that most Americans are NOT the descendants of ILLEGAL immigrants.

This is something that will be faithfully ignored by the Progressive Powers That Be because it doesn’t fit the narrative.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather has cooled a bit, the sun is shining, and where I plan to get out on the lake later today after the weekenders have gone home.


Thoughts On A Sunday

Here we are, in the second weekend of August, and it seems everyone is focusing on Back-To-School, between shopping for school clothes and other necessaries. It is depressing. It seems we’ve barely gotten into the swing of summer and already people are getting ready for their kids to go back to school.

There oughta be a law against it!

The weather has been so up and down this summer – heat waves to below normal temperatures, lots of rain, and back to heat waves - that it seems summer has barely started. Any remnants of the drought we’ve seen here since last summer have been wiped away with 10+ inches of rain in July. We have more rain on the way today.

I haven’t been out on the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout since the Fourth of July fireworks with Katy, BeezleBub, and a couple of his friends. The aforementioned weather wasn’t conducive to time out on the lake when I’ve had the time, so I’ve been suffering from boating withdrawal. Hopefully the weather will cooperate over the next couple of months so I can catch up.

Only time will tell.


The delayed 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo have come to a close.

In the past I have been a fan of the Olympics, but this time around I didn’t really care all that much about them. I did catch some of the events, not because I was particularly interested but because the WP Mom was watching.

It was weird seeing those events with few, if any spectators. The pro sports venues here in the US were piping in crowd noise to make the games seem more ‘real’ during the Covid lockdowns. I thought the Japanese Olympic Committee would have done some similar at the various venues.

I will admit I am more a fan of the Winter Games, so I only have to wait until this coming February to see them. Chances are we won’t see the sever restrictions seen in Japan for the Summer Games since the Winter Games are being held in Beijing.


Skip Murphy delves into President *’s EO “demanding that the automobile industry’s output of new vehicles be 50% Electric Vehicles (EVs) by 2030,” and the idiocy behind it.

Too bad his executive order ignores certain economic and electrical grid realities that will likely make the *’s mandate unworkable and economically disastrous. But what does he care? It isn’t like he has to figure out how to make it work. He just has to say “As it is written, so shall it be done!” and it will magically happen.

I have a feeling there will be major pushbacks and perhaps even a number of lawsuits that will go all the way to the Supreme Court. Then again, SloJo doesn’t care what the Supreme Court rules, does he? He certainly ignored its ruling regarding the eviction moratorium being unconstitutional.


It appears Skip and I aren’t the only ones questioning the wisdom of EVs.

It looks like a number Members of the House of Commons in the UK are doing likewise.
According to these MPs, electric cars could place so much demand on the National Grid that it won’t be able to cope. Huw Merriman MP, chair of the committee, argues that in parts of the country electric cars may even cause blackouts.

In the committee’s report, it says that drivers of ‘Battery Electric Vehicles’ (BEVs) must be able to ‘seamlessly access any charging network in any location at any time.’

To achieve this, they will need to switch to ‘smart charging’. That is, shifting the time of day when they charge their cars – usually to nighttime – to avoid paying a higher tariff for electricity.

But this much-feared spike in demand for electricity has not materialized yet, and it won’t do so for a long time. The electric-car market is still minuscule.

The government has ambitiously decreed that in 2030 it will become illegal to sell new petrol and diesel cars.

It looks like the UK is going to have exactly the same problem SloJo is causing with his questionable Executive Order – a lot of EVs with no means of charging them.

This proves to me the UK has its share of governmental idiots, just like the US.


By way of Powerline comes this hard truth:


My home state of New Hampshire has made it into Instapundit for something good, in this case due to legislation that further enhances school choice in the state.

At least one commenter has complained they haven’t gone far enough, but one can make the case that on an issue like this that maybe baby steps are better, see how everything plays out before going all in. It’s easier to make changes to a smaller program if something isn’t working quite right, or to cancel it if it isn’t working at all.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather is changing...again, where my boat needs gas...again, and where Monday has once again returned all too soon, just like it always does.


Back To School Shopping?

Kenny over at Knuckledraggin’ delves into the Dreaded School Supply Lists, the hell that parents of school-age kids have to go through to get their kids ready to go back to school. This caused two thoughts to pop into my mind, with the first being “What? When the heck does school start? Ohmigosh, it starts three weeks! Where did the summer go? Heck, when did summer start?!”

My second thought was a Staples commercial I saw over a number of years that had a different take on Back-To-School shopping and the different views of the parents and the kids. It still brings a smile to my face even after all these years.


Yet More Pandemic Porn

With the Delta variant of Covid-19 in the forefront of the news, my first thought was “Here we go again!”

It seems the news media has been trying to crank up the pandemic fear factor to “11”, pushing the idea that the Delta variant is far deadlier than the previous variants, is exploding through both the unvaccinated and vaccinated population, and the infected are dropping dead in the streets. They are pushing the fear for everything they can. What is the response of most of the American people?

Ho hum. We’ve been hearing that crap for over a year and a half and we’re tired of it.

Dr. Fauci has been pushing the idea that masks are the only way to stop the spread...again. Data collected over the past 18+ months says just the opposite. Masks of the type used by most of the US population – the disposable procedure masks and ‘stretchy’ cloth masks - have little if any affect. They don’t block the coronavirus because the virus is much smaller than the gaps in the filter material used. Only properly fitted N95 masks can trap the virus and they have been targeted towards health care professionals.

Another idea that is dying aborning is reimposing lockdowns seeing as the data shows the only thing lockdowns accomplished was widespread economic damage, profound psychological effects, and negative physical effects. The lockdowns had little effect on stemming the spread of Covid-19.

Yet we’re hearing some of the ‘people in charge’ talking about taking measures we already know don’t work. That tells me they really don’t care whether or not the ineffective precautions work. It’s more about power, about forcing the people to do things they don’t want to do, things they know don’t work. If they can force the American people to do these things, then what other things can the force down the people’s throats?

Power is a addicting drug. Once ‘they’ have it they won’t willingly give it up. Covid-19 is a perfect excuse to exercise that power to which they are now addicted. What makes it better for them is that the media is helping them push the narrative because it gives them power, too.

That’s what’s truly sick.


Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s been a long weekend for yours truly, with it starting a day earlier than I had planned. Some of that was caused by the heavy rains that came through late Thursday, with a number of washouts all over town including entrances to some restaurants and shopping centers as well as along and across a number of town roads. Some caused by an unexpected but welcome visitor – Katy – who realized she had a couple of days free she hadn’t counted on and wanted to come see me. Some was caused by a family issue that also needed to be addressed. It also included a visit to my work lab today to make up for some of the work I missed on Friday. (To say this has screwed up my perception of time all weekend would be an understatement.)

While our town didn’t suffer nearly as many washouts as was seen in the western part of our state, they were inconvenient for a number of folk though the state DOT and our local DPW did a pretty good job of blocking off and re-routing traffic around the washouts.


One thing I managed to get to this weekend was seeing Bob Marley – the Maine comedian, not the dead reggae musician – at a newly refurbished 1914-era theater in the downtown area of our nearby ‘big’ city (big defined as about 17,000 residents).

As usual, he got right to the point, talking about subjects of interest to most folks, and specifically we New Englanders. I will admit to being a bit sore at the end of his show as I was laughing through his whole set.


Skip Murphy has some suggestions regarding legislation to make it easier to ensure the validity of election results, at least here in New Hampshire. Many of these suggestions would also be good steps to take in other states as well.

One commenter suggested mailing absentee ballots in large enough envelopes (and return envelopes) that eliminate the need to fold ballots, something that caused problems here in NH during the 2020 elections. While costing more up front, how much does a recount/audit cost compared to the larger envelopes?


While satire, one has to wonder if this isn’t more prescient than satire. Certainly from what I’ve been hearing from Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and of course, the DNC-MSM, the only way to handle the “even deadlier and more easily spread” Delta variant is to do the same things that didn’t work the first time around.

To defeat the massive, scary, definitely world-ending wave of COVID being driven by the delta variant of the deadly, frightening disease you should remain afraid of for the rest of your life, experts are recommending we try all the things that didn't work the first time.

From wearing masks and social distancing to locking everyone down and destroying the economy, experts are all suggesting that we just try the same things we did last time that didn't work at all.

"We are going to lock down, wear masks, and social distance, all of which didn't work, but hey. It's worth trying again," said Dr. Anthony Fauci in a television interview this morning. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That's what they taught us in science school. Look at my lab coat. It's white. Do you like it? It has pockets."

The television anchor then assured Dr. Fauci that his pockets were very nice.

"Thanks. I also have the heartbeat thingy. I like to breathe on it to warm it up. Makes me look official and doctory and whatnot."

At publishing time, experts had clarified that while we're going to be doing the same things that didn't work over and over again, we're going to be doing them harder this time.

It reminds me of the Woke variant of Einstein’s definition of insanity:

Doing the same thing over and over again, only harder, but demanding different results this time. (See also Definition of Psychosis.)

I figure any day now…


Really? This is just stupid.


As much as the DNC-MSM has been trying hard to ignore President *’s mental decline, the media in other countries aren’t ignoring his ever more evident slide into dementia. Certainly Australia is talking about it openly.

Biden’s dementia is so conspicuous, it can be seen from the other side of the world. Australia’s Andrew Bolt recently brought on psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed to discuss some of the more obvious symptoms, including confabulation, which is all the more pronounced in an inveterate liar like Biden.

This is not benign senescence. As Dr Ahmed notes, Biden has gotten steadily worse over past 12–18 months and gives the impression of “just holding on” — both features of serious dementia.

I (and others) have no doubt the DNC and WRBA is scared that they will no longer be able to hide SloJo’s decline and that the increasingly unpopular, if not outright detested Kamala Harris might become President.

What the DNC thought they were doing when she was declared Biden’s running mate is a mystery. Maybe they thought if they found someone detestable like Harris that it might keep Biden in office longer because nobody would want a President Harris? Pelosi appears to have no use for her. Neither do most of the Congressional Democrats. It seems the Democrats may have seriously miscalculated when they chose Harris.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the rains have returned, more flash flooding is predicted, and where Monday has come along to screw up the weekend...again.