Can A Cold Protect Us From Covid-19?

From the Washington Post (Yes, that Washington Post) comes this about how the common cold may have played a part in many people being immune to or resistant to Covid-19.

When researcher Monica Gandhi began digging deeper into outbreaks of the novel coronavirus, she was struck by the extraordinarily high number of infected people who had no symptoms.

A Boston homeless shelter had 147 infected residents, but 88 percent had no symptoms even though they shared their living space. A Tyson Foods poultry plant in Springdale, Ark., had 481 infections, and 95 percent were asymptomatic. Prisons in Arkansas, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia counted 3,277 infected people, but 96 percent were asymptomatic.

During its seven-month global rampage, the coronavirus has claimed more than 700,000 lives. But Gandhi began to think the bigger mystery might be why it has left so many more practically unscathed.

Even now we’re seeing a lot of people in my home state that test positive for Covid-19 showing minor or no symptoms. There have been no recent hospitalizations and very few deaths.

It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Could it be that all we need to do to protect ourselves is to catch a cold?


Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s been a pretty good weekend here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. We’re seeing a lot of vacationers, though their makeup consists more of folks on ‘staycation’ rather than people from away (primarily Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York).

All of the vacation rentals have been fully booked right up through Labor Day weekend, something that is unusual as summer ‘visits’ fall off starting after the second full week of August as families get ready to send their kids back to school. Weekend visits continue at a reduced rate until the end of September and then fall off to almost nothing. But looking at the bookings of rental properties, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen that way this year. Bookings are solid until Columbus Day weekend. Is it part of the aftermath of Covid-19?


Checking the TV ratings for MBL, NBA, and NHL games, it appears people are staying away from the televised games in droves. The ratings could hardly get any lower.

It looks like people have other things to do rather than watching sports run by organizations that have caved to a very vocal but very small minority of non-fans and gone ‘woke’.

Serves ‘em right.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a crew-member on a private jet? Have you ever wondered what goes on during flights on those private jets and the differences between the various types of passengers? You might be surprised at the wide range of passengers, their wants and needs as well as how bad (or good) they behave, this piece from Bloomberg will give you some insight.

The one thing that surprised me? Celebrities tend to be least troublesome and kindest to the crews. Their personal assistants, on the other hand, tend to be a big pain in the a**.

The worst passengers? High-rollers going to/coming from Vegas followed closely by some of the young high-tech giants with more money than sense.

Alas, it is one experience I doubt I will experience in my lifetime unless I hit Powerball or Megamillions.


As I have reminded more than a few people, stop thinking of Trump as a politician but as a master magician, getting people to pay attention to the “shiny object” in his hand rather than what his hidden hand is doing. He is a good example of a master manipulator.

He latest bit of manipulation? Signing a series of Executive Orders regarding Covid-19 relief the Democrats had been delaying because they couldn’t come to an agreement with the GOP members of Congress and the President, the biggest stumbling block being the amount of money the government doesn’t have to be spent on further relief. The GOP was pushing to spend less than half of what the Democrats were proposing, but Pelosi and Schumer were having none of it. The Democrats were also pushing measures that had nothing to do with Covid relief as a condition of voting for relief, something GOP was against. They were looking for a so-called “clean bill” that included none of the conditions being pushed by the Democrats.

How is this a manipulation?

Trump has forced Congressional Democrats into a position where they will have to oppose Covid-19 relief.

“We have repeatedly stated our willingness to immediately sign legislation providing expanded unemployment benefits, protecting Americans from eviction, and providing additional relief payments to families,” Trump said. “Democrats have refused these offers.”

Before signing the relief bills, the president noted that the Democratic package included many items completely unrelated to economic relief during the coronavirus pandemic.

“So the Democrat bill includes stimulus checks for illegal aliens, they require the mass release of illegal aliens from detention, they also compel the mass release of inmates, including serious felons,” Trump said. “What does this have to do with stimulus, the economy? What does this have to do with the coronavirus?”

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And that’s why Trump one-upped them and has forced them to take an opposite position from the one they say they support.


Considering how much damage Mayor Bill DeBlasio has done to New York City with his Progressive/Communist policies, is it any wonder New Yorkers are voting with their feet and leaving the Big Apple in droves? One particular neighborhood seeing lifelong residents fleeing the increasing violence and decay of the city they love is the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Due to increasingly squalid conditions on the Upper West Side, including two new homeless shelters packed with junkies and registered sex offenders, longtime dwellers are departing the Big Apple with no plans to ever return.

One of the Escape from New Yorkers is Elizabeth Carr, one of the area’s most vocal leaders in combatting mounting crime in the well-heeled hood.

“In the best of times, NYC is a hard place to live,” said Carr. “Now you have all this other stuff. It’s a question for families. … to have to see a guy masturbating on the corner or explain to my kids while I’m buying diapers at Duane Reade why this guy wearing no shoes is collapsed on the floor and they’re doing CPR on him.”

She said she started planning to move before the COVID crisis and recent neighborhood developments, but officially put down stakes Sunday in North Carolina with her finance husband and three kids under 7.

“We reached our New York expiration date,” the former nonprofit exec, who’d lived on the UWS since 2007, told The Post from her new home 600 miles away. “Things weren’t heading in the right direction. What we’re seeing now isn’t at all surprising.”

When even long-time residents are pulling up stakes and leaving for greener pastures, you know it’s getting bad. That the problems being seen in New York were caused on purpose by the Mayor, aided and abetted by the Governor, you know you are dealing with people who are working hard to destroy anything and anyone who stands in their way.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where hot and humid weather is on its way, people will be crowding the beaches, and where air-conditioned offices are going to be a good place to be for the next 3 days.


I've Had Enough Of Covid-19. Have You?

I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick of the whole debate over Covid-19 and the disinformation, misinformation, pandering, and over-the-top emotional response to the various actions taken and the inaction shown in dealing with it.

We’ve seen response running the gamut from “Shut everything down and lock everyone away!” to “It’s all a hoax and it isn’t anywhere near as bad as everyone says it is so we don’t need to do anything” and everywhere in between.

Do we need to shut everything down again? No, I do not think so, particularly in light of evidence showing that in most cases it had little effect on the spread of the virus, particularly in non-urban areas. It was a one-size-fits-all solution to a problem that was anything but a one-size-fits-all problem. Now that we know that, why would anyone consider doing that again?

Do we stop taking precautions? No, of course not. But how far do we need to go? We certainly don’t need to wear BL-4 biohazard suits like those used in hot labs like Fort Detrick, Maryland. Washing our hands frequently is certainly an easy precaution to take. Masks are easy to use (though there are those who question their effectiveness) and are basically inexpensive. Cleaning frequently used surfaces is easy. None of those efforts are onerous or take much time to perform.

One thing I wish would stop is the misinformation/disinformation taking place, some through ignorance and some from malice. None of it helps us, though there are likely some who benefit from it. Fraudulent study results help no one. (One such study stating hydrochloroquine was ineffective published in The Lancet was later withdrawn when it was found the supposed researcher was not a scientist or researcher of any kind but a science/science fiction writer. The research institute that ‘conducted’ the study didn’t exist. It was a con job.) Others put forth treatments or “cures” that were either ineffective or downright dangerous, if not lethal.

At one point there was a story circulating that 5G was responsible for spreading Covid-19. The explanation was bogus, a bunch of pseudo-scientific gobbledygook cobbled together make it sound legitimate, but it was enough to convince some people and they helped spread the story.

Covid-19 has also driven some people insane. This insanity was not due to being infected with the disease itself, but by the fact of its very existence. It has pushed some people over the edge.

We have seen people overreact when they think someone isn’t taking Covid-19 seriously enough in their judgment. This overreaction has run from people in a public park being maced by an outraged Karen, other Karens reporting an assault to the police because someone was not wearing a mask, and in one case in Manhattan Beach, California, a Karen accosting two men eating their lunch, splashing one of them with her cup of hot coffee when he refused to wear his mask. (Did I mention he was eating his lunch?) At least in this last case she was arrested for assault and battery, as was her boyfriend. Ironically, the man who was assaulted was wearing a body camera as he was regularly accosted because he had the audacity to wear a MAGA hat. (Remember, this took place in California.) His body cam caught the whole incident. When the police arrived (called by the Karen), the man showed the footage to the responding officers which led to the arrest of the woman and her boyfriend.

I have no doubt there are plenty of other stories similar to those above where people are overreacting to perceived dangers. I have been on the receiving end of this, the incident taking place a few weeks ago when I was traveling through the Weirs Channel in the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout. As I was making my way from Paugus Bay end to the main lake, a fellow in a boat traveling in the opposite direction started yelling at me for not wearing a mask. It must be understood that New Hampshire had no mandatory mask edict (and still doesn’t), at closest approach I was probably 25 feet from the other fellow, and both he and I were alone on our respective boats. Why would I need to wear a mask when I’m in the middle of a 72 square mile lake in my boat by myself? Or was the guy just being a Ken (male Karen) and being a jerk while doing it?

With Motorcycle Week fast approaching here in New Hampshire, I have to wonder if any of the poor deluded Karens and Kens will be out in force?

Of course they will.


Be Chill, My Friend

It's time to stop stressing about success. Here's why:


Thoughts On A Sunday

Our town has seen a small number of new cases of coronavirus. According to the info made available, the new cases involve younger people with minimal or no symptoms. That seems to be the case with most of the people with positive Covid-19 test results. Do these new cases mean we need to shut down again? No, particularly in light of what we know now that we didn’t know back in March.

Do we need to take more extensive measures or will more diligent use of masks and hand-washing be enough? I lean towards the second and not the first. Use of masks and hand-washing seems to be the best way to deal with Covid-19, as well as isolating those most vulnerable to it such as those with underlying medical conditions - diabetes, COPD, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases – or vitamin D deficiencies as well as those who are immunosuppressed. Going so far as to isolate everyone, something we now know doesn’t work all that well, is not the answer.

Hopefully our state leaders will not make that mistake...again.


I have been viewing a number of YouTube videos dealing with the breakdown of relationships between men and women, the unrealistic expectations and the changes in educational and economic circumstances for men and women.

There is a lot of anger out there.

Men, and particularly younger men, are giving up on relationships with women, tired of being treated as “not good enough” because they aren’t as educated or making as much money as many women these days.

Women, particularly those in the 30’s and 40’s, are wondering “Where are all the good men?” and “How come I can’t meet anyone who wants a long term relationship/marriage/children?”

I spent quite a bit of time watching videos from both sides of the issue, read and posted comments, primarily of the “Is this chasm between men and women something that is across the board or is it more prevalent in some areas rather than others?” type of comments.

I did get a few responses, with only a couple being angry and expletive-laden. But a few did respond, with those responses pointing to this issue being more prevalent in urban areas. When I thought about it, it made some kind of sense to me.

One of the most telling videos was posted by a woman who had worked as a matchmaker, telling why she closed her business: Women have unreal and impossible standards for the men they want to date. Could this be one reason why those aforementioned women in their 30’s and 40’s are still single?

There isn’t any one reason, but it wouldn’t surprise me if all of them are related to changes in our society that started back in the late 1960’s.


James Lindsay offers some reasons why the ‘woke’ won’t debate those who disagree with them.

Debate and conversation, especially when they rely upon reason, rationality, science, evidence, epistemic adequacy, and other Enlightenment-based tools of persuasion are the very thing they think produced injustice in the world in the first place. Those are not their methods and they reject them. Their methods are, instead, storytelling and counter-storytelling, appealing to emotions and subjectively interpreted lived experience, and problematizing arguments morally, on their moral terms.

To pick an example, you don’t have to have read any of this material as a 20-something college student to understand that there is a group of people who don’t care if the professor speaking on campus is a subject matter expert who might have some sound ideas. What the woke students care about is shouting down a bad person for reinforcing structural harm. You literally don’t have to argue, you just have to have a loud voice and a few accusations to level. And that’s exactly what they do.

I’ve run across this on a few occasions, coming up against someone so convinced their vision was right despite hundreds of years of evidence to the contrary. Nothing swayed their ‘faith’, nothing could convince them their vision was in any way in error even though their ‘vision’ was abhorrent to most folks.

That’s why I will not waste my time trying to convince the more fanatic ‘woke’. I have better things to do with my time.


Who will be the Democrat Party’s nominee for President? I and others have serious doubts that it will be Biden. As Don Bongino posted on Twitter:

I’m hearing from people close to the situation that Biden’s cognitive decline is rapidly worsening and is becoming increasingly difficult to mask. The Democrats are going to have to make a decision soon.

I think the media has been trying very hard to ignore Biden’s condition, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to not notice and for the DNC and the media (but I repeat myself) to keep from the public.


An example of appropriate and inappropriate masking:



And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where we’re getting ready for some heavy rain courtesy of Tropical Storm Isaias, getting some boating in before Isaias arrives, and once again grateful that we actually have to go into work on Monday.


Do The Woke Really Care About Those They Say They're 'Helping'?

Some of you know of my disappointment over major league sports like the MLB, NBA, and NFL caving in to a small but vocal minority and going ‘woke’. As they will be finding out as so many other businesses have found out, going ‘woke’ is likely to make them go ‘broke’. They stop attending to the business that they’re supposed to be dealing with and instead cater to a small minority of people, many who are neither fans or patrons, all while pissing off the people upon whom they depend.

One example that comes to immediately to mind is Gillette, who caved to the ‘woke’ and ran a series of ads that both denigrated and insulted their main customer base – men – and tried to pull in portions of the LBGTQ demographic. The result - over $9 billion in sales disappeared. (Yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’.) Their sales have not recovered.

That major league sports have caved to many of the same ‘woke’ has already caused an increasing number of long time fans to say “We’re done” and choose to no longer support their teams. (I am one of those. Both the NBA and NFL are dead to me. MLB is pretty close and I’ve lost all interest in NASCAR.)

One egregious example of just how ‘woke’ the NFL has become is the drive to change the names of sports teams that white people think should be offensive to non-whites. The example that stands out is the drive to change the name of the Washington Redskins to something that isn’t offensive. But have any of those pushing for the change or considering the change bothered to ask the people on whose behalf the ‘woke’ are being offended by the name whether or not they are actually offended by the name?


Maybe they should, but they won’t because the ‘woke’ know better than the people they say should be offended. Here’s the take from one Native American about the whole ‘controversy’:

Or how about this one:

Or this one:

To the ‘woke’ it appears the opinions and desires of those they say they support don’t matter. We must ask the question: Why is that?


Grammar Is Racist? What's Next?

From the “Just When I Thought They Couldn’t Get Any Stupider” Department comes this from Rutgers University.

It seems the Rutgers English Department has declared grammar is ‘racist’.

The English Department at Rutgers University has declared that proper use of grammar is a hidden form of racism because it disadvantages students of “multilingual, non-standard ‘academic’ English backgrounds.”


“Variability instead of accuracy” means incorrect usage of grammatical norms. It’s nice that someone speaks a foreign language, but isn’t the whole point of teaching proper grammar teaching foreigners the proper way to speak English?

Yes, but it’s white and it’s male, and it’s gotta go.

Unfortunately, Rutgers apparently missed the mark with some activists. Aside from being incomprehensibly stupid, the change is, itself, virulently racist.

Indeed. This is taking the whole ‘racism’ thing from the sublime to the extremely ridiculous. We’ve already heard from other quarters that math is racist. The 1619 Project has already declared that history is racist. I suppose every subject of study will eventually be declared as racist. That’s where all of this seems to be heading.

It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid this has become. It’s scary to think just how stupid it will become.


Thoughts On A Sunday

The heat and humidity has returned to the Lakes Region which means we’ll be seeing a lot of folks out on or in the lake over the next four days or so. I certainly plan to get out on the lake this evening after all of the weekenders have left. I figure I will do likewise over the next three days as well. (At least I’ll be working in an air-conditioned lab as the temps outside will be in the upper 90’s, so it isn’t like I’ll be suffering during peak heat.)

As an aside, although we have seen a slight increase in Covid-19 cases, The Powers That Be have stated that most of them have been in people under 40 years of age, with a lot of them being slightly symptomatic or asymptomatic. This is pretty much what I expected to see. Not that there aren’t those who are quite ill, but they are a small minority. Hopefully it will stay that way. As long as people take the proper precautions we should be able to keep the numbers from growing as wildly as we’ve seen elsewhere.


Almost thirty years ago, friends Thomas Cooke and Joseph Feeney made a promise that if either won Powerball they’d split the winnings. They lived up to that promise when Cooke hit a $22 million Powerball jackpot and shared the prize with his friend.

Now that’s friendship!


You know it’s gotten out of control when the President of the Portland NAACP says that the Black Lives Matter protests have lost focus. “The focus has been moved from where it is supposed to be and made to be a spectacle, a debacle.”

The ongoing unrest, which started at the end of May following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, initially began as a series of demonstrations against racism and police brutality. After federal officers under the command of the Department of Homeland Security arrived to defend the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, they became the focus of protests.


The Portland NAACP has repeatedly denounced the actions of federal forces in Portland but has also criticized “mostly white anarchists” for inciting violence during the protests. Much of the national scrutiny in recent weeks has centered on the melee that erupts nightly after small groups of demonstrators begin a cat-and-mouse game with law enforcement.

It’s gone from protests to a nightly ritual of destroying property, assaulting federal law enforcement officers, and trying to burn down the federal courthouse those same federal law enforcement officers were protecting.

I’d say the NAACP President is right.


If we really want to solve the problem of Covid-19 and end the issues that go with it, then I have a suggestion to make, by way of Powerline:


After the debacle at the New York Times leading to the ‘canceling’ of editor James Bennett because he had the audacity to publish an opinion piece by US Senator Tom Cotton. The know-nothings at the Times got Bennett fired because in their minds he wasn’t ‘woke’ enough.

Staff at the Wall Street Journal tried to force a similar accommodation of ‘woke’ opinion, with 280 of its journalists signing a letter “complaining about the spread of ‘misinformation’ in the paper’s opinion section.” But unlike the Times, the WSJ editorial was having none of it.

In the spirit of collegiality, we won’t respond in kind to the letter signers. Their anxieties aren’t our responsibility in any case. The signers report to the News editors or other parts of the business, and the News and Opinion departments operate with separate staffs and editors. Both report to Publisher Almar Latour. This separation allows us to pursue stories and inform readers with independent judgment.

It was probably inevitable that the wave of progressive cancel culture would arrive at the Journal, as it has at nearly every other cultural, business, academic and journalistic institution. But we are not the New York Times. Most Journal reporters attempt to cover the news fairly and down the middle, and our opinion pages offer an alternative to the uniform progressive views that dominate nearly all of today’s media.

As long as our proprietors allow us the privilege to do so, the opinion pages will continue to publish contributors who speak their minds within the tradition of vigorous, reasoned discourse. And these columns will continue to promote the principles of free people and free markets, which are more important than ever in what is a culture of growing progressive conformity and intolerance.

Perhaps the New York Times, the Washington Post, and a host of other dying newspapers could take a lesson from the WSJ. After all, it seems these publications no longer believe in “the tradition of vigorous, reasoned discourse”. Instead, they believe in censorship, making those who disagree with them “unpersons”, and silencing anyone they do not consider ‘woke’ enough.


I find it ironic that the ones against changing the name and logo of the Washington Redskins are Native Americans. If one understands the history of both the team’s name and more specifically, the logo, the ‘woke’ white folks might not be in such a hurry to push the NFL to change the name.

But then, the ‘woke’ Guilty White Liberals know better than the Native Americans the name and logo honor. They have to be ‘protected’ from themselves and it’s up to the ‘woke’ to do so, right?

And the soft racism of “low expectations” raises its head again.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather is going to be extremely summer-like, the A/C will be humming away, and where going back to work on Monday may be a blessing in disguise.


Is Seattle Going To Turn To Vigilante Justice?

Call this one a twofer as it’s two, two, two stories in one. (Classical reference to a classic TV ad from the 70’s.)

Things have gotten so bad in Seattle that the Police Chief has warned city residents “We cannot enforce the law. You are on your own.”

That the police department has been ordered not to use crowd-control devices to quell riots is troubling. They cannot intercede with those breaking the law right in front of them as they protest while damaging property,setting fires, and assaulting other people because they no longer are allowed to use the tools needed to do so.

What will the likely response be from business owners and residents knowing the police will not intervene?

The left has a long track record of getting everything wrong, so it’s of no surprise to anyone that Americans of all races, genders, religious, ideological, and etc. backgrounds are scrambling to get guns to protect themselves because the police have been neutralized. (Emphasis mine.)

Who would have thunk that the left would be the driving force behind Americans arming themselves in historic and record numbers? Anyone and everyone saw this coming, and the resultant, entirely predictable, carnage lies at the feet of clueless, truly myopic Democrats.

What will the response be? As Glenn Reynolds has written on this topic:

We’ll see a lot of vigilante justice. And what are people gonna do about it? Call the cops?

Remember, in the end the police aren’t there to protect the public from criminals, they’re there to protect criminals from the public. Communities dealt with crime long before police were invented, usually in rather harsh and low-due-process ways. The bargain was, let the police handle it instead. No police, no bargain.

The city government in Seattle has done everything it can to bring about the growing lawlessness in Seattle, yet it seems to me they are seeing it as a good thing. Yet residents and business owners are likely to disagree with them, seeing their properties damaged or destroyed, businesses looted or closed down. (This is the same city council with a member that wanted to ban business owners from hosing down the sidewalks in front of their businesses to remove urine and feces as it is “racially insensitive” because the very act might ‘trigger’ someone to feel the trauma of having firehoses turned upon them like the Civil Rights activists being opposed by Bull Connor back in the 1960’s.)


Tied in with this and the similar insanity being seen in other cities like Portland and San Francisco and Los Angeles, is this warning that must be taken to heart:

I’ve seen that kind of thing here in New Hampshire where those fleeing the People’s Republic of Massachusetts have come here and voted for the very same policies, laws, spending, and taxes they fled here to get away from. Then they complain that things are getting expensive in their towns, not making the connection between what they want and what they are now paying. New state laws, new town and zoning ordinances that add to the regulatory burden no one really wants or needs are the cost of bringing that baggage with them.


Thoughts On A Sunday

We had a respite from the hot and humid weather for a few days, but we were right back into it starting Saturday and it will last until some time after Monday. It isn’t that we aren’t used to weather like that since we get it over the summer. But when the humidity reaches a level of that in the tropics, it becomes oppressive. Even thinking causes one to sweat profusely.

At least we have respites from the hot, hazy, and humid weather. If not cooling off in the lake, we do have our local swimming pool here where The Gulch is located. There is also air conditioning if one doesn’t want to take refuge in the water. There are also a plethora of cool and cold refreshments available all throughout the Lakes Region to help one deal with the weather.

All in all, I think we’ll survive in fine fashion.


I first saw this in the comments over at Chris Muir’s Day By Day cartoon website and I realized it fit.

Quoth the commenter:

Personally I think Klantifa is far more descriptive of the bunch.

Ayuh. I’d say that nails it.


It may be just me, but does it seem the MSM reporting only part of the story regarding Covid-19?

With the exception of one of our local TV stations, it seems all of the news being reported is bad. You don’t hear about the continuing downward trend in deaths. You don’t hear that even at its worst, the US death rate was far below that in Europe and Asia. You don’t hear about the demographic breakdown of the latest cases. You didn’t hear about the misreported high number of new cases in one state (Florida) caused by a math error.

My biggest question about the reporting, one that must be asked of both the MSM and the CDC, is how many deaths attributed to Covid-19 were not actually caused by Covid-19? (Our local TV station did mention that in passing, related to the high number of Covid-19 deaths taking place in “long-term care facilities” in our state. But that was the extent of it.)


One thing I and others have noticed during this summer is the lack of attention of drivers on the road and and out on the lake. It isn’t limited to folks from away, at least not from what we’ve witnessed. (Some of this was discussed with friends of mine at our boat slips early yesterday evening...at least the “on the lake” part. Our observations were similar and matched what I’ve heard from other friends and co-workers.)

I don’t recall it ever being this bad. Could it have something to do with the aftermath of months of isolation due to Covid-19?


Has Portland, Oregon become a lawless city?

Has the mayor abandoned his duties and his oath of office by letting Antifa rioters run rampant for 51 days straight? Does his hamstringing of federal law enforcement and disdain for the Portland PD signal that he he cares more for ‘woke’ activists with a penchant for violence than for the people of his city? It’s beginning to look that way.


DaTechGuy Blog asks the question, “What if we applied the Left’s Woke Rules to the NBA and NFL rosters?”

The left keeps insisting that we have to be hiring based on race in everything from police to orchestras so they “better reflect the communities they serve”.

What if we did this to the NBA & NFL or even MLB?

Think about that for a second.


Oddly I don’t hear anyone arguing that since the black population is about 12% that whites are unfairly underrepresented in the NBA or the NFL. We don’t see people insisting that that cause for this discrepancy is “systematic racism” Yet the same people who scream that because the number of black coaches is closer to the actual black population of this country as opposed to the percentage of blacks in the league don’t find it odd that those same coaches and the front offices seem to be signing black players way out of disproportion to white ones.

The simple fact is this. We have, thanks to the efforts of actual civil rights leaders (as opposed to the demagogues of today) reached a point where the primary question as to the signing of a defensive back or a wide receiver or a quarterback or a center in the NBA or a center fielder is the skill set of said player rather than their race (and occasionally the price - see Cam Newton NE Patriots).

This is as it should be.

So when the racial demagogues start demanding quotas in all kinds of fields tell them you’ll consider it as soon as those same demographic quotas are applied to the high paying jobs in the NFL/NBA & MLB.

I think we can figure out what the response to that will be.

One has to wonder just how far these kinds of demands will go? How ridiculous will it get? Will it have the effects that proponents think it will, or will it cause wide ranging damage to our economy? Will it foment more racial strife rather than less, particularly if people lose their jobs solely due to their race? Would black athletes accept losing their jobs to less qualified or capable white athletes because this kind of “justice” demands a racial balance in all things?


Something I realized I needed to add to today’s TOAS: I have been having issues posting to Blogger, with the server having difficulties saving drafts, uploading images, and publishing posts. Saturday’s post was a perfect example of the difficulties as the first time I tried to post it back on Tuesday and the server refused to save the draft or upload the image. (It wasn’t that specific picture that was problematic, but any image. It also didn’t matter whether I was using my laptop, desktop, or my work laptop – used only to test if it was a computer or location specific issue – or time of day.

Finally, Blogger accepted the post yesterday. Hopefully it will accept today’s post.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where it’s hot, hazy, and humid, the lake is full of boats, and where returning to work on Monday isn’t such a bad thing if work is air-conditioned.


Somehow, I expected this might be coming:

I have to wonder of 7-Up is going to start adding lithium to their beverage again?

(H/T Knuckledraggin)


Thoughts On A Sunday

What a difference a week makes.

Last weekend, things around here were hopping. People were out on the lake, filling the beaches, patronizing the restaurants and ice cream stands, and partaking of the traditional summer activities and events. Our local airport had one of its busiest weekends ever.

This weekend, not so much. The usual Friday traffic crush was more like a slight squeeze. The airport wasn’t busy at all. Some of the folks I would normally expect to see – our local summerfolk ‘weekenders’ – were nowhere to be seen. Even the usual “10AM Saturday Traffic Because Everyone Is Grocery Shopping At The Same Time” wasn’t nearly as heavy as we usually see.

The question being asked: Is this ‘dead’ weekend because of the weather forecast – tropically oppressive humidity with showers and thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday – or have we already seen peak summer activity and the rest of the summer is going to be quiet much like it was before the Fourth of July weekend? Certainly the local business owners are asking that question.

Only time will tell.


NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is pointing out some harsh truths that some are choosing to minimize or ignore. They do so at their own peril.

“I think we’re missing the point about the role of sports — and the fans — in the current unrest. Without a doubt we need police reform, but that should mean ‘good cops out there policing the bad cops.’ … My concern is turning this into a circus instead of trying to do some good stuff.”

If professional sports leagues think they’ll get there by shoving the argument into fans’ faces constantly, Barkley thinks they might just talk themselves out of a job.

“They [the fans] don’t want to see a bunch of rich people talking about stuff all the time,” Barkley said.

“These people have lost their jobs, they’re struggling financially, they’re not going to get their jobs back. And the last thing they want to do is turn on the television and hear arguments about stuff all the time.”

Activist athletes are nothing new, and no better or worse than activist actors, activist authors, or even activist call-center directors. All that used to stop at the game itself, though; even the kneeling was pregame. Now, however, the NBA will turn its players into walking billboards for lectures at fans, for whom sports would otherwise be a wonderful escape from their own mounting personal and financial woes. The NFL probably isn’t far behind that curve either — if it’s not the jerseys, it will be a constant stream of social-justice PSAs in the breaks.

That the NFL has caved to the ‘woke’ - in many cases those ‘woke’ people aren’t even NFL fans - has certainly made me less of a fan. That the NBA is basically doing the same thing makes me less inclined to watch any games.

We get enough of the political indoctrination, false piety, ‘Me Too’ anti-racism racists, and other political messages 24/7. It gets old very quick. It also becomes less believable the longer this dogma is jammed down our throats. I know I am tired of it.


So many corporations have caved to the the ‘woke’, BLM, Antifa (whether actual Antifa or Antifa-wannbes), virtue signaling pseudo-radicals, and spoiled pro athletes who figure their stature insulates them from their actions. (To be truthful, ‘spoiled pro athletes’ who figure their statures insulate them from their actions is nothing new.) The NFL has caved, The NBA has caved. A number of corporations have caved and are running look-alike/sound-alike TV ads that pander to the these folks. In some cases it sounds to me they are putting profits above principles. But there are some CEO’s who refuse to cave in to people demanding their corporation knuckle under to their beliefs du jour. Two in particular stand out.

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue committed the unforgivable sin of offering praise for President Trump. The response from the Left was not unexpected: immediate calls for a boycott of his company.

Unanue called the pushback against him visiting the White House “suppression of speech.” Unanue said that he was previously invited to the White House for an event hosted by the Obama administration for Hispanic Heritage Month.

“So, you’re allowed to talk good or to praise one president, but you’re not allowed to aid in economic and educational prosperity? And you make a positive comment and all of a sudden, it is not acceptable,” Unanue said.

Unanue said he is not apologizing for his remarks supporting Trump’s economic policy and would not turn down other future invitations.

“I didn’t say that to the Obamas and I didn’t say that to President Trump.”

Then there’s Ford CEO Jim Hackett, whose response to demands by some Ford employees that the company stop making police vehicles as part of the “Defund The Police” movement was priceless.

“By taking away our Police Interceptors, we would be doing harm to their safety and making it harder for them to do their job. Again, this is why, given our insights, new capabilities and leadership, I believe these unfortunate circumstances present Ford with an even greater opportunity to not only innovate new solutions but also leverage our unique position to support the dialogue and reform needed to create safer communities for all.”

Shorter version: No. We’re not going to stop making police cars. Now get back to work.

Would that more CEO’s and Board of Directors would tell the ‘woke’ to piss off.


Is 2020 an echo of 1968, at least politically?

I’ve been thinking about the late-60s more and more often these days, for obvious reasons. As Shaidle writes, “2020 more and more resembles 1968 but with worse music.” That’s a true line and a funny one. But the parallel is also serious, and although I agree with it up to a point, here’s why I depart from it: the difference between then and now is the successful 50-year Gramscian march in-between, ironically (or inevitably?) accomplished by many people from that same fringe of terrorists turned educators and cultural “leaders” who have instructed generations of young people to follow their ideologies and have spread and mainstreamed them.

Back then, the crazies and revolutionaries and assassins and the like were on the outside, and the vast vast majority of people and institutions in the country did not support them. Yes, the antiwar protests were large, but when the draft died and Nixon initiated troop withdrawals and Vietnamization, the protests died down too.

Indeed, 1968 and 2020 resemble each other except for the music. But it’s like the difference between a pennywhistle and a Wagnerian opera.

Now the crazies, revolutionaries, and ‘assassins’ are on the inside, running our institutions and governments. It seems to me that an increasing number of them want to burn everything down, literally or figuratively, and replace it with something that hasn’t worked in 400 years of trying. They have spent decades “replacing things that work with things that sound good”, but don’t work. Then when it doesn’t work, they double down and then wonder why everything keeps getting worse.

We are indeed living in Heinlein’s Crazy Years.


I can agree with this.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summer crowds were small this weekend, the weather a bit schizophrenic, and where the tropical humidity is hanging around for a couple of more days.


They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

We’ve all heard the expression, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to.”

For the most part that has been a good thing, at least from my viewpoint as an engineer. Take autos, for example.

It used to be that cars were pretty much used up at 100,000 miles, ready for the junkyard. That started changing during the 1970’s, the time when cars were both poorly designed and incorporating more technology to help them burn gasoline more efficiently, i.e. burn cleaner.

The 1974 model years were the worst, at least when it came to emissions controls and fuel economy. Looking under the hood, all anyone could see was a web of hoses, pumps, and unidentified canisters and gizmos. The engine itself was buried under all those bits and pieces. The engines ran like crap, didn’t have much in the way of power – even the V8’s – and were a nightmare to service. One year later, everything changed.

Gone were all of the hoses, pumps, and canisters. Instead there were catalytic converters, electronic ignitions and engine control modules, and EGR valves. Carburetors could also be adjusted on the fly to maximize efficiency. You could actually see and service engines without having to work around all of the extra bits and pieces.

Since then, things have only gotten better.

Now auto manufacturers offer 10-year, 100000-mile warranties. Cars last 250,000 miles and 20 years. Carburetors are a thing of the past, having been replaced first by throttle-body electronic fuel injection and then by multi-port fuel injection systems. Today some cars and trucks use direct injection systems, further increasing both the fuel efficiency and power of the engines. They are also more comfortable, handle better, and do not require maintenance nearly as often as they used to. Cars and trucks are also safer than they used to be, with better safety features and higher crash-survivability for passengers.

A lot of other things have also gotten better over the years, doing more, doing them better, and doing them for a lower cost. The list of such things is long.

But not everything has gotten better with time.

One such item that comes to mind – washing machines.

It used to be that all washing machines cleaned clothing pretty well with enough warm water and a decent detergent. They also lasted 20+ years. (The washer I had at The Manse was 20-years old when we sold the house a year-and-a-half ago and the new owners wanted to keep it and are still using it.)

Just a few years ago Deb had thought about us replacing our tried-and-true Maytag Neptune with a new, more efficient machine. She researched some of the models she was interested in via Consumer Reports. CR didn’t recommend any of the machines she had been looking into because none of them cleaned clothing very well, even the top-of-the-line machines. The push for energy efficiency, the so-called Energy Star program, did create machines that were energy efficient. But they couldn’t clean clothes very well.

They are a bit better now, with changes made to make them clean clothes better. However, another issue has raised its ugly head.

They don’t last nearly as long as they used to.

The WP Mom bought a new washing machine last year, replacing a 25-year old top-loading machine that had become increasingly unreliable. She’s had the machine for a little over a year and it just broke down. It had been acting up for a month prior to finally becoming inoperable. Checking online, I found that both this product line and a number of other related product lines (under different name plates) have had the same problem.

Digging a little deeper I’ve been finding that appliances like our washing machine, clothes dryers, dish washers, and refrigerators don’t last nearly as long as they used to. Where we once got 20-years out of our white goods (i.e. appliances), we’re lucky if we get 5 to 10 years before they need to be replaced. They also appear to require more maintenance than the older appliances.

They certainly don’t make ‘em like they used to.


Thoughts On A Sunday

It was a busy Fourth of July for the WP crew, between the heavy holiday traffic and the festivities. Even with the ongoing coronavirus precautions, the beaches were busy, the lake had lots of boats plying its waters, the restaurants were busy, and the supermarket parking lots were full. It was an entirely different atmosphere than existed this past Thursday.

One thing that was definitely affected was the traditional Fourth of July fireworks, at least on this side of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Normally, we attend the fireworks at Weirs Beach at 12:01AM the morning of the Fourth, anchored off the beach along with a couple of hundred other boats. However, this year the group that usually sponsors the fireworks pulled the plug on their entire fireworks summer schedule. Another group stepped in, made the arrangements, and fireworks were seen at the beach 9:30PM last night.

We also had fireworks within a stone’s throw of The Gulch, with one of the lakeside residents having ponied up the cash for one of the professional fireworks firms to put on a fireworks extravaganza. All we had to do was go down to the end our street and watch from the road.

While we didn’t partake of some of our usual Fourth of July traditions, primarily grilling burgers and hot dogs, it was still a decent celebration. Yes, a little more sedate than what we usually experience, but under the circumstances, understandable.


It’s amazing how attitudes about gun ownership change when things go to s**t and people realize the police will not be able to protect them. (Article is paywalled.)

Patricia and Mark McCloskey are the couple made instantly famous—or infamous—after a video showed them wielding firearms as they fended off protesters who had trespassed on private property outside their St. Louis home.


If soaring gun sales are a guide, millions of Americans are with the McCloskeys. This week the FBI announced a record 3.9 million background checks for June, the highest monthly total since the FBI began keeping the statistic in 1998. Adjusting to reflect checks only for gun purchases, the National Shooting Sports Foundation says this works out to 2.2 million, a 136% increase over June 2019. NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva says about 40% of these checks are for first-time gun buyers.

This is a warning to the Defund the Police movement about unintended consequences. The more progressives push policies that mean cops won’t be around when people need them, the more they are inviting Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves.

Some of this has been coming back to bite the anti-gunners in the butt. They’re finding out it isn’t as easy to buy guns as they have been told. It’s the old “What goes around, comes around” curse hitting them where it hurts.


We have been told by many that the “only way to save the planet is switch everyone over to electric cars.” The reasoning is that it would wean the world off of using oil for fuel. Of course a lot of the folks promoting this have chosen to overlook a few things. But have no fear, the UN has come to the rescue, telling us that electric vehicles will cause devastating environmental side effects.

While the shift to electric cars reflects ongoing efforts to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels, the UN warns that the raw materials used to produce electric car batteries are highly concentrated in a small number of countries and their extraction and refinement pose a serious threat to the environment.

The U.N. trade body, UNCTAD, has issued a new report breaking down some of the unintended negative consequences of the shift, which include ecological degradation as well as human rights abuses.

The report notes that metals such as cobalt, lithium, manganese, copper, and minerals like graphite “play a significant role in energy-related technologies such as rechargeable batteries that are used in a variety of applications ranging from electronics to electric vehicles as well as in renewable energies such as nuclear, wind, and solar power.”

Lithium is the one key element in high demand for Lithium-Ion batteries, the technology that makes electric vehicles practical. The problem is that lithium is only easily available and extractable in a couple of places. After that, it becomes much more difficult and expensive to procure. There isn’t nearly as much lithium available to meet the demand if we switched over to electric vehicles. If we add the projected demand for storage tied in with renewable sources like solar and wind, all bets are off. (I suppose storage for renewables could use lead-acid batteries since size and weight isn’t as much of an issue for stationary batteries, but they have their own environmental issues.)


Somehow, I think this is not sending the right message...and it is a paradox to me.

‘White BLM activist’ caught on video, accused of assaulting black man who was removing ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs.

Is anyone else bothered by this?


History is being purged due to sins of the past that in many cases, weren’t sins back then. Now that insanity is making its way through science, purging the names of scientists who do not meet 21st Century “sensibilities” and were not “woke”.

The great geneticist Clarence Cook Little is getting erased for having held views that have since become politically unfashionable. His name was removed from a science building and a transit hub at University of Michigan in 2018.

This week, the University of Maine, Orono, followed UM’s lead, announcing on 29 June it would strip Little’s name from a building. “Little made an enduring positive contribution to science,” a university task force wrote. However, it added, “Major areas of his professional life violate the ideals that are central to the educational mission of the University of Maine and its commitment to the public good.”


Absolute political purity is retroactively required of all past figures if they want to escape the memory hole. Let’s hope Albert Einstein never smoked a cigarette; we might have to cancel his theory of relativity.

“Absolute political purity is retroactively required of all past figures if they want to escape the memory hole.” Doesn’t that sound insane?


Climate Change has so damaged and skewed the climate and the resulting weather that we saw record maple syrup production in 2020. This is the same maple syrup production we were told years ago would be gone by now and never see again.

“Whether that that makes you happy or unhappy have some pancakes. There’s plenty of Maple Syrup.”


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where we’ve manged to pull off a Fourth of July celebration, folks have had a good (but socially distanced) time, and where we’ll have to go back to work tomorrow because it’s Monday...again.


Is It Summer Yet?

It was while the WP Mom and I were out and about this afternoon that the subject of summer came up, or to be more accurate, how summer really doesn’t feel like summer this year.

Yes, the summer weather is here. The farms are growing crops. Beaches are open (for the most part). Boats are out on the lake. Ice cream stands are open and doing a lot of business. But something is missing.

The usual exuberance isn’t there and it feels like people are just going through the motions. Many of the usual summer activities aren’t taking place – summer camps either aren’t opening or are doing so with a lot of restrictions; movie theaters, playhouses, and concert venues have not reopened and those that have have cut back greatly on their schedules and number of shows; Fourth of July celebrations have been canceled, and those that will be taking place will be subdued as compared to previous years.

Our summer has certainly been ‘off’. I have usually been spending a lot of time out on the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout by now. But I can count on the fingers of a single hand how many times I have been out on the lake since The Boat was put back in the water back in May. If it were just me I would chock it up to me just being contrary. But talking to a number of my fellow boaters – about two dozen of them - I have found I am not the only one that has been off-pace. Most of those I asked haven’t been spending nearly as much time on the lake as is usual for them. Some have also stated than when they do go out, they haven’t been out on their boats for nearly as long as they usually are.

We haven’t grilled yet, something very unusual for us. No burgers, dogs, or steak tips. No potato salad. No nothing up to this point.

While we have dined out a couple of times over the past few weeks, once for dinner and once for breakfast, it was under coronavirus precaution conditions. It didn’t feel the same.

Just prior to noon today I ran an errand over the my ex’s place a couple of towns over, repairing an appliance that had stopped working properly. On my way over and back I saw the usual summer attractions around Weirs Beach open and ready for business. The only thing missing were visitors. No one at the arcades. No one on the go-kart tracks. No one taking advantage of the lazy river attractions or mini-golf course. Only a few people on the beach. None of this is what I would ever expect see around here during the week leading up to the Fourth of July. While I didn’t expect the place to be jammed like it would be during a weekend, I expected to see someone taking advantage of the summer attractions. But there was no one in any of those places that I could see.

It was eerie.

It will be enlightening to see how the upcoming Fourth of July Weekend plays out. Will what I’ve observed continue or will summer finally ‘start’?


It Needs To Be Brought Forth

Sorry, but I couldn't resist this in light of the times in which we find ourselves.

If a white man walks through the woods alone, is he still racist?

I had to use the blockquote because the server refused to upload the image. I don't know if it was just a server error or if the image had been flagged.

Why this post? Because I am finding the people screaming the most and the loudest about racism tend to be the biggest racists in the room. (Here's a hint: Most of the folks doing this are not our minority brethren.)


Thoughts On A Sunday

It looks like we have survived yet another week in Coronavirus America.

Thinks are “cranking up” in preparation for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend. Restaurants have reopened fully (though with social distancing in place), a number of the summer amusements have opened, and plans have been made for the traditional fireworks displays. I am sure there will also be the traditional “charring of mammal flesh and consumption of mass quantities” to go along with all of the other festivities.

I expect to be spending quite a bit of time on the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout, weather permitting. (So far it looks like the weather will be cooperating, assuming the Weather GuysTM are right.)


Speaking of coronavirus, the MSM has been going out of its mind with the surge in new cases. However, the one thing that hasn’t been mentioned other than in passing in one news story (by ABC News) is the demographics of the cases being reported. The other thing not being mentioned are the severity of the cases, more specifically what percentage are asymptomatic, what percentage show minimal symptoms, moderate symptoms, and so on. That could be due to the lack of granularity in the data, meaning the data doesn’t include those determinations. (Somehow I doubt that as the various health agencies would use that data to determine the severity of new cases and the measures that need to be taken.)

On the other hand, if the media included that information and it did not point to something that generates fear, they would leave it out. (The media likes fear as it generates viewers/readers/clicks. How many times have we seen stories along the lines of “How the coffeemaker in your kitchen could be killing you! That story after these messages….”? This isn’t that much different other than it is nationwide and already in the public consciousness.)

How can anyone figure what’s really going on if we aren’t properly informed? The media used to do that at one point. Not that the media wasn’t partisan in the past, but they tried hard to provide balanced reporting. That is no longer true.


Is the 2020 election going to be about something other than Trump versus Biden? If Victor Davis Hanson is correct, the answer is “yes”.

What does VDH believe be driving this election? Anger.

The old 2020 election was supposed to be about many familiar issues. It is not anymore.

Up until now, the candidates themselves would supposedly be the story in November. The left had cited President Trump’s tweets and erratic firings as windows into his dark soul.

The right had replied that an addled and befuddled Joe Biden was not really a candidate at all.

Instead, he was a mere facsimile who would have to be carried to the Election Day on the shoulders of the Democratic Party, only shortly to fade away.

Issues themselves are no longer likely to decide the election either. Not long ago progressives argued that the miracle Trump economy was in shambles, done in by plague, quarantine and riot.

The right had countered that deregulation, energy development, tax reform and reindustrialization that made America Great would make American Great — Again.


For nearly a month, the nation has been consumed by massive protests and chronic riots, looting and arson.

The Internet is aflame with self-appointed sleuths. They scour hours of video, and millions of words, searching for an indiscreet past remark — as fodder to take out a political opponent, a rival for a job or a personal enemy.


The angry and the demonstrating are loud and visible; their opponents are angry and quiet.

The election will reveal not just who is more numerous — but sadly also who is the angriest.

Do we want people voting based purely on anger? I know I don’t. Anger short-circuits reason and logic. The last thing anyone should be basing their votes upon is just emotion, i.e. feelz. From history we know that is a bad idea.


From the “Just When I Thought They Couldn’t Get Any Stupider” Department comes this from California.

It appears the California Legislature has voted to remove protections against discrimination from the state constitution, specifically Article I, Section 31 which states:

(a) The State shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.

(b) This section shall apply only to action taken after the section’s effective date.

(c) Nothing in this section shall be interpreted as prohibiting bona fide qualifications based on sex which are reasonably necessary to the normal operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.

There are five more subsections that go into detail about definitions, penalties, and so on, so I didn’t include them. However, the full text can be found here.

Is it the intention of the legislature to allow discrimination based upon race or sex? Why? What purpose does it serve allowing the state, counties, and municipalities to discriminate? I can think of a number, most which shall allow the legal creation of a system of government discrimination to address past wrongs. Could it lead to a racial/sexual spoils system to punish past discrimination by people long dead? (Yes, that may be pushing it, but then we are dealing with California, so anything is possible.)

Fortunately the California Legislature does not have the last word on this. The proposed amendment, ACA5, will be placed on the November ballot for ratification by the voters. Unfortunately it only takes a simple majority, just over 50% of voters, to ratify state constitutional amendments, the lowest of the 50 states. (The 49 other states require anywhere between 60% and 75% to ratify amendments to their constitutions.)


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer is in full swing, preparations for the Fourth continue apace, and where it will be a very short workweek for me this week.


Future The To Back

Seeing the increasing attack upon history by overly-sensitive know-nothings, I am dismayed at the level of ignorance being displayed by those wishing to erase history. They have been convinced that 17th, 18th, 19th, and early/mid 20th century historical figures must be held to 21st century ‘standards’ and ‘sensibilities’. (I am not going to say ‘morals’ because this old curmudgeon is seeing a particular lack of morals from some of the more vocal and active, i.e. destructive history deconstructors.)

Many of these folks decrying the “unwokeness” of historical figures seem to believe the only remedy for the lack of wokeness of those long dead is to erase them from history. The problem is that if we are to continuously hold those in the past to the standards of today, history will continue to be erased and the lessons of history will be lost. Erasing history because someone is offended by an action, or worse, because of a lack of action by historical figures is insane. How is it they believe they can demand modern day ideological purity from people who have been dead for decades or centuries?

Do they really think tearing down statues and defacing or destroying historical monuments will in some way punish the dead and change history? That they may subconsciously believe such things proves to me that they really do not understand history, that advances in human knowledge, morality, and ethics doesn’t happen all at once. It is something that takes place in steady steps, fits and starts, and profound leaps. Sometimes it is evolutionary and other times it’s revolutionary. Sometimes there were missteps, side trips, and blind alleys before history played out as it did. But the deconstructionists don’t seem to care.

Please don’t misunderstand – the ‘deconstructionists’ aren’t numerous, but they are vocal and active. Whether it is from poor education, willful ignorance, or as part of ploy to forward their political agendas makes no difference to me. I just want to see the erasure of history because “someone” is offended to end. It serves no good purpose.

Like Heinlein once said, “Those who ignore history have no past – and no future.” I am amending that to “Those who erase history have no past – and no future.”


A Reminder

Seeing some of the hatred showing up in increasing amounts on the Internet - Twitter, Facebook, Disqus, etc. - I figured we all needed a little reminder about the Real WorldTM:

Remember, on the Internet no one knows you're a dog.


Thoughts On A Sunday

Summer weather has arrived, with hazy, hot, and humid being the adjectives of the day...or next few days. Not that it bothers us here as we have actually been looking forwards to some actual summer weather. With the Fourth of July just under two weeks away, it’s about time that the weather is matching the calendar.

I spent yesterday morning with my ex, Deb, and some customers/friends of the business we used to own. (We sold it when Deb decided to go back to school a few years ago.) It was nice seeing some of the friends we’d made and catching up. We met at the public park along the shore in Alton Bay. The weather was actually pretty good, with a nice breeze and shade from one of the park’s maples keeping us cool. It was nice to get together while overlooking the calm waters of the bay and the folks enjoying their time on their boats.


I have to say I have had just about enough of the whole BLM trope, especially since they don’t really care about black lives, at least not that I can see. BLM has focused all of its attention on the very few incidents where unarmed (or even armed) black people have been killed by police. (There were nine such incidences of that last year. Nine.) But what about the thousand+ black lives ended every year, lives ended by other blacks? What do we hear?

Nothing. Not. A. Word.

Why the silence? This is something they should be yelling from the rooftops. But we hear nothing.

Could it be because it doesn’t fit the “Cops Are Racist” narrative, and therefore is not politically useful?

Update: As of noon today, 60 people were shot, 9 of them fatally, in Chicago this weekend. The youngest victim killed was 3-years old. Most of the victims shot and those killed were in their teens to mid-20’s. All of them were black.

What do we hear from BLM about this? Nothing.


Paraphrasing George Santayana, “Those who ignore history are going to make themselves look like fools.” Case in point, the Congressional Democrats taking a knee for eight minutes of silence for George Floyd.

In and of itself, that’s not a problem. It is perfectly fine for them to do that if they so choose.

What’s ironic is that they decided to wear kente cloths while doing so. It’s not the fact that they wore them that’s ironic, but that the ones they wore were those of the Asante tribe, a tribe that sold thousands of their fellow Africans into slavery.

One has to wonder whether those descendants of the Party of Slavery, the Democrat Party, the ones wearing the “colors” of slavers, either didn’t know or didn’t care about the irony of what they were doing.

That little extra touch they used has certainly muffled the message they thought they were sending.


Want a preview of what we can expect if the Marxists/Antifa/Anarchists and their ilk take over? Here’s what an undercover journalist saw in his recent 5-day stay in CHAZ, CHOP, or whatever they’re calling it these days.

Not pretty.

If you need a little more info on what’s planned, then check out this interview with one of CHAZ/CHOP/Whatever leaders for what they really want: Hell on Earth. What’s worse is that they’ll see it as heaven...for them. Everyone else is screwed.


President Trump’s rally didn’t turn out the way organizers had hoped. Not that there wasn’t enthusiasm and a long list of people wanting to attend. But a concerted effort via Tik-Tok and K-Pop had teens reserving hundreds of tickets for the rally. Those reserving the tickets had no plan to attend, but they ate up reservations for those wishing to attend.

There was also a successful effort by protesters blocking access to metal detectors that meant a lot attending the outdoor venue couldn’t enter. So much for the free expression of political thought...unless you are of the correct political ideology. Then anything goes.

Looks like the political dirty tricks have started and we have to give the first point to the Left.

I hope they don’t expect to get away with it again.


And now for something completely different.

Cool, eh?


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where hazy, hot, and humid is the term for the coming week, the A/C is cranked, and the beaches are busy.


Is America's Oldest Civil Rights Organization Racist?

Is the NRA racist? Is the NRA sexist? The answer to those questions are “Yes”...if you’re a gun-grabbing Democrat. But what if you are not a gun-grabbing Democrat, but just a Democrat. (The two are not automatically synonymous.) You might get a different answer.

What if you are a minority or a woman?

Colion Noir has the answer to that.

The video is 17-minutes in length, but is worth the time to watch.


Don't Be Like Greg...

A warning to take to heart:

This is not a new phenomenon. We've experienced it here in New Hampshire. Colorado is experiencing it. Texas is going through it (though mostly just in Austin, the San Francisco of Texas. Oregon and Washington have suffered greatly from it.

It must be stopped. And Glenn Reynolds has a solution: the Welcome Wagon Project.


Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s been a little cool here in New Hampshire the previous couple of days, with temps only in the 60’s. It hasn’t been conducive to spending time out on the lake.

I noticed there wasn’t nearly as much traffic as I would expect to see over the weekend, so it’s likely the cool temps had something to do with it.


Have you noticed that as the calls to defund police departments have been increasing, that those calling for it have responding to criticism by redefining the word “defund” to mean “cut the police department budget.” But that isn’t what it means.

From Merriam-Webster comes this:

Definition of defund:

transitive verb

:to withdraw funding from

It doesn’t say anything about redirecting funds. That’s not defunding.

But the Democrats have been backpeddling, deciding to change the definition of a long-used word on the fly rather than saying something as simple as “We didn’t mean defund. We meant ‘Cut the police budget and reallocate the funds for social outreach, etc..” But no, better to redefine the word rather than admit they are vocabulary deficient.


How long before the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) devolves into a modern-day version of 1793 France? At the moment they have a warlord, though I doubt he’ll remain in power very long. (He’s already being ‘canceled’ due to Twitter posts he made years ago.)

I figure it’s only a matter of time before they come up with something analogous to the Committee of Public Safety.

Can you say Reign of Terror? Of course you can...but don’t, at least of you live in CHAZ. They’ll just target you that much sooner.

As an aside, some of the “citizens” of CHAZ are extorting money from white residents, demanding they hand it over to blacks in the zone, “suggesting” it was for reparations.


I hate to say this, but this UC Berkeley History professor is toast. He/she has called the explicit bias of the faculty and the non-diversity of thought in the UC system into question, an unforgivable sin in the eyes of the Progressive faculty.

It is only a matter of time before this professor is exposed, doxxed, and excommunicated from academia, declared persona non grata and erased from human memory.


Yup. I agree with this wholeheartedly.


Who will protect us from the lawlessness the Democrats are bringing upon us? Will we devolve into a vigilante society where lynchings will become common? (Yes, this would be an extreme case, but possible nonetheless.)

Or will anarchy reign?

Or worse, will the lawlessness be used an excuse to enact harsh laws and generate the forces to required to enforce them, i.e. create a police state that will control every aspect of the citizens’ lives in order to ensure that order is maintained? (It’s been done before and worked quite well for those in power.)


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather is cool, businesses have been reopening, and where Monday is again looming in the near future.


Have The Democrats Miscalculated?

One has to wonder if the Democrats have seriously miscalculated, seeing the protests and the following rioting and looting as a way to take the White House and Senate.

Lawlessness, particularly lawlessness tacitly approved of by Democrat mayors and governors, does not instill confidence in voters. When a mayor orders a city’s police to stand down, taking a “Let it burn” attitude, and governors aren’t willing to call out their state’s National Guard to restore order, it signals to a great many people they their aren’t interested in the oaths they took when the entered office, don’t care that their constituents lives and property are endangered, and are pandering to groups that truly care little about the law, despite their protestations to the contrary. (I am not referring to the legitimate protesters, but those who used the protests more as a cover to loot and burn.)

It has been speculated the aforementioned mayors and governors have taken the actions (or inactions) as a means of forcing the President to act, to bring in federal troops to quell the lawlessness they permitted, all to foster the “Trump the dictator” narrative the Democrats and their Socialist brethren have been selling since before he took office and are trying to keep going until this November. However, Trump hasn’t taken the bait.

While the Democrats and the media anticipated getting the optics they so desperately craved of Trump sending in soldiers with bayonets fixed charging at the “peaceful protesters,” what they got instead was the sudden appearance of a bunch of federal tactical units from the FBI, the Secret Service, the DEA, ATF, the U.S. Marshals Service, the Bureau of Prisons, and other agencies, in full gear, many with no rifles, and certainly no bayonets.

As the entire nation is about to belatedly discover, federal agents do not need the permission of governors or mayors before they can enter a state or a city to enforce federal laws and arrest those who are breaking them.

And it happens to be a federal crime to conduct terror attacks against American communities.

I guess the mayors and governors forgot that little detail.


Bumper Stickers - An Alternate Use

Seen in the comments over at Knuckledraggin:

Does anybody know where I can get some oversize "Trump 2020" bumper stickers? During the next BLM/Antifa riot I want to use them to cover up the Biden and Bernie stickers on the cars near the riots.



Where Has The Time Gone?

It was 18 years ago today that my dear brother started this blog. Later that same day I made my first blog post since we’d shut down our own old World Domination, Inc. website on Geocities a year or so prior. (Our motto was “Subjugating Humanity One Individual At A Time.”)

More than 5,000 posts, three different web hosts, and 18 years later and it’s still here. While my dear brother rarely posts here these days and I post only three or four days a week, I still keep it going. I have plans to increase the frequency of my posts as my workload in the real world returns to normal (whatever ‘normal’ is these days).

Here’s to another 18 years or so!


Former Police Officer's Rant About George Floyd, Riots, Looting, Killing, and White Virtue Signaling

It was the WP Mom who came across this on Facebook and it aligns with what I wrote in today’s Thoughts On A Sunday.

Brandon Tatum, a former police officer with the Tuscon, Arizona Police Department, went off on the whole BLM movement, the looting and rioting in black neighborhoods, the virtue signaling by “woke” whites, that it’s not racism but mindsets in black neighborhoods that cause the problems.

Here is Tatum’s take on what’s been happening here in America since George Floyd’s untimely death.

Thoughts On A Sunday

Are we starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in Coronavirus America?

Things are reopening here in New Hampshire, with restrictions of restaurants being removed on 6 of the 10 counties in state, and hotels, motels, inns, B&Bs, and seasonal rentals open for for business. People are going back to work, summer attractions, state parks and beaches are open, and there is a feeling of optimism.

It’s a nice feeling.


The protests over the death of George Floyd have involved Black Lives Matter, a group based upon the premise that police are killing too many black men and women. It does happen. There’s no denying the fact that police have gone too far on occasion. BLM would have you believe it happens every day, that the major cause of intentional deaths among the black American community are racist police officers. It is for that reason that I can in no way support BLM because it is a prevarication.

If BLM was protesting against all homicide deaths of black Americans, I would consider it an organization worthy of support. But they don’t. They ignore the thousands of homicides of black Americans committed by other blacks. The biggest cause of untimely deaths of black men in the US is other black men. Not cops. Not whites. Not ‘others’.

When BLM starts addressing this in earnest, starts working in black communities to help stop the slaughter of black men by others in their community, I will give them my wholehearted support.


One has to wonder if Professor Joshua Mitchell will lose his job at Georgetown University for exposing some uncomfortable truths such as the following:

George Floyd’s death and the violent aftermath has prompted questions about what sort of world we live in. If we live in a liberal world that Christianity makes possible, George Floyd’s death is a singular transgression, which law can and will punish. George Floyd was a person. So, too, was the policeman who killed him. Persons are protected by the law; and those persons granted policing authority by the liberal state have a somber responsibility to use their vested authority to protect persons rather than to harm them. That is why the death of a civilian by police hands will always attract attention. The same original sin that is the basis for establishing the category of persons is also the reason why a policing force must be vigilantly watched.

What if we do not live in a liberal world that Christianity makes possible? What if, under the pretext of liberalism and Christianity, America is still pagan? That is, what if America has always been a white nation, and still is? This is the position of many on the American left today. It is a position that holds that the black man, George Floyd, and the white police officer responsible for his death, are representatives of blood nations, not singular persons. The murder of one by the other is representative of the collective murder of one people by the other. American law cannot bring about justice, because each blood nation has its own justice, from which marginalized blood nations can never benefit. American law is white law. Street vengeance, therefore, is the only recourse—whether we call them protests or riots. White people must die, as a just exchange for the black people who have died.


Americans today are torn between these two distinctly different understandings of what justice entails: pagan blood payment between peoples, which treats persons as mere proxies; or liberal justice, whose foundation is, finally, the Christian understanding of persons. Paganism, let us remember, is the natural condition of man, the condition for which there is no remedy without the divine antidote that breaks in upon the natural world and informs us that justice entails more than cathartic rage that settles scores. An observer with a trained eye will see in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death an America that cannot decide between pagan justice and liberal justice, and which has settled into a dangerous and unstable intermediate arrangement having elements of both. Logic would dictate that either we go back to guiltless paganism or go forward to guilt-ridden, person-centered, liberalism. We have guilt-ridden paganism instead, another name for which is identity politics.

As Mark Tapscott writes, “[Mitchell] has exposed the stark chasm between those who view America through the bloody lens of collective guilt and those who cherish it for its emphasis on individual innocence and guilt.”

I expect the “pagans” at Georgetown University will be screaming for Mitchell’s head in 3...2...1...


As a follow-on there’s this from Intellectual Takeout reminding us that reminding us that in the face of the anarchy we’ve been experiencing during the rioting, looting, vandalism, and beatings/killings, we can count only on ourselves.

Stepping into the wide space of the kitchen and family room, you find three people enjoying themselves as if at a party. One is drinking from the bottle of gin while sitting on the breakfast table, directing his two comrades. “Take the laptop,” he says. “And be careful with that vase. It might be worth something.”

The girl is gathering up things – the wallet you’d left on your writing table, the cell phone plugged in and recharging by the sink, the checkbook lying by the laptop. The third guy is strolling through the family room spraying the wooden floor with an accelerant from a plastic bottle, the odor of gasoline already filling the air.

You raise the rifle, stock in your shoulder, and order them to stop.


What’s next?


Some of us might shrug and abandon the house to the flames, telling ourselves that these young intruders were frustrated by our political system.

Others might attempt to appeal to their better natures, explaining that if they destroy and steal all that we own they will leave us homeless and with no means of supporting ourselves.

And some of us, including me, would begin shooting without a qualm in the world.

I would shoot, too. I wouldn’t be pondering whether or not they’re frustrated by our political system, nor would I appeal to their better natures (they may have none). I would shoot them because they broke into my home, were stealing my property, and were preparing to burn down my home with me in it. That would cancel any accommodation I might have considered. They had no qualms about possibly killing me, so I would have absolutely none about ending their lives.


As I have mentioned in an earlier post, another side-effect of the rioting has been the expansion of food deserts in places that can least afford them. One of those places is the South Side of Chicago which saw the looting of a number food markets/stores including a Walmart.

The chances are Walmart and the other markets won’t reopen despite the mayor’s urgent plea not to leave.

Why, exactly, would major retailers choose to rebuild and re-open stores that were burned to the ground or otherwise destroyed by rioters? What is there in the current response to riots by big city politicians that provides any assurance that the same thing won’t happen again? If you owned a store in an area that was destroyed by rioters, would you invest more money in the same location?

It makes sense for them to cut their losses, even though it will make an already under-served area even more so. All that “free s**t” the looters stole is going to cost them and everyone else in their neighborhood a lot more than they realize.


The Feral Irishman brings up the subject of how the ‘double standard’ works, specifically regarding the death of Australian Justine Diamond at the hands of black Minneapolis police officer Mohammed Noor, a Somalian immigrant.

Do you remember all the riots after that killing, a police officer killing an innocent and unarmed woman?

Neither do I.

(H/T Pirate’s Cove)


We’ve been hearing about how the Democrat cities being burned by the “woke” protesters are planning to de-fund their police departments and “replace them with something transformative.” Okay, I’ll bite.

What exactly will Minneapolis and any of the other cities planning to de-fund their police departments replace them with? What will the mission of this “transformative” alternative be? How will it function? Who will staff it? Will it perform the same law enforcement functions as the police department it is meant to replace? Wouldn’t that mean it is still a police department, just using a different name? How will it not be the same as a police department?

If it is not going to act as a law enforcement agency, then what exactly will it be?

No one has explained how law enforcement will be handled. Will it devolve into neighborhood militias? Will there be some version of the Geheim Staatzpolizei or Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti to deal with undesirable “unwoke” citizens? Or will it be handled by brute squads, thugs used to beat down anyone the city government thinks needs it?

All we’re hearing now is that it will supposedly be better than what they have now.

Yeah. Right.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer resorts, camps, restaurants, and amusements are reopening, where summer weather keeps getting even better, and where boating is continuing apace.