Thoughts On A Sunday

I have a confession to make: I haven’t been paying any attention to the national news in relation to the elections. Call it election fatigue, bulls**t overload, or feeling no need to listen to the DNC-MSM propaganda..err...news as I have been exposed to it far too much over the past 4 years.

I will admit to feeling exhausted as I headed home from the polls Tuesday night. It had been an almost 16 hour day, helping ensure the almost 6,000 ballots cast in our town all made it into our ballot boxes, were properly counted and accounted for (we have to count all of the ballots cast to ensure that number matches the number counted by the machines which do not include the hand-counted ballots), count the write-in votes, tally them, box up and seal all of the ballots, and wait for the official results for our town to be announced.

With all of that the only election results that interested me were the state elections (Governor, Executive Council, NH Senate, and NH House) and I was pleased to see the end of the Democrat majorities in the House and Senate. Maybe now we’ll be able to fix problems the Democrats tried hard to create as well as eliminate our voter registration loophole that allows out-of-state residents to vote in our elections.

As an aside, the weather this weekend has been warm and sunny, making me wish I had waited one more week before pulling the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout out of the water. It would have been great to be out on the lake this weekend. But it must be kept in mind that the weather could have just as easily been winter-like, so having the boat already winterized and stored away until next spring isn't a bad thing.

The warm weather also gave me the opportunity to clean the garage here at The Gulch, getting rid of the detritus collected over the past year or so. It also gave me a good excuse to repair the overhead pull-down stairs leading to the attic over the garage. The repair also allowed me to move some of the stuff in the garage up into the attic, freeing up space in the garage.


This isn’t good.

It appears an election watchdog group found over 21,000 dead voters still on Pennsylvania’s voter rolls, along with some voting activity seen after the voter had died.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election integrity group, says 92 percent of the registrants died more than a year ago. The group also says there is evidence of voting activity after death. The findings were mentioned in an amended lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of State over its failure to maintain accurate voter rolls.

The PILF says that as of October 7, 9,212 registrants have been dead for five years, 1,990 registrants for 10 years, and 197 registrants for 20 years. "Pennsylvania still left the names of more than 21,000 dead individuals on the voter rolls less than a month before one of the most consequential general elections for federal officeholders in many years," the group said.


The complaint further claims 114 individuals registered to vote after death, and hundreds of votes were cast by deceased individuals in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

One has to ask how many of the dead in Pennsylvania cast votes in this election?


Now that it’s ‘official’ that Joe Biden has won election, I can safely start ignoring the news to my regular level rather than the ‘no contact whatsoever’ level I’ve been exercising since Tuesday evening.

Hearing Joe talking about uniting the country reminded me when Barack Obama said exactly the same thing after he won his first term. This is the same Barack Obama who showed he was divisive rather than uniting, and let slip his racist leanings more than once, had no use for the Constitution, and when he said he would work to reach compromises with the other side, he didn’t tell anyone his definition of compromise was “Sit down, shut up, and do what I tell you.” He was the 21st century version of Woodrow Wilson who was the first Progressive president who was hostile to the Constitution.

Will Joe repeat the prevarications of his Democrat predecessor?

More importantly, will Joe last in office long enough to unite the country before Kamala and Nancy make their move and use the 25th Amendment to remove him? It would certainly leave the way open for Kamala to push her socialist agenda. (We know she already has no use for the Constitution seeing just how much she ignored it while she was the Attorney General of the People’s Republic of California.


One has to ask “When will the purges begin? When will the gulags be built and populated by those who had the audacity to support Donald Trump?”

Think it won’t happen? Then why are they making lists and taking names? All one has to do is remember the Democrats doing something very similar during the Obama administration, using the FBI, IRS, and the other government agencies to go after ‘enemies’, meaning Republicans who opposed Obama’s damaging programs and EO’s. Today’s Democrat leadership is even more vindictive than it was during the Obama years after being egged on by four years of TDS.


Alex Trebek has passed away after fighting pancreatic cancer for almost 2 years. He was 80.


Is the Covid-19/Bat Soup-CCP virus pandemic now over? Seeing how the Democrats gathered to celebrate the still unofficial Biden win, it must be.

Every Trump campaign rally we heard nothing but how dangerous and irresponsible it is to gather together in large numbers during a pandemic. But that’s all over, now, because Trump lost and therefore so did Covid-19. It was defeated at the ballot box!

Yeah, no. It wasn’t. And neither was Trump, yet, considering no “official sources” have declared him winner, which is the criteria Twitter used to censor Trump’s tweets.

Yes, it’s definitely hypocrisy day on the left. Which we expected. And here’s the proof in the pudding.

As the saying goes, Read The Whole Thing.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer-like weather has returned, there are boats out on the lake, and where we are all glad the 2020 elections are in the review mirror (even if the results aren’t final yet).