Message To Snowflakes: We Are NOT The Intolerant Ones

Skip Murphy over at GraniteGrok quoted a part of my Sunday post, illustrating my increasing intolerance of those who have absolutely no tolerance for those who disagree with their delusional visions of “how things are”. Today I came across a post on Instapundit that covered a related subject, something that struck a chord with me. Even better was a comment to that post that got right to the heart of the issue and reflects my viewpoint on the matter.

I try to operate by a code. One can pretend to be whatever one wants. I don't care. I start to care when that individual decides that I must curb my own rights, opinions and behavior to accommodate him/her and keeps shoving it in my face demanding that I must do more than just tolerate their choices and co-opts the power of government to force me. This person, Blair White, doesn’t seem to be doing any of that. My response in this case is, you do your thing and we’re good as long as you leave me and mine out of it.

As one other commenter put it, rather succinctly: “Conservatives will be fine with you as long as you mind your own damn business instead of their business.” Yup, you mind your own business and I'll mind mine. Once you start minding mine you’re going to get a proverbial Gibbs slap to the back of your head for your trouble, and it will only get worse from there. This 'woke insanity' must be pointed out and ridiculed for the nonsense it is.

And as a little extra (as Skip suggested), there’s this from Tom MacDonald:


Update: The woman in the video is the Blair White in the linked Instapundit post and comment above.