Why Masks Don't Work - A Proof

We keep hearing the arguments for and against the efficacy of masks for protecting against being infected with Covid-19. Most of us of an engineering, mathematical, or science bent understand that 90%+ of the masks do not provide protection...except psychologically. I’ve had people call me an outright liar about it, most of those people being math deficient.

In my defense, I present this YouTube video by Dr. Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist, who shows with simple illustrations, math, and a practical demonstration that masks of the types a large majority of the people have been using are worthless for preventing the transmission of Covid.

As I have explained to a number of people, including the WP Mom (who is a retired health professional), I have no desire or need to wear a mask, particularly in light of the fact that I am vaccinated and the only reason people would require me to wear a mask is to give them a false sense of security.