Why Masks Don't Work - A Proof - Part 2

Last week I offered some proof the masks the various government officials insist that we wear in order to ‘protect’ ourselves from Covid-19 don’t work.

Dr. Byram Bridle offered both illustrations, some simple math, and a practical demonstration why the cloth masks and disposable ‘procedure’ masks provide little, if any protection from the Coronavirus. The only protection they provide is psychological, yet The Powers That Be keep insisting masks are the only thing that will prevent the spread of Covid despite the vaccines. (If they vaccines don’t work, then why have we taken them? We could have saved our time and the government could have saved billions of dollars if we’d just worn masks, right?)

Since the good doctor seems to be going against the narrative, I figured I could offer yet another example that comes from a non-medical source. It aptly demonstrates just how useless non-N95 masks are regarding preventing Covid.

Considering the ‘vape’ droplets are quite large, larger than the Coronavirus, you can see the mask used in this demonstration was useless...just like most cloth masks.