Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been another sedate weekend here at The Manse. There have been no major weather occurrences (other than warmer than average temps for a couple of day), nothing has broken or needed unexpected repairs (except me), and the New England Patriots beat the Houston Texans 28-13 last night in Foxborough.

That works for me, despite still hobbling around on crutches.


The whole kerfuffle between Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) and Donald Trump is starting to look more like two kids throwing down insults at each other during recess.

It sounds more and more like Lewis is still playing off his beating over 50 years ago at a civil rights march, as if his legitimacy carries through all these decades later. We certainly didn't see the Democrats give John McCain that kind of pass during his presidential run, seeing he'd been beaten and tortured for years by the North Vietnamese.

I guess it proves there are different rules for the different parties. Then, that's always been the Democrat's MO.


Now, on a more local issue, that being our tax dollars being spent in our local school system, I can say I am intimately involved with this particular issue and agree with the Chairman of our town's budget committee:

“I am not impressed,” he said, adding the school district is paying “Cadillac prices for Yugo results.”

We pay some of the highest costs per pupil in the state of New Hampshire, but our school regularly scores somewhere in the middle of the pack in regards to scholastic achievement. It would be cheaper for us to send all of our kids to a private school knowing they'd get a superior education. But the educrats and teachers union want even more money from us for what is mediocre performance.


Even if you don't live in New Hampshire, it's still worth Reading The Whole Thing.


As if things haven't gotten nasty enough with the upcoming Trump inauguration, it appears the rabid Progressives have decided they'll go full 'mob' on a number of performers, threatening them with injury or death if they perform at the inaugural.

So much for the so-called “Party of Tolerance.” Yet again their hypocrisy comes to light even as they try to claim the have that right under the First Amendment.

I'm sorry, but I am not aware of any exemption in the First Amendment that covers criminal threatening. Of course if they tried that with me I'd be making sure I exercise my Second Amendment rights to their fullest extent.

Bring it on, Progressive Fascists!!


Adrienne asks “Are rabid despicable libtards going to ruin the inauguration of duly elected president Trump?”

Of course they are...or at least they're going to try. That's what they do. That's what they always do. And more often than not, they get stomped for it, either directly or metaphorically. In either case, more than a few will pay dearly for their efforts. Let us hope that no one has to die from their blind stupidity.


Just for a change of pace, how about some climate news?

It appears the Black Sea resort of Burgas, Bulgaria has seen the the sea freeze for the first time since 1954. Temps were as low as -29ºC (-20ºF), temps they usually don't see in Bulgaria.

Of course it's all the fault of global warming.

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


Taking a quick step back to education, there has been a long running debate between the phonics and whole word method of teaching children how to read. Like most of my generation, we were taught to read using phonics. It let us sound out words we were unfamiliar with. David Starr experienced the same thing and lets us in on his thoughts about the debate.

The point is, children need both phonics, for when they strike a new word, a common occurance at early ages, and the whole word method to become skillful readers.  Whole word cannot be taught, it comes to children after they have been reading for a while.  And to become good readers, children have to read.



And that's the abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where I am still under heavy meds, still stumbling along on crutches, and working from home for the next few weeks.