The Desperate Left

Reading the reactions to the intelligence reports about Russian hacking into the DNC's and Hillary's servers one would think it was the GOP who sanctioned it all. That the Russians apparently tried to do the same the RNC's servers was underplayed by the media, maybe because the the RNC had better security on their systems.

All I know is it seems the Democrats are trying every trick in the book to overturn Trump's election, and failing that, to gridlock every single action taken by him or GOP majorities in the House and Senate over the next few years. That smells of both desperation an an apparent belief that only the Left has any legitimacy in regards to governing the nation. Too bad the rest of America disagrees with them, particularly at state and local level.

Seeing the GOP holds a large majority of the governors' offices as well as one or both houses of state legislatures should be a clue that they are losing their grip on the reins of power. It doesn't help that they constantly look down upon the very people they wish to rule, make sure those people know they feel they are better suited to run their lives and insult them as they do so. Is it any wonder they've seen the number of seats they hold at the national and state level shrink?

Then again, it does show the difference between the indoctrinated and the educated. The Leftist elite are in one group and everyone else is in the other. That should be enough to explain a lot of it.