Thoughts On A Sunday

Deb returned from Waco, Texas yesterday, spending about 13 hours in transit. To say she was tired would be an understatement.

She had a great time, learning all kinds of things for her business (I say 'her' business even though I am part owner...I own the handyman's work, she owns everything else!)

I did quite a bit of running about yesterday, taking care of errands and putting about 250 miles on the trusty Intrepid (that included the trip to the airport and back).

BeezleBub and I also started rearranging the living room and dining room in The Manse, something Deb had wanted for some time. At first I was skeptical swapping the two rooms would be beneficial, but once we had most of the furniture, rugs, and electronic gear moved I saw the wisdom in choice.

After all this time you'd think I'd stop questioning her decisions when it comes to The Manse, wouldn't you? Maybe some day I'll learn....


The campaign rhetoric has increased by an order of magnitude, with Obama trying to place the blame for the bank meltdowns squarely on George W. Bush and John McCain. I find it interesting that he's chosen to ignore many of McCain's efforts to reel in the financial institutions, particularly when it came to creative financing for mortgages. Obama's record in this area is..is...umm...non-existent. He also has some explaining to do in regards to campaign contributions from many of those same financial institutions that dwarf those made to McCain's campaign.

Is this a case of “Do as I say, not as I do”?


Cal Tech Girl has her take on a statement about Sarah Palin by a professor of Divinity at the University of Chicago. (Profanity warning!)

My comment to about what was said by the learned professor: “Are you out of your effin' mind?”


Here's a decidedly emotional, but no less accurate opinion by one of our all time favorite bloggers, Rachel Lucas. In her post, she tears Joe Biden and the leftist elites a new one for their contention that anyone 'not them' have been confused by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and that we should know enough to vote for people that are smarter than us, meaning the elitists, of course.

Hmm. For a party that prides itself being on the side of the common man, they sure do sound an awful lot like the aristrocratic turds they've become. We should only vote for “our betters” because we aren't capable of understanding the nuances of running a government. How absolutely...European of them.

I don't know about you, but I want people running the government that have a true understanding of what it takes to run a business, meet a payroll, or have struggled with failure in the past but have worked hard to get past it and have succeeded on their own. The last people we want to make the laws are lawyers. The last people we want to decide what the government will spend are those that have never worked in the 'real' world, like 99% of the people in this nation.

I have seen a number of people enter government that were far better educated and experienced than many already serving there. Most of them were conservatives. Most of them understood the real world effects of laws, regulations, and taxes enacted by the various legislative bodies. They understood “the little people” because that's where they came from.


The New England Patriots played the Miami Dolphins in Foxboro today, losing 38-13. It's the first time the Pats have lost at home since 2005...to the Miami Dolphins.

I know BeezleBub was really pis....uhh...disappointed with the Patriots performance today. But as I reminded him we can't expect them to win every game. Even great teams have an off day now and then. Besides, I'd rather have them lose a few games in the beginning of the season rather than the end.


It could be “Troopergate” may do more damage to Democrats than to Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Looking deeper into the Democrats charges that Governor Palin improperly fired former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, it was found Monegan has a history of physical abuse, a charge he denies but his ex-wife confirms. Could it be it will appear the Democrats are in such a hurry to condemn Sarah Palin that it will put them into a position of supporting two spousal abusers, Monegan and Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten?

That ought to help the Democrats win the women's vote.


Why is it the only people playing the race card in this presidential election season is the Obama campaign?


Speaking of race, both Thomas Sowell and John Stossel write about white privilege, white guilt, racial hype, and the high price we all pay for it.


It appears the only people that can get away with blatant racism are Hollywood liberals.

No surprise there.


Alas, Sunday is the last full day of summer, with fall arriving at 11:44AM Monday morning.

It was a disappointing summer in a lot of ways, with the main one being the weather.

Usually we head out on to Lake Winnipesaukee in the late afternoon or early evening during the week. There's fewer boats out there and we can enjoy cruising or swimming or other boat-related recreational activities without worrying about who we derisively call “Cap'n Bonehead”. Cap'n Bonehead is usually seen during the weekends, which is one reason we boat during the weekdays.

With the tropical weather pattern that hung around for weeks on end, afternoon/evening boating was impossible due to the regular thunderstorms that started popping up around 3 or 4PM. Being on the lake is not fun when one has to dodge heavy rain, winds, and lightning. That summer-long pattern killed off most of our planned after-work trips.

With the weather related problems we made it out on the lake less than a fifth of the time we'd hoped. I figured I'd go through 10 or 12 tanks of gas from early June to mid-September. I've used only two and a half!

We won't be pulling the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout out of the water until after Columbus Day Weekend, meaning we can still get some cruising in. But it won't be the same as summer boating by any means.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer is leaving, leaves are turning, and where politics is all anyone wants to talk about these days.

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