Anti-War Protesters Attempt Murder Of Delegates

I'm trying to remember how many attacks by protestors were made against Democratic convention delegates in Denver. I don't remember hearing of any.

However, the screaming moonbat anti-war protesters and anarchists tried their darnedest to injure or kill Republican delegates on their way to the Excel Center for today's opening session of the convention by dropping sandbags and bags of cement from overpasses as the buses carrying the delegates passed beneath them.

Those bags of cement weigh at least 50 pounds, and the sandbags weigh at least 35 pounds. One of those crashing through a windshield would be all it takes to injure or kill someone on the bus.

What kind of effin' animals do things like that, particularly to protest against war? These guys are the looniest of the lunatic left because they're willing to kill to get their point across...whatever it is.

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