Poll Shows McCain's Move Seen As A Gimmick

According to a PoliticsHome Online 100 poll, McCain's move to suspend his campaign activity and return to Washington to work with other members of Congress, the Secretary of the Treasury, and others was a political gimmick, but one that may just have worked. A full 87% of the respondents believe it was a gimmick, with that number split pretty evenly along party lines between those thinking it will benefit McCain and those thinking it will benefit Obama.

These verdicts, however was separated sharply by political leanings, as 73% of right leaning members thought that it was a smart move. One respondent noted that, "McCain is showing he's going back to Washington to do the job he was elected to do. Obama is not, a misstep on his part that may hurt him in the end."

81% of left leaning respondents thought that it was politically damaging, noting, "The idea that McCain can add anything to a debate that's been going on without him for over a week is ridiculous and damaging to his credibility."

A follow-up poll asking whether a delayed or canceled debate benefits McCain or Obama shows a clear majority of respondents believe it benefits Obama.

I have to agree with that assessment, because I think that once McCain and Obama start debating, Obama's weaknesses in such things as foreign policy, economics, and energy will become quite clear. Obama is not known as a debater, while McCain is quite strong in debates. No debate means no chance for Obama to be shown for the lightweight he is.

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