Palin Smears By Left Countered With Actual Facts!

The rumors have been flying in an attempt to smear Sarah Palin, but a number of blogs and other websites have been working to dispel those rumors and counteract the attacks from the Left.

First, Charlie Martin assembled the various rumors and fact checked them, finding the most egregious ones were outright fabrications and others, particularly political opponents of hers in Alsaka, took facts and twisted them in a manner that made Sarah Palin look guilty of things she'd never done. Charlie provided numerous links to verifiable information so readers could check them out for themselves. He also posted them to his own blog, here. It's also entertaining to check out the comments posted at both blogs, showing too many of the Left will readily choose to ignore official records, newspaper and TV reports, and statements from the people directly involved with the alleged wrongdoings or other actions. We probably shouldn't confuse them with the facts.

Next, FactCheck.org also did some checking and found the same things as Charlie Martin, dispelling the innuendo and rumors generated by the Left, proving them to be false or gross distortions of the truth.

Does this wholesale assault by the official and unofficial organs of the Obama campaign show the desperation and panic on the part of the Democrats? It must as I've never seen this level of vitriol aimed at a candidate before, particularly a Vice Presidential candidate. The Democrats must be scared of this lady from Alaska.

More power to her!

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