Thoughts On A Sunday

One side effect of Hurricane Ike was the cancellation of Deb's flight to Dallas on Saturday. Fortunately she was able to reschedule her flight down for this morning.

I have to give SouthWest Airlines credit for calling us to let us know the flight had been canceled due to the hurricane and helping Deb rebook her flight.

It wasn't until Deb called from her layover in Chicago that it became real for BeezleBub and I that Deb was going to be gone all week. We already miss her.


It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance the average person in America when it comes to economics.

When gas prices go up because supply is disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances, like hurricanes, accusations of price gouging become long and loud.

It's a shame people have no idea how the economics of supply and demand work.


It was the first game for the New England Patriots without quarterback Tom Brady, who will be out the rest of the season with a torn ACL.

It will be backup quarterback Matt Cassel's first start for the Patriots, not counting exhibition season. He'll be up against veteran Brett Favre and the New York Jets.

During the Patriots' first possession, they looked no different than when Brady was in the game, scoring with a field goal after a good series, getting on the scoreboard first.

The Pats managed to win, 19-10, making them 2-0.


I've caught the trailer for the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, with Keanu Reeves playing the roll of Klaatu. The role was originally played by Michael Rennie in the 1951 version.

I can only hope they do a better job with this one as compared to the War Of The Worlds and Flight Of The Phoenix remakes, both which were stinkers.


Sitemeter has made some changes. Frankly, I don't like them one bit. Like Glenn Reynolds, I wish they offered a Classic view option.


Eric the Viking links and comments about Obama's failure to understand tax rates have nothing to do with neighborliness and fairness and are instead about “equity, revenues, and logic.”


It may soon be time to resurrect, reorganize, and rename the Paugus Diner Poll© in order to answer the question everyone is asking: “Who's going to win the presidential election in November?” We haven't run the poll for a national election since 2004, so its return is long overdue. Rather than using a single, non-scientifically selected location to run the poll, I'm hoping to use about a half dozen non-scientifically selected locations, diners all, for this year's poll.

Rather than calling it the Paugus Diner Poll©, henceforth it will be known as the Lake Winnipesaukee Diners Poll™. It makes the sample size larger, but no less unscientific. I hope to enlist a few of my fellow Lakes Region bloggers to make this work.

Let's see what happens, shall we?


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the NASCAR faithful have departed until next year, the boating weather is improving, and where BeezleBub and I are missing Deb....

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