The PDS Virus Has Spread

At first I thought it was just an anomaly, this burst of Palin Derangement Syndrome. As time passed I expected it to lessen until only a few of the crackpots were left to declare her the Anti-Christ. But I was wrong. If nothing else it's become worse. Even some so-called feminists have aimed their cannons at her, trying their best to strip her of her gender.

Even state Democratic Party leaders are piling on, with the chairman of the South Carolina Democrats opining upon John McCain's running mate “whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.” Never mind that Sarah Palin is the governor of the state of Alaska.

Even the local folks here in New Hampshire - usually a pretty levelheaded bunch, even those who are Democrats - have been infected with the PDS virus. A perfect example is this diatribe, doing it's best to convince everyone that a successful McCain/Palin ticket will mean (insert ominous voice here) “The Destruction Of Everything!”

Spin it any way you want. At the rate we're careening off course, we're on the brink of extinguishing not only human life, but also all of nature, the planet and its animals.

Having just endured eight years of the Bush/Cheney debacle, we cannot afford to make another disastrous mistake. Our economy, the environment, foreign relations, human relations, civil rights and our health-care system are in the toilet.

Doesn't it make sense at this juncture to elect thoughtful, intelligent leaders who can help move us beyond the "blow-it-up-and-ask-questions-later" mind set? With Sen. John McCain's blessing, President Bush led us into a war that is wasting trillions of desperately needed dollars and has claimed far too many lives. Shock and awe; facts be damned.

The “thoughtful, intelligent leaders” the writer is referring to? Barack Obama and Joe Biden, of course. Only the Obamessiah can save us! Or that's what she'd like you to believe.

I'm now waiting for the deranged to start blaming Sarah Palin for a whole host of ills, from “Who shot J.R.?” to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Next someone will be telling us they actually saw her out on the field in Foxborough, Massachusetts during last Sunday's Patriots game, wrecking Tom Brady's left knee.

With PDS it's only a matter of time.....

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