PDS Is Rampant In California...But Then We Already Knew That

It is not all that surprising Palin Derangement Syndrome still rages through the ranks of the more rabid Democrats. All one needs to do is read posts at HuffPo or DailyKos, or comments to dead-tree media pieces about her, particularly if they're in any way positive.

One of the latest cases showing the breadth of PDS are the comments to an LA Times op-ed by Alan Whitcomb. The distortions of Palin's record (a public record), long disproven rumors being quoted as fact, and the vitriol show that far too many of the Democrats (or in this case, readers of the LA Times) have reached levels I haven't seen, ever. Any bit of negative information about Palin is taken as gospel, no proof needed. Facts not in evidence are used to paint her as the next coming of Hitler. Even the most tenuous connections to the present occupant of the White House are seen as incontrovertible proof that Palin is under the control of Dick Cheney and Halliburton.

She's accused of being anti-environment (“She wants to drill for oil and wipe out polar bears!”), anti-Native American (Never mind her husband is part Eskimo...and so are her children), anti-rape victim (“She wants to charge rape victims for the rape kits used to collect evidence! My God, has that woman no shame?”), will work to overturn Roe v. Wade (She's never injected her religious beliefs into local or state politics, nor is she ever likely to do so), and of abusing her power as governor by firing the Public Safety Commissioner (As governor, she has the right to do so for any reason...or no reason. Alaska state law and the state constitution say so).

It is quite obvious PDS has infected most of the leftists in the Democratic Party, and particularly those in California, to read the aforementioned comments. They have so unhinged themselves they are no longer capable of being objective about anything.

As if that's something new.

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