PDS/PHS Abounds

I've spent the past few days perusing blogs the blogs, left, right, and moderate, watching the unfolding “drama” over Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and the wide range of opinions and, dare I say it, almost psychotic diatribes. Most of what I've been reading points to a meltdown among Democrats, doing their darnedest to tear her down in an effort to feel better about their own candidates. But it's taken on a tone of desperation, sounding like someone on the edge of a major panic attack.

They point out her lack of experience while ignoring their own presidential candidate's even thinner resume. They try the sexist angle, the religious angle, the “pro-choice” angle, and just about every fringe idea they could use to discredit her. With every attempt their efforts sound more shrill. That they are constantly making comparisons between her and Barack Obama rather than between her and Joseph Biden, or between Obama and McCain, shows how much she has thrown their world view into turmoil.

We've seen the first wave of PDS/PHS (Palin Derangement Syndrome/Palin Hysteria Syndrome) in the media and leftists blogs. Even my wife has been hearing trash talking of Sarah Palin in her place of business, the most egregious being the repetition of the “Trig isn't really her baby, but her daughter's” canard. The character assassination has kicked into high gear.

Many mention the so-called Troopergate, relating to Governor Palin's ex-brother-in-law, an Alaska State Trooper. Many on the Obama camp have painted it as an abuse of her power by trying to get him fired due to a personal vendetta. But there was plenty of reasons to see him dismissed, among them drinking while in his cruiser, tasing his 11-year-old stepson, and a number of other actions that would have gotten anyone else arrested, tried, and jailed.

All any of this does is show how panic-stricken the Obamanauts have become, trying as best they can to get Palin to step down. Despite protestations to the contrary, they figure the only way defeat the McCain-Palin ticket is to eliminate Palin from the ticket. If they were so confident Obama and Biden could easily defeat McCain-Palin, they wouldn't be expending so much effort to cripple the GOP standard bearers, would they?

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