Thoughts On A Sunday

We were hoping for nice weather this weekend, but Mother Nature decided to jerk us along and it’s been cloudy, cool, with rain here and there. There was heavy rain until late this morning, but even though it tapered off it didn’t end. It has certainly put a bit of a damper on NASCAR weekend down at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, affecting the Foxwoods 301 race.

I feel sorry for the folks who are here for their week or two of vacation. Rain this weekend with forecasts for showers and thunderstorms on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

This brings to mind the heatwave/drought beating the heck out of the Northwest and West and the heavy rains and flooding in Germany and Belgium. It makes one wonder if there has been a ‘weather swap’ between the US and Europe. One of my employer’s mechanical designers lives in London and he’s been telling us he’s needed a jacket just to go to church...in July.

It must be glowball warmening.


I keep bringing this up and will continue to do so until the Green Energy faithful are willing to admit this is viable alternative to the gawd-awful renewables (solar and wind). What am I speaking about?

Nuclear power.

Renewables are energy diffuse, taking up a lot of space for a given amount of energy. They cause far more ecological damage than it is supposed to prevent as a result. They require a lot more maintenance and need it more frequently than proponents claim. They do not have the longevity, efficiency, capacity, or up-time of nuclear facilities.

Depending upon the type of reactor, nuclear plants are capable of running at 100% capacity for years. Generation I and II plants need to be shut down roughly every two or three years for a couple of months for refueling. Generation III and IV plants can run for many years between refueling, with some never requiring a shutdown to refuel. (Molten salt reactors can be refueled continuously without shutting down.)

New nuclear technology is safer, easier and less expensive to build, and can be made in different sizes/ capacities depending upon where and how they are being deployed. Much of that technology has already been in use, courtesy of the US Navy. One must remember that the conditions under which Navy reactors operate are much more severe than those of commercial reactors and are a good test bed for technologies that have not yet been deployed commercially. While the Navy reactors are different from commercial power reactors, the operating principles and much of the technologies are the same.

Some of the Small Modular Reactors being developed are very similar to the reactor designs used by the Navy in the Ford-class aircraft carriers and the Seawolf and Virginia-class submarines. SMRs are one part of the future for carbon-free energy and the sooner the Green Energy faithful realize this the sooner we can see to its deployment.


Who says there’s no such thing as karma?

It appears some of the Texas Democrats who fled the Lone Star State for Washington DC as a means of avoiding a vote on changes to Texas election laws have found that karma is a bitch – Three of them have tested positive for Covid. What’s ironic is that the fleeing Texas Democrat legislators posed maskless on the two jets they chartered to make their escape. (If we were flying commercial airlines we wouldn’t get a pass on wearing masks since they are mandated.)

One has to wonder if they could be charged with endangering Washington DC by bringing new Covid cases into the Swamp?


Speaking of elections, it appears the Arizona audits have turned up a number of irregularities that cannot be explained away as errors, just one of those irregularities being 74,000 more mail-in ballots being counted than were mailed out.

The Arizona Senate, led by Senate President Karen Fann, held a hearing on Thursday to discuss the preliminary results of the first phase of the audit in Maricopa County. The state senate heard testimony from three witnesses involved in the audit, Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, AZ audit Liaison Ken Bennett, and Ben Cotton, CEO and founder of Cytech Services. During the hearing, the auditors revealed that Maricopa County still has not provided many materials needed to complete the audit, including routers, chain of custody documentation, and images of mail in ballots.

Logan said the information on the ballots provided by Maricopa County should have matched up, but were way off the mark.

“Just to be clear, here in the state of Arizona, there are EV 32s and EV 33s,” Logan explained during the hearing. “EV 32s are supposed to keep a record of when a mail-in ballot is sent, and EV 33s are supposed to be a record of when the mail-in ballot is received.

“There should be more EV 32s,” Logan continued, “more that were sent out, than EV 33s that were received. We can tie these specifically to an individual who it was mailed to. So we have 74,000 that came back from individuals where we don’t have a clear indication that the ballot was ever sent out to them.”

This was but one of many discrepancies noted during the audit, others of which included hundreds of thousands of ballots without serial numbers, mismatches between the numbers of original and duplicate ballots (duplicates are made if the originals cannot be read by the ballot machines), and participants and who voted who were then removed from the voter rolls and others who were not on the voter rolls on November 7th but mysteriously appeared on voter rolls on December 4th and were marked as having voted in the November 3rd election.

Maybe it’s just me, but all of this points to deliberate and blatant voter fraud, planned and coordinated. This is just one county in Arizona. What will a statewide audit show?

It will be interesting to see what the audit in Georgia will show as well as the possible audit in Pennsylvania.

One thing is clear, the November 3rd election was not clean and not fair. There were too many shenanigans, too many questionable results to believe it was a clean election.

What I find interesting, but not surprising, is that the folks who benefited from the irregularities are the same folks who want to enshrine legislation (HR1 and S1) which will make voter fraud even easier to commit and harder to prevent or prosecute.


Could the Democrats’ efforts to ‘prevent’ voter suppression be concealing their efforts to eliminate the principle of ‘One Man. One Vote.”?

Why, yes. Yes it is.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where we’ll be seeing rain for the next few days, our drought problems are likely solved for the time being, and where I am not bothered by Monday returning since it’s going to be raining anyways.