Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s been a cool and cloudy Fourth of July weekend so far. It rained all day Friday, almost all day Saturday (which saw a high temp of 56ºF, a record low high temp), and some this morning. Tomorrow is actually supposed to be nice, sunny and warm. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some time out on the lake or at the beach.

Despite the less than stellar weather this weekend, we experienced record holiday traffic for folks coming into New Hampshire. I can attest to some of this as during my little adventure on Friday the traffic northbound into the Lakes Region and White Mountains was quite heavy, and that was at around 2:30 in the afternoon. From the news reports, it got even heavier after 5PM. I also saw a lot more traffic Saturday morning as I was running some errands in anticipation of the arrival of Katy. (I’ve mentioned her before – an old friend living in Connecticut with whom I have become reacquainted due to a serendipitous event.) Of course I do have to make mention that I normally would have taken care of all those errands on Friday, but the previously mentioned adventure made that impossible.


Is George Soros the most dangerous most dangerous man alive?

Yes. Yes he is because he doesn’t believe in American democracy and is putting his money where his mouth is by funding political campaigns to place anti-law and order DAs and county/state attorneys with “Let the woke SA wannabe’s burn everything to the ground and arrest and prosecute anyone stupid enough to defend themselves against them” prosecutors.

Of course you’ve heard the name “George Soros,” often invoked as a sort of folk demon on the American and international right, it’s likely that you have some vague notion of why you think he’s a bad guy, or maybe you think the whole thing is a bunch of hype.

However, if you’re a freedom lover, there’s nothing “hype” about the influence that George Soros has around the world attacking your freedom. Indeed, you probably vastly underestimate the influence that he has on politics.

From the perspective of someone who values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, there is no more dangerous man today than George Soros. This is not hyperbole, it is the simple truth. While we don’t plan to paint a picture of a man standing behind the scenes, rubbing his hands together and cackling as he plays puppet master over each and every attack on freedom around the world, Soros acts as a strawman and a caricature of what is actually going on in the world.

One must remember that he was a Nazi sympathizer back in the day and he’s never met a socialist he didn’t like, and in some cases, fund. We’ve seen the effects of his interference in places like Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis where rioters are not charged and released, but police and citizens protesting themselves from those same rioters are brought up on charges.


Katy and I attended a crafts fair held at one of our local resorts, picking up a number of items and making contacts with a number of local craftsman for possible future purchases or commissions. Katy has been looking for a new side table to go with her new couch and found one similar to what she’s been looking for and finding the creator can make one for her to fit her needs:

If for nothing else, our visit there paid off for her.


We’re heading out on the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout later this evening and heading over to one of the local bays to enjoy the Fourth of July fireworks.

Despite the less than great weather yesterday and the rain that greeted us this morning, the weather got better as the day progressed and the sun started breaking through the clouds which meant we’d be able to attend the fireworks. Of course that would be well after we finished our glorious Fourth of July repast of grilled steak tips along with the fixin’s.


Since it is the Fourth of July, this edition of TOAS is going to be a bit abbreviated.

And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where it’s rained since Friday, the weather has been clearing, and where tomorrow will be a beautiful day to spend at the beach or out on the lake.