The Aftermath Of Elsa

The remains of Tropical Storm (formerly Hurricane Elsa) has departed from New Hampshire.

Up here in central New Hampshire we just got rain – around an inch-plus between a weather front that came through yesterday and from Elsa today – little wind and no flooding or “ponding on area roads”. The southeastern part of the state got as much as 3+ inches, some flooding, and some wind. Massachusetts saw more widespread heavy rain and flooding, but nothing to the level seen along the rest of the Eastern Seaboard.

I haven’t yet heard from Katy how much rain she received in southwestern Connecticut (she resides not all that far from New Haven), but speaking to her last evening she said they weren’t expecting more than two inches of rain where she lives.

Some have been making claims this was one of the worst tropical storms we’ve experienced in decades, all driven by climate change. I guess they have really short memories because Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy in 2012 was far more damaging, widespread, and deadlier. It hasn’t even been a decade since that storm.

One upside to all this rain up here has been easing the drought we’ve been experiencing. Not that it will do away with it, but it has helped put a pretty good dent in it.