The NFL Committing Suicide

Is the NFL signing its own death warrant?

By way of Instapundit comes this: NFL 2021 Season to Dial The Woke to 11.

As if the NFL needs to become even more woke. It has already lost millions of fans, has seen empty seats in the stands (pre-Covid as this started during the 2019 season). TV viewership has been falling off since all this woke BS started. And now they’re going even harder Left? Yeah that will work out for them...NOT.

Cue the cringe – The NFL genuflected to the Race-Obsessed Left last season and looks to be promoting race-obsessed, woke propaganda to their fan base even more this season.


Oh dear lord, what insulting, pandering, woke nonsense. The BLM organization certainly doesn’t give a flying fig about the so-called black national anthem. They are anti-American right down to anything or anyone that celebrates this nation. And, in reality, Lift Every Voice and Sing is a song created to honor Abraham Lincoln — someone that BLM has demanded be removed from the public square.

I stopped watching and attending NFL games after the whole kneeling during the national anthem nonsense started and the NFL did nothing in 2019. Then when they knuckled under to the ‘woke’ race hustlers during the 2020 season I washed my hands of the NFL. I didn’t watch a single game, including the SuperBowl. Now it looks like they’re doubling down on stupid for this season.

Will they never learn that pandering to these ‘woke’ morons never works out for them?

To quote a commenter at the Instapundit post:

To paraphrase a wisecrack a coach made to a referee that was caught in an NFL film:

“You know what NFL means? Not For Long if you keep going left and woke!”