Thoughts On A Sunday

Yesterday was decidedly different from Thursday and Friday, being sunny and warm compared the rain and cool temperatures. We got a little over and inch of rain over the two days, something we needed. As I mentioned here, I was waiting to hear from Katy about what she experienced down in Connecticut and she told me yesterday morning that she got heavy rain (about 2 inches) but not much wind.

There were a lot of people around this weekend, though not quite as many as we saw last weekend. I saw a lot of boats out on the lake, far more than last weekend, but then that was to be expected considering the weather was so much better yesterday and today.


One subject Katy and I have discussed briefly is dating, specifically dating regarding young men and women today. We both agreed that we would not want to be young adults (defining ‘young’ as under 35) dating today. The expectations of men and women, while different, seem to be unrealistic. I have mentioned my observations of young women discussing their relationships and plans, mentioning to her that many of the young women I observed had a ‘list’ of qualifications for their future spouses. Those expectations are unrealistic as nobody could possibly meet them. The men they want don’t exist. Katy didn’t disagree as I believe she may have witnessed exactly the same thing.

There are a number of YouTube channels that delve into this issue, and while many of them deal with this issue from the male point of view, there are a number of similar YouTube channels that look at this from a woman’s point of view...and they have come to the same conclusion: Too many women have unrealistic expectations.

There have been numerous YouTube videos and magazine articles where women in the 30’s (and 40’s) are asking “Where have all the good men gone?” What they don’t seem to understand is that they’re out there, but either they’re already married to someone totally different from the women asking this question, or these are the men they rejected earlier because they couldn’t meet their unrealistic expectations, and yet other men have given up on relationships, removing themselves from the dating pool entirely because they got burned one too many times and are focusing on everything except relationships, putting all their time and energy into their careers/businesses, their finances, their homes, and their recreational activities. What’s worse (for women) is that men in their 20’s are joining the ranks of the disaffected, doing much the same as their older brethren.

One has to wonder when reality will re-establish itself and sanity will return to our younger men and women.


Speaking of reality, Bill Whittle and Zo Rachel delve into reality and the realities Progressives in this country will soon be confronting whether they want to or not.

As many of the Progressives in the Blue cities will find out, reality doesn’t care what they think or believe. To paraphrase Daniel Patrick Moynihan, “They are entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.” They also aren’t entitled to their own ‘truths’ when those truths do not reflect reality.

As one commenter to this video wrote, “Victor Davis Hanson often points out that those who are the most self reliant are the ones who are most grounded. They have to take care of themselves, have higher self esteem, and know best how to handle personal failure with personal accountability.” Too many of the Progressives I deal with on a regular basis have few of those qualities. But they do have a lot of ignorant, close-minded, and intolerant opinions about everything and everyone “not them”. One has to wonder how they will react when reality finally gives them a Gibbs-slap to the back of the head, something I believe may happen sooner rather than later.


From the “Just When I Thought She Couldn’t Get Any Stupider” Department comes this:

Kamala Harris Slammed for 'Kinkos' Comment in Discussing Rural Americans and Voter ID

Apparently Vice President Kamala ‘DaHo’ Harris has a very low opinion of intelligence of those of us not living in big Blue enclaves, thinking we’re incapable of obtaining photocopies of their ID because there are no Kinkos nearby. Another Democrat, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC), has an ignorant view of proper Voter ID out here in the sticks:

Clyburn claimed "we are always for voter ID" and that "I don't know of a single person who is against ID'ing themselves when they go to vote. But we don't want you to tell me my ID is no good because I don't own a gun and I don't go hunting."

Really? What does owning a gun or having a hinting license have to do with voting? Does he think that a CCW permit or hunting license are the only acceptable IDs out here in Flyover Country? (Not that it would necessarily be a bad idea, but it isn’t workable...at least in many of the Blue states.)


Legal Insurrection asks a necessary question: Why does anyone think traditional policing being handled by un-uniformed ‘contractors’ in unmarked vehicles is a good idea?

It’s starting to sound an awful lot like a modern version of the old Geheim Staatzpolizei or the Komitet Gosuderstvennoy Bezopasnosti, isn’t it? Do we really want this kind policing taking place in the US?

No. No we do not.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where sunny weather has returned (until tomorrow), it really now feels like summer, and where once again Monday has returned all too soon.