Thoughts On A Sunday

Talk about a change of weather! Heavy snow last weekend and heavy rain this weekend. I had thought about running the trusty RAM 1500 through the car wash, but the rain did a pretty good job of rinsing away the accumulated salt and road grime. While it isn’t perfectly clean and shiny, it’s good enough for now.


I don’t know about you, but I know I’m sick and tired of the impeachment debacle. Listening to three days of the same drivel from the House Managers must have been torture to anyone who actually watched the proceedings on TV.


Republicans see this as a problem, showing the potential for massive voter fraud. The Democrats see this not as a bug, but as a feature they can use to win more elections.

The problem?

Watchdog group says two North Carolina counties have more registered voters than voting age citizens.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this. If memory serves, I recall that there were two voting precincts in Philadelphia that had more people casting votes than the number of people living in those districts during the 2016 elections.


Is the magnitude and death toll from the coronavirus being understated by the Chinese government? Going by past behavior by totalitarian regimes just over the past 30 years, I’d have to say the probability is high.


Last week I made mention of the Unintended Consequences of New York’s bail reform efforts. Since then, it’s gotten worse. Crime in New York City is up as the revolving door of criminal release without bail is making its effects known.

Bail used to be an effective tool for lowering the crime rate. Chronic criminals who had to sit in jail until their case was heard kept them off the streets for a while, making them safer.

But in New York and elsewhere the legislation is being considered, it's simply not fair that some criminals can pay to get out of custody and others can't. How's that workin’ out for ya, New Yorkers?

“Time will tell, but consider this as well: According to the latest NYPD stats, the number of shooting victims in the city is up 31% since New Year’s Day — so at the very least Gotham appears to be off to a rocky 2020 compared to last year.”

It may be a statistical anomaly and 27 days hardly makes it a trend. But it isn't just shootings that are way up.

“But consider this: Robbery in the third degree became a revolving-door offense Jan. 1, and this was followed by a dramatic, 29% spike in reported robberies, according to the most recent — albeit very short-term — CompStat numbers.”

Whatever government encourages, you get more of it.

First, ‘Broken Windows’ policing is dialed back, and crime ramps up.

Second, remove the disincentive of bail, and crime ramps up.

I’m just waiting for Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo to blame the rise in crime on Donald Trump. I figure it’s only a matter of time.


When you’ve lost David Axelrod, you know your efforts are doomed.

In this case, Axelrod has been dealing with a Democrat focus group watching the Democrat debates and the impeachment sham.

Former Obama chief strategist David Axelrod said he attended a focus group with Democratic voters in Chicago on Friday, describing the gathering as “chilling” because impeachment “didn’t come up” until more than an hour into the session despite it taking place amid the Senate trial of President Trump.


This should be no surprise given the shabby ratings the latest installment of the partisan Democrat impeachment show has garnered.

Democrat leadership should be asking themselves about this. If even Democrat primary voters are ready to move on, maybe that’s a good idea. But of course they won’t move on, and while that might please their tiny, vocal radical base, it does not bode well for them in November.

I’d have to say the Democrat shave been blinding themselves to the unpopularity of the impeachment of Trump. They seem to think it will lead them to victory in November which will pave the way for them to convert the US into a failed socialist state.


Talk about hypocrisy!

It appears that three of the House Managers who complained about withholding aid from Ukraine voted against providing aid to Ukraine.

Does anyone see a disconnect from reality here?


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather can’t seem to make up its mind, the New Hampshire Primaries are 16 days away, and everyone is sick to death of the political ads.