Thoughts On A Sunday

We are in the midst of the January thaw here in New Hampshire, with the temperature here at The Gulch reaching the mid 50’s yesterday and the upper 50’s today. Some have said it’s global warming causing these warm temps in January, but it is an annual event that has been taking place since before the first Europeans came here. Sometimes the thaw has warmer temperatures and sometimes cooler. (About 14 years ago we had a January thaw that saw temperatures in the mid-60’s for almost a week that caused the postponement of the annual Lake Winnipesaukee Ice Fishing Derby for almost a month.)

It rained most of the night and early morning, melting away the last of any ice and packed snow on the roads around here, making room for any future snowfall.


At least once city in Washington State is going stupid, at least when it comes to energy. (Seattle has already gone very stupid in another fashion, between killing jobs with a very high minimum wage, banning business and homeowners from cleaning their sidewalks with garden hoses, and refusing to deal with the homeless by allowing them to camp anywhere they want.)

The latest stupid city? Bellingham, Washington.

Their ‘stupid’ move? Trying to ban the use of natural gas for heating homes.

What makes this even stupider? The ban would also affect homes already using natural gas, meaning they would have to tear out their heating systems and replace them with something else.

Who would pay for all of this? So far the Bellingham city council hasn’t said, but I have a feeling they’ll burden the homeowners with ripping out their existing heating systems and replacing them with an electric-based system like electric baseboards or heat pumps. If I were there, I would accede to their demands, but replace my system with a woodstove, something that should put their knickers in a twist.


A lengthy debate with the youngest WP Sister proved to me that Democrats like Steyer, Bloomberg, Sanders, Warren, Biden, etc., have no issues with selling the lie that only the upper echelons have seen any gains in the way of wages over the past three years. It seems that this particular trope is being used to justify the Democrat presidential hopefuls’ calls to damage the economy “on the behalf of working-class Americans”.

Too bad for all of us that it’s a total fabrication because too many of the Democrats’ useful idiots believe it and are trying to sell the same trope. These are the same folks that have tried to sell the same kind of BS that we were entering a recession, not because we were entering a recession but because they desperately need a recession in order to use it against Trump.

That shows you just how low they are willing to go to regain the White House.


There’s nothing I can add to this that would make it any better.

How many Democrat presidential candidates tweeted in support of Iranian protesters?

Here’s a hint: None.

That makes Trump one up on them.


How bad is the poop problem in San Francisco?

This bad.


If Virginia Governor Ralph Northam goes through with his promises to all but eliminate the Second Amendment Rights of the citizens of Virginia, many of those same citizens said they are willing to go to war against the state government to protect those rights.

At heated public meetings across the state and in long social media comment threads, some gun rights supporters are openly discussing the possibility of civil war. Many have warned of the need to fight back against “tyranny” or have compared Democratic lawmakers to the British forces during the revolutionary war. “I really do think we may be on the brink of another war,” one speaker told a crowd of at least 800 people in Pulaski county, the Roanoke Times reported.

Here’s the thing, though. This talk of a civil war isn’t new. We’ve been talking about this for years as a warning that if anti-gun zealots come after our guns, they’re going to have a bad time of it.

However, it’s also important to note that we’ve also been pretty clear that there’s a line in the sand and, thus far, no one has crossed it. Right now, bills have only been proposed. Nothing’s passed and nothin’s signed. It’s just a lot of rhetoric. As long as Northam and company bear in mind that this is a topic that yes, a lot of people will go to war over, we shouldn’t have a problem.

I have a feeling Northam and his anti-gun buddies like Michael Bloomberg are finding out that their plans to strip Americans of the Second Amendment Rights isn’t going to be easy, period.


The so-called ‘Blue State exodus’ certainly is signaling the failure of Blue State tax-and-spend economics and ‘woke’ policies and laws. Many are fleeing for Red States, seeking a relief from overbearing and overreaching Blue State taxes, laws, and regulations. But there’s a downside to this exodus that more of us are seeing every day.

But that good news may be relatively short-lived. In a depressing example of irony, the influx of new voters from blue states into red ones has been bringing with it a surge of liberal, Democratic voters. This has led to some traditionally red states becoming increasingly competitive for the Democrats. (Texas is probably the best example, though the tide there hasn’t fully turned yet.)

The grim humor in this is that these migrants seem to fail to realize that the conditions they were fleeing in those blue states were a direct result of the policies put in place by liberals. Higher taxes, more oppressive governmental regulations and “woke” policies that are more tolerant of crime and damaging to traditional values made many of those places basically unlivable. But by coming into red states, where lower costs of living, more freedom, and better security were waiting, and voting the way they always have, they’re basically bringing their own poison with them into their new pool.

We’ve certainly seen that here in New Hampshire.

Our present legislature is heavily tax-and-spend Democrat. They tried to ramrod through a budget that overspent by almost a billion dollars, tried to slip in a stealth income tax (New Hampshire has neither an income or sales tax), and tried to repeal a number of business taxes. The governor vetoed both the budget and tax increases. Without the budget-busting spending increases, existing tax revenues came in with an approximate $140 million surplus. Even with the expected budget compromise between the legislature and governor, there will be a budget surplus. Yet the Democrats want to spend it, and more.

They tried to implement new laws that serve no purpose other than stripping New Hampshire residents of their constitutional rights, that address solutions for ‘problems’ our state doesn’t have, to make state government even more intrusive for no other reason than they thing we cannot run our own lives.thta government has to do so “for our own good”. In other words, they are trying to spread the very Blue State virus that infected the state(s) they came from.

They haven’t learned the lesson.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where we’re going through the January Thaw, the lake is still not frozen over, and a return to normal seasonal temperatures is in the offing.