Is California's Governor Really That Clueless?

Just when I thought that California governor Gavin Newsom couldn’t possibly be any more clueless about what’s been happening to his state, he proves me wrong.

The proof? His tweet about what Progressives have managed to do to California over the past year.

Happy New Year! What an incredible decade. We’ve accomplished so much in CA by standing up for our values and taking on some of the biggest issues -- from healthcare to gun violence to climate change.

Let’s keep it going.

Here’s to 2020 and the decade ahead!!

Can this tweet be any more clueless? Does he really think he and the Progressives have ‘helped’ California residents? Lets take a look at just how he and his minions done so, shall we? Here are a number of responses to his self-serving tweet:

- You turned San Fran-sh!thole into a s**thole, and now you're doing it to the entire state of California.

- Definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

- The decade when California turned into everyone’s toilet on the streets. Good job Gov.

- I’m out in 3 months. There’s a mass exodus and no politician will talk about it.

- The only thing I've noticed is higher taxes and fees.

- Really Gavin?! What have you accomplished? Our state is in complete disarray. You are being recalled. Look at your city! Look at our state!! You have destroyed CA as we know it. So many people have left that we may LOSE a seat in Congress! What have you done to improve life here?

- Yay! Which values Gav? I want to live free to make my own decisions about my future and my kids to be safe but instead we are regulated and taxed up the wazoo, our votes and voices are silenced and our beautiful city streets are lined with shit and needles.

California in 2019:

- dangerous, unprecedented black-outs

- homeless pop. increased 130,000 to 151,000

- homebuilding *declined* 20%

- 200k person exodus = first-ever loss of congressional seat

All the result of your failure to confront reality & show courage for a change.

- Not to mention that CA's sanctuary state status for protecting illegals is costing Californians around $23 billion every single year.

- Straws banned, but feces and needles on the streets and in grocery stores. Progress!

- California has brought feudalism back. It's a state where some of the wealthiest people live on the coast and some of the poorest live inland whilst the middle class is high-tailing it out to states with lower taxation and less-restrictive regulations.

On top of that, a federal judge blocked AB-5, the so-called Anti-Gig Economy bill from taking effect, limiting the stay to the 70,000 independent truckers affected. The stay was issued when the California Trucking Association petitioned the court, saying the limitations imposed by AB-5 violate federal law. The court agreed and issued the stay.

It is possible the court could make the stay permanent because it does step on federal law. But whether the rest of AB-5 would be affected is unknown. It would be a win for the ‘gig’ workers who are seeing their jobs disappearing because of the ill-considered law, one of Gavin’s “wins”.

With the damage Newsom and his fellow progressives have done to California in 2019, it will be interesting and scary to see what they have in store for the once Golden State in 2020.