Gervais Nails It

While I am a bit late in commenting on Ricky Gervais’ slapdown of Hollywood know-nothing leftists at the Golden Globes, I am going to state that it was something that was long overdue. Seeing just how ‘woke’ (and woefully/willfully ignorant) most of the Hollywood elite have become, the slapdown was well deserved and timely.

It must be remembered that Hollywood deals with fantasy, make-believe, and fiction and not the real world. So many of those elite are so disconnected from the real world and the effects of the various Progressive causes they support they should be considered ignorant children and their opinions ignored. (Wait...I already do that!)

Hollywood should stick to what it does best – make movies – and shut the hell up when it comes to anything outside of Hollywood. We’ll be happier. They’ll be happier (maybe). And we won’t have to listen to their bulls**t anymore.