Just Who Does Pelosi Think She Is?

I have to admit that the trauma of returning to work after a lengthy Christmas vacation distracted me from writing over the past few days, so I must apologize.

Now to the ‘good’ stuff.

I have to wonder just what the heck Nancy Pelosi is thinking, specifically in regard to impeachment. The urgency of getting through the inquiry and the vote made it seem that the Speaker of the House wanted to get the articles of impeachment to the Senate as quickly as possible. But once she got her impeachment vote, she locked them away in the safe under the carpet in her office as if putting them away so at some point in the future she could use them to bludgeon President Trump into doing something she wanted.

Her explanation: She wants to make sure the Senate is going to do things her way. There’s only one problem with that:

She has absolutely no say in how the Senate is going to run the impeachment trial. None.

She seems to think her control of the House automatically extends to the Senate. However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has disabused her of that notion. He has reminded her from the floor of the Senate that she has already done her job and that it is now the Senate’s turn. He has told her that she has no power to demand anything from the Senate, that she cannot set the conditions of the trial, and that she should deliver the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. That she has refused to do so and is still demanding that the Senate accede to her conditions makes me question he competence. Just who the hell does she think she is?

McConnell has already stated the Senate will employ the same rules used during the the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. Those rules seemed to suit the Congressional Democrats just fine when it was their guy on trial. But now that it’s Trump on trial, they want to change the rules to make sure their joke of impeachment articles can be re-investigated and to call witnesses the House Judicial Committee didn’t call during their inquiry. Nancy wants the Senate to do the job the House failed to do. She knows the Articles of Impeachment are a big fat nothingburger and she wants a second bite at the apple. She wants her Senate colleague, Chuck “I Killed Indy Mac Bank By Opening My Big Mouth” Schumer, to direct the what goes on during the trial. McConnell has pretty much killed any chance of that happening despite what Pelosi thinks.

If Pelosi doesn’t deliver the articles soon, McConnell has threatened to hold the trial anyway and find Trump not guilty due to lack of any evidence. Pelosi may scream about it being improper procedure, but she can’t complain because she sure as hell didn’t follow procedure, letting Adam Schiff run roughshod over the inquiry before the inquiry officially existed, ran his Star Chamber questioning of potential witnesses in secret, which is not allowed under impeachment inquiry rules. (All testimony is supposed to be public.) No laws were broken by the President, though the Judicial Committee tried to twist the definitions of impeachable offenses into unrecognizable shapes just to get the President.

Nancy Pelosi seems to think she runs the country, runs the government, and can do anything she wants while “striding the halls of power with impunity”.

She needs to be shown she is wrong.