Much Ado About Nothing - Sturm und Drang Edition

I have to admit I haven’t been paying much attention to the impeachment trial in the Senate. Having read the articles of impeachment led me to the conclusion that the House did not do its job. They only went halfway in their rush to vote on impeaching President Trump.

The Abuse of Power charge should be dismissed out of hand because the House did not follow the proper legal procedures. Trump exercised executive privilege when White House staffers were called to testify in front of Adam Schiff and his cronies.

What did the Impeachment Inquiry panel do once Trump said no?

Nothing but bitch, moan, and complain, then state that Trump was obstructing Congress. But they were wrong because they only did half the job.

What they were supposed to do was go before a judge for a ruling on the matter. If the judge ruled that Trump could not claim executive privilege in this particular case, and the panel then went back and again called the White House staffers to testify and Trump again prevented them from appearing, then that action would then be considered Obstruction of Congress. But that isn’t what the panel did.

Instead, they added it to their list of things they were going to use to go after Trump.

Why did Schiff et al not do what they needed to do? Did they believe a judge wasn’t likely to find in their favor and that Trump’s claim of executive privilege would prevail, so they didn’t bother? Or did they think their half-attempt would be enough? In their zeal and hurry to bring impeachment to a vote did they get lazy and figure they could ‘fix’ it later?

Despite their bluster during their presentation to the Senate this week, are they really seeking the proverbial “second bite of the apple” by demanding more witnesses be called because they did such a piss poor job in their haste to get Trump?

The House didn’t do its job. It isn’t up to the Senate to finish it for them. It is the Senate’s job to look at the evidence presented by the House and vote upon conviction or not, period. As others have said after watching the House managers make their case, the managers have not presented a single actionable article. It’s a smoke and mirrors stage show by those so desperate to get Trump they’ll do anything to make it happen...except follow the procedures and laws to ensure their success.

That’s pathetic.