Climate Change Isn't The Fault Of The Evil Humans

I must confess that this post was prompted by an e-mail I received from one of the WP nieces today. We correspond on an irregular basis, debating a number topics that she sees me cover here. I her latest missive (prompted by this post), she asked if I believe in climate change.

I have not yet answered her e-mail, something to which I will attend after finishing this post, because I want to post two videos that explain my viewpoint on the matter. I will be answering her question in the affirmative, at least when it comes to whether or not the climate is changing. However, I do not believe that humans are the cause, at least not to the level so many of the alarmists have claimed to be the case.

Climate change has been with us since Earth came into being. During this inter-glacial period (which started about 12,000 years ago), it has been far warmer than it is now. Two more ‘recent’ warmer periods – the Medieval and Roman Warm Periods – were warmer than it is now. No one, with the exception of Michael Mann, disputes that. So what is driving the claim that climate change is bad and that it’s all our fault?

Here are a couple of videos that might help explain that, the first being that of physicist William van Wijngaarden delving into the complexity of the physics behind global warming models, and the errors that abound about the “simple physics” of climate change claimed by proponents.

The second video is a PBS interview of meteorologist Andrew Watt, he of the Watts Up With That climate blog.

Andrew explains the problems with the much of the data used to prove anthropogenic global warming and how those problems are being ignored.

And so the debate continues.