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We appear to be reaching the end of our first full week of summer weather, though the temps have been well below normal. One of my less humorous co-workers put it, “It looks like we'll have three full weeks of summer this year.”


Could it be the reason Obama wanted the health reform bill on his desk before the August recess was to leave little time for congressional opponents and the public go over and understand the legislation before it's voted on? Haste appears to be the method he's been using to push through the huge social spending and tax legislation he wants, making it difficult or impossible for opponents, both Democrat and Republican, to understand what they're actually voting on.

Obama has already seen opposition ramp up against health care reform, with many people taking to the streets outside the offices of members of the House and Senate to voice their opposition to the draconian bill as it stands.

Could it be the vote could be delayed because Obama realizes he doesn't have the votes, particularly among the Democrats?

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And here's another set of views about health care reform from John Stossel and Penn Gillette.


Nanci Pelosi is finding out the hard way that payback is a bitch.

She may have shot her wad by ramming Cap-And-Trade down the throats of the Democrat caucus, causing them all kinds of grief with their constituents. Now that she's trying to do the same thing with health care reform her fellow Dems are fighting back, not wanting to have to face their constituents yet again on such a contentious issue.

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For yet another preview of how universal health insurance will turn into health care rationing, all we need to do is look at that's happening in Massachusetts.

We should heed it as a lesson of what will happen in the rest of the nation should Obamacare come to pass.


At least one Iowa farmer is working to pay his grandson's share of the Obama deficits by selling Hopey-Changey Lemonade.

In the mean time Obama is selling koolaid by the same name.


The WP Father-In-Law and I made it out onto Lake Winnipesaukee today on the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout aka The Boat.

There was a little maintenance to perform prior to heading out, that being checking the gas tank for water. This was required because the gas filler cap was left off after someone decided the gas in The Boat's fuel tank belonged to them rather than me. After the removed about 10 to 15 gallons of gas, they left the filler cap off, which allowed a considerable amount of rain water to enter the tank. The water had been drained earlier but the engine had not been started until today.

Fortunately the engine fired up the first time, but she did cough and hiccup a few times as some of the residual water filled up the water separator and made its way into the carburetor. Once the water cleared out everything ran smoothly.

We headed over to one of the fuel docks at Weirs Beach to top off the tank with marine gasoline (it includes a number of additives peculiar to marine environments to help remove water, clean the fuel system, and stabilize the gas).

By the time we made it back to The Boat's slip the engine was running smoothly, better than it had earlier in the season.


You know Obama is in trouble when even Democrat activists are questioning his lack of experience and his inability to compromise with his political opponents.

This is not a man who has faced intense ideological criticism or practiced, as he instructed American Jewish leaders to do, "serious self-reflection." He is certain of his liberal views, contemptuous of people who are stuck in "old thinking," annoyed with even the minimal press criticism he receives and unpracticed in accommodation and negotiation with his political opponents.

And people have complained that Sarah Palin was inexperienced! She had far more experience in this particular circumstances than Obama could ever hope to have.


You'd think the President would be spending more time at home rather than gallivanting around the country and the rest of the world, wouldn't you? He has enough to deal with in Washington without being on the campaign trail constantly.

But then again that's all he really knows how to do, campaign. To this point he's never really needed to actually perform the duties of any of the offices to which he's been elected.


Bob Parks comments upon the passing of Walter Cronkite and remembrances of various media networks. He also points out that President Obama gets into the act by not letting Cronkite's death go to waste by making sure the story is about Obama (with the help of the AP).

Can you say 'narcissist'? Sure you can!


Blond Sagacity gives us the chance to play the Obama Caption Game.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer is still showing itself for now, boating is actually happening, and where Monday is almost here all too soon.

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