Socialized Medicine - First Hand Experience

Want yet another preview of the hell that is government run health care will be like? Then take a look at this, a view of socialized medicine though the eyes of a recipient.

One point made again and again during the interview was that uninsured patients in the US receive far better medical care than “insured” patients in Canada and the UK receiving “free” care as part of their respective national health services.

I still fail to understand how destroying good health care as presently received by 260 million Americans in an effort to cover the purported 50 million uninsured in America is such a good thing. That's one thing Obama and Congress have failed to explain. While they do keep using the word fair they haven't explained how making medical care ineffective and almost barbarous in nature is supposed to help anyone.

I always thought it was in the best interests of everyone to raise everyone up, not reduce everyone to the lowest common denominator. But then, the Dems have never been able to see past their false assumption that by doing so everyone else will be better off. But then it never was about that. It's all about taking control of the American people's lives because they are so much wiser than the rest of us.

Yeah. Right.

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