The PC Virus Is Still Spreading, But There's Still Hope

One place I thought might be resistant to the scourge of political correctness – colleges and universities focusing on science and technology – have turned to to be as vulnerable to that mind and soul killing virus as any of the other institutes of higher learning. It saddens me to find this is indeed the case.

At least two former students at the Georgia Institute of Technology haven't let the hostile PC inhabitants on campus silence them going so far as to file a federal lawsuit against the school, citing the university's speech code as being unconstitutional and discriminatory. (Just about every university or college speech code brought before the courts has been found unconstitutional for violating the First Amendment, and in some few cases, the Fifth Amendment as well.)
Represented by the Alliance Defense Fund’s Center for Academic Freedom, with David French as lead counsel, the case took over two years from the time it was filed in March 2006. They charged that Tech’s speech code, a speech zone, the “safe space” program, and the student activity fee violated their rights to free speech and religious liberty; the policies were selectively enforced against conservative groups. As a result of the lawsuit, the university was forced to repeal its speech code, alter its restrictive “free speech zone,” and eliminate the unconstitutional portion of the “safe space” zone.

One would think Georgia Tech would be focusing on things like, oh, maybe technology rather than the crap that passes as critical though these days. Such foolishness has no place at the university, or any institute of higher learning. Political correctness is a disease that should be eradicated, just as smallpox has been. However, unlike smallpox, the cure is not a vaccination nor, as some of the more radical PC folk have suggested for conservatives, imprisonment, re-education, or liquidation. Instead we should use the one weapon available to us that will stop that crap cold in its tracks: ridicule.

Anyone espousing politically correct rhetoric or using PC terminology should be laughed at. Not just the snicker behind a shielding hand, but a guffaw, a lengthy chuckle, or better yet, a sidesplitting run of laughter that brings tears to the eyes of the one laughing. To ensure there's no doubt about who it is being laughed at, pointing a finger as one laughs at the one uttering such foolishness is a sure fire way to ensure everyone knows who it is that has inspired such hilarity. If nothing else it might silence the PC idiot long enough for others to make their escape or, better yet, to join in ridiculing the buffoon.

If political correctness were treated in a manner befitting its importance it would soon be out of favor because people don't like being treated idiots...even if they are idiots. And the politically correct are the biggest idiots of all.

So from here on out, I will make it my mission to heap as much scorn and ridicule upon the self-important politically correct as I can. And I will invite all of my non-PC friends and relatives to join in on the fun. Who knows, we might be able to show the rest of the world political correctness is something truly moronic.

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