Democrats Watch As They Drop In The Polls

Democrat politicians are seeing a big drop in their popularity as the economy continues its suckage and the actual cost of health care reform and cap-and-trade have come into public awareness.

Obama has seen his popularity and support drop off, with many of the independents and moderates shying away from Obama's shift to the extreme left. Obama's Congressional support has also been falling away as Blue Dog Democrats have balked at the price tag and the accompanying erosion of rights his aforementioned programs entail.

Those on the Right have had enough of the Obamessiah too, with a number of them borrowing a page from the Left's playbook and showing their support for the President.

The falloff in the popularity of Democrats has also been seen in lower level political circles.

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch, while seen as a nice guy, has seen his popularity numbers slide from solid majority favorable numbers in April to a majority unfavorable this month. One big factor seen in this decline is his poor handling of the state budget process, his unwillingness to tell the state legislature he'd wield his veto pen like a machete in order to hold the line on state spending. Instead, he signed a bloated two-year budget that included a 13% spending increase and related tax and fee increases during a deep recession. That hasn't set well with New Hampshire voters, meaning the governor will be vulnerable during the 2010 election. Fiscal responsibility will be his greatest weakness.

The same can be said of many Congressional and Legislative Democrats as well. Could this mean long-time Congresscritters like Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, and Reid could be vulnerable during the 2010 elections, too? If they keep spending money we don't have on programs no one wants or needs, they may have to start looking for new jobs in 2011.

One can only hope.

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