The No New Jobs Economic Non-Recovery

This post is just me hopping on the so-called band wagon, but I have to ask the question so many others are asking:

If Obama's stimulus plan is so wonderful, then why isn't anyone actually hiring and why are unemployment rates still climbing?

Maybe I'm misremembering things, but didn't the Obamessiah promise his stimulus package(s) and the government's taking control of ever growing portions of the US economy would make things better and get Americans back to work?

It looks like he isn't delivering. Then again, maybe this is one of those 'promises' he's made that he had no intention of keeping, but made it because it made sure he'd be the focus of the MSM's attention.

Like the closet Marxist he is, he is seeing his plans for a socialist utopia dissolving before his eyes because he really has no understanding of how our economy works. If he were to get his way, we would see our economy become more like the now-defunct Soviet economy: ineffective, wasteful, non-responsive, and in the end, bankrupt.

Whatever economic recovery there has been has had nothing to do with stimulus funds as the areas that have slowly been recovering haven't received any of those funds, directly or indirectly. If anything, the Obama Administration's interventions have slowed or short-circuited the recovery, making this a no new jobs non-recovery that will draw out this recession another 18 to 48 months...or longer. (Let's not even talk about the unsustainable spending he's embarking upon.)

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