The Party Of "NO"? No.

It seems I'm on a roll today, lifting yet another gem from the forums over at Politico.com.

This latest addresses the accusation by the Left that the GOP is nothing more than the “Party of 'No'.”

No, Republicans are still the party of NO.

No choice, No leadership, and No Ideas to help the country

One commenter took exception to that and posted this reply:

Proud to part of the party of No:

No innocent babies murdered

No giving my money to the lazy and worthless

No I will not give up my guns or religion

No I do not want to own GM

No I do not want to rely on foreign oil

No I will not be immoral

No I do not want to pay your mortgage or health care

No I am not going to support socialism

No I do not want my pres to kiss the butts of Muslim radical leaders

No I will not apologize for the sacrifices our grandfathers fought for

No I do not believe in man made global warming

No I will not drive to work in a tin can.

No I do not believe people who work hard and make more should pay more taxes.

No I am not envious of the rich.

No I am not a racist.

How's that for the party of No?

I guess that makes me a member, too.

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