Zero-Tolerance Policies Gone Awry

After years of “zero-tolerance” policies at schools I have come to the conclusion they are nothing more a lazy man's way out of actually having to make a decision. A perfect example of how this is so? A school suspended a boy because he had borrowed a pen from his father. How is it a pen could get a student suspended for three days? Simple.

Imprinted on the side of the pen was the word “Glock.”

This shows you how incredibly stupid zero-tolerance policies can be. Mind you, the school's policy mentioned nothing about the names of gun manufacturers being on non-gun paraphernalia. But the vice principal of the school decided to extend the ban to anything bearing the name of a gunmaker.

So what if some kid came in with a small box with the name “Remington” printed on the sides? Would he immediately be suspended? What if, after all the hoopla with the kid being marched down to the principal's office it's found that the box does indeed contain something manufactured by Remington? But it isn't ammo or any kind of firearm. Instead, it's an electric shaver. Does that student get suspended as well? Under the school's 'extended' zero-tolerance policy, absolutely.

How effin' stupid can school officials get? I'm almost afraid to find out.

(H/T Bruce)

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