Mark Steyn - Internet God

It was an awesome day today at Meet The New Press, with guest Mark Steyn, columnist extraordinaire.

I've been reading him for some time and have found very little with which to disagree, which made out time with him even better.

We covered a lot of ground, including his book America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It, a tome about our war against Islamofascism and how America (and maybe Australia) may be the last best hope for Western Civilization. Western Europe has already been transformed by Muslim immigration, where Muslim custom and more and more Islamic law, or sharia is supplanting the laws of the European nations without the benefit of legislation. Honor killings have become more common, as have attacks against and murders of those questioning the so-called “religion of peace.”

Steyn's point is that we may must not suffer the same fate.

We also got into politics, and particularly New Hampshire politics in relation to presidential campaigns. He also lamented the present actions of the legislature in Concord, fearing New Hampshire will all to soon become a clone of Maine or Vermont. They are perfect examples of expanding Nanny States, taking more money from their citizens by taxation and taking over more aspects of their lives. Mark also mentioned that states that have become Nanny States see decreasing volunteerism and less charitable giving. Everyone in those states expects the state to take care of what volunteers used to do and to provide funds for charitable organizations that used to come from donations. The people end up becoming less engaged with the people in their own communities and the foundations of our society weaken. After a while the state no longer serves the people, the people serve the state. and the people lose their freedoms a little bit at a time.

He's always worth the time to read.

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