Up The Empire!

Why doesn't this surprise me?

Windows Vista/Office 2007 Expelled from British schools.

The agency that governs educational technology in the United Kingdom has advised schools in the country to keep Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system and its Office 2007 software out of the classroom and administrative offices.

"Upgrading existing ICT systems to Microsoft Vista or Office 2007 is not recommended," said the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency, also known as Becta, in a report issued this week.

Becta officials said a study the group commissioned found that upgrading school systems from Windows XP to Vista and Office 2007 would increase costs and create software compatibility problems while providing little benefit.

It could be that there's hope for the British Empire. At least their education folks are smart enough to see that Vista and the latest version of Microsoft's Office will do nothing but drain their coffers to little gain. A large number of businesses in the US have come to the same conclusion, including the company where I'm employed.

For the time being Windows XP works just fine. It's still being offered on Dell computers. Microsoft has also extended their support of XP for an additional 5 years, which tells me that business users are staying away from Vista in droves.

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