Thoughts On A Sunday

I made the sacrifice and liveblogged both debates last night. It was painful on two levels.

First, it became quite obvious to me that the top four Democrats haven't got a friggin' clue about how the economy works, how foreign policy works, how free markets work, or the true situation in Iraq. Their answer to every problem was yet another government program that will piss away taxpayer dollars and fail to do what they were supposed to do. They will then suck even more money out of the economy in the form of higher taxes to pay for even more do-nothing government programs.

It also became obvious to me that Ron Paul is living in a dream world. He seems to have little understanding of what motivates people that don't think the same way he does, particularly when it comes to Islamofascist terror organizations. Here's a clue, Ron: They want to kill us. All of us.

Second, my knee was killing me after three hours of liveblogging. Because I was couch-bound with the laptop, my legs were motionless for the most part. I had a tough time standing up once it was all over. Hopefully I won't have to do this again until some time in late October.


It seems weird that there's no Patriots football game this weekend. At least the time off will give them a chance to rest up, practice, and get ready for their first playoff game next weekend.


The January thaw has arrived, which will give us some warmer than average temperatures over the next few days. It is a normal occurrence, happening almost every winter, but I expect that someone will get around to blaming it on anthropogenic global warming.


John Stossel continues with his interview with Ron Paul. The subject this time is immigration.


Voter turnout is expected to be heavy for Tuesday's New Hampshire Primary. The warm weather will certainly help increase the number of voters participating. New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner expects a record turnout as there's no clear frontrunner in either party.


It appears that freedom of speech is quickly becoming a thing of the past in the UK. British blogger Lionheart has been arrested for so-called hate speech due to a post he made decrying the undue influence immigrant Moslems have having, creating a Christian underclass by silencing anyone critical of Islamofascism.

One commenter to a post covering Lionheart's trials and tribulations at Gates of Vienna has the right idea: he should come to the US and seek political asylum. It might be just the right move.


It should be a quiet week for me for a change. No big meetings at work. Only a couple of regularly scheduled meetings for town committees I'm involved with. In other words, it will be a relatively normal week for me. Normal is good every now and then.


And that's the (abbreviated) news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the debates are done, the Primary voting is on Tuesday, and where I received my invoice for my boat slip from the marina for the coming summer.

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