Election Day Observations

I finally got the chance to exercise my Constitutional rights and vote in the New Hampshire Primary, 2008 Edition.

When I dropped Beezlebub at the middle school at 6:55 this morning there was already a line of people waiting outside for the polls to open. That's the first time I've seen that in a very long time. Maybe it was the warm January Thaw weather. Maybe it was the two close races – Republican and Democrat. Maybe it was a little of both that has turned out a large number of voters.

When I returned to the middle school after work to vote, there was quite a long line waiting to enter the gymnasium, where the voting booths and checklist tables were set up. Once through the door the single line split into four lines, divided alphabetically in order to make it easier for voters to check in and pick up their ballots. Another line that had a large number of people waiting in line was for those wishing to register to vote.

There were a larger number of younger voters than I have seen in a number of years, which pleased me to no end.

New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner expects a record turnout, stating he thought that 500,000 New Hampshire residents would vote today.

Even as I write this WMUR-TV reports that there's still long lines of voters all throughout the state waiting to cast their ballots before polls close tonight.

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