Anti-War Lawyer Gets His Comeuppance

An anti-war lawyer in Chicago made a mistake when he keyed the car of a US Marine who was visiting a friend before he deployed to Iraq.

Attorney Jay Grodner had his day in court. It was a bad day for him.

First, he showed up late for his court date, so the judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest. Second, the judge raised his bail to $20,000. Third, when he did finally arrive, the had him arrested, booked, and made to do the “perp walk”, meaning his tie and belt had been removed and he was given some stainless steel bracelets to wear. Fourth, the courtroom was filled with active duty military personnel and veterans. And last, but not least, the judge hearing the case is a former Marine and a big supporter of the Corps.

It was a very bad day for Attorney Grodner.

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