Thoughts On A Sunday

The fall colors have started appearing here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. While driving around town yesterday taking care of errands, I noticed that a lot of trees were changing, particularly the sugar maples.

It's time for me to change the banner pics again.


Sgt. Mom over at Sgt. Stryker's wonders if Muslim rage is hiding the fact that Islam may be a hollow shell, a shadow of its former self ready to crumble under the slightest outside pressure.

She makes a compelling argument for the case.


The housing boom is definitely over in New Hampshire.

Catching a report this morning on WMUR-TV, a representative for a realtor's association mentioned that the inventory of unsold homes has doubled in a year, from a 5-month inventory to 10 months. Also, a report on prices is expected to show prices decreasing by 6 percent as of July.

A related report tells us how much the housing market has cooled in New Hampshire's Seacoast area.

Anecdotally, I can see the effects of the cooling market. A house just three doors up from The Manse is having its third open house in six months and from what we've seen there has been only one visitor today. Many other properties for sale in my immediate area have price reduced their homes in an effort to move them.

It's a buyer's market now.


Though I've seen this before, I figured it couldn't hurt to share it. It's priceless.


The fact that prisons may be breeding new harabahi terrorists is no surprise to me. Prison is one of the best recruiting tools for criminal gangs, so why would it be any different for a criminally twisted fascist ideology?


You wouldn't think that falling gas, oil, and propane prices would make consumers angry. But if you're one of those consumers that locked in their heating oil or propane prices via a pre-buy and didn't have a downside protection option that would, in effect, rebate the price of their pre-paid heating fuel if the prices fell, you might end up paying more than the present price per gallon.


The New England Patriots managed to pound the Cincinnati Bengals 38-13.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where fall is making itself felt, firewood is being carefully stacked for easy use, and where all too soon boats will be coming out of the water.

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