That's Gratitude For You

As the saying goes, all politics are local.

And so it was when the New Hampshire congressional delegation fought hard to keep the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard from closing. Representative Jeb Bradley (R – NH 1st) probably fought harder than most to keep the shipyard open as most of the New Hampshire employees reside in his Congressional district.

The fight was ultimately successful as the shipyard was spared.

How did the grateful shipyard workers repay Jeb Bradley?

They endorsed his opponent in the upcoming elections.

Paul O'Connor, president of the shipyard's Metal Trades Council, said it was all about support of "working people." Bradley, he charged, does not support working people.

Right. Except for fighting to save their jobs. Except for fighting to keep taxes low so that more jobs are created. Except for opposing economic policies that will slow economic growth and reduce job opportunities for everyone.

It makes one wonder about the mentality of those workers. You know, the ones whose jobs were saved by Congressman Bradley?

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