No Freedom Of Speech Here

I find it interesting that more and more, leftist college students and faculty try hard to redefine what constitutes free speech on campuses around the nation.

Anyone that disagrees with their viewpoint is either a fascist or a thug. Freedom of speech only exists for them. And should someone have the audacity to call them on it, they respond with bad manners or, even worse, violence.

This was the attitude at Columbia University, where a guest speaker invited by the College Republicans was harassed and shouted down, his voice silenced by the so-called defenders of free speech.

This is not freedom of speech by any means. It smacks more of totalitarianism. If these leftist morons are willing to promote violence in order to protect their twisted version of politically correct speech, how much will it take before they take that one more step and start killing those who disagree with them, those they see as 'impure'? It isn't all that much of a stretch. After all, there's plenty of historical precedent. (The “Weather Underground” split off from a leftist student organization and later became a domestic terrorist organization, bombing buildings and planning mass casualty attacks on military installations within the US.)

Really, what would it take for some of these 'progressive' students to cross the line, to maim or kill someone they disagree with? I'm beginning to think that it won't take much at all.

But should it come to pass, I'd like to think that it will be enough to shock the students and academics back into reality, to make them realize that they've taken the wrong path. I'd like to think that. But somehow I have a feeling that it would have little effect on those the most infected with the leftist PC mindset.

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